The Higher Council: Remember the Power of Your Conscious Awareness

With all the problems on your world, remember. Your focus holds tremendous power. Where your focus goes that’s where your awareness goes, and when you are so aware of everything that is going wrong, you are then in a state of resistance, of pushing, of blaming, of fighting what is. Therefore, we would withdraw our attention from what is not serving us, and we would hand that subject to a greater, more loving, wiser power to handle, to adjust, to make right, and we will bring our attention, our focus, our awareness to those things that make us smile, that are worthy of our appreciation and thanks, to those things we are glad to have, to see, to notice, to hear, to pay attention to.

You can never fix a problem by maintaining your awareness upon it, no matter how much you shout it is wrong, or how much you desire to change it. You must move beyond what is if you are ever to change what is. You move beyond it by withdrawing your attention and no longer making it such an important subject. You can move beyond it by imagining it into better. You can move beyond by trusting a higher power to turn it around to your advantage.

As a sovereign, free, powerful being, you are the master of your time, of your mood, of your attention, before you are master over this reality. You must first master you before you master the outside, for what does it serve to master the outer world, when you have no control over your inner world, when the outer is a mere reflection of the inner? As a powerful, free being, you have the power to focus, the ability to make choices, to narrow in on one particular thing and make it dominant. You have the power to choose who you’d rather be, how you’d rather feel. You have that power no matter what. No matter what’s happening, you have that ability to choose how you are going to feel, regardless. No matter what’s going on, you have the power to direct your attention and focus on whatever you want, wherever you want.

Nothing is forced on you. Nothing needs to stay in your experience for long if you don’t want it. But you can never get rid of anything by maintaining your awareness on it and your judgment of how wrong it is. You never win the war by warring; both parties lose in that scenario. You must find a way to rise above it, and when you do, guess what? You see more of the picture, you notice more to appreciate, you see more to be joyful about… In other words, the problems no longer seem so huge, so important.

We understand, that when there’s something happening you really don’t like, that you have no power over, to change or control, the first tendency is to fight it with your words, with your vibration, with your attitude. But that only harms you and not the problem. That only brings you down to the same level as the problem, putting you on the same vibrational frequency, it keeps you in a problem mode, where everything is wrong. If you want to heal, change, better that problem, your attention would then be on things that are of a better nature, of a more cheerful nature, of a more satisfying to talk about and think about subjects. We are not saying deny the problem, we are saying don’t give it your negative attention, don’t feed it from your negative energy, because negative feeds on negative and grows more because of it.

You are a powerful creator and your focus is one of the ways in which you create the reality for yourself. If we say, you live and experience life through your focus, if we were to say you live inside your focus, then you may want to reconsider what you focus on. You may want to feel for what you are focusing on. If consciousness is truly the only thing that exists, then whatever you are conscious of, aware of, makes up the content of your present consciousness and therefore it is in a way where you are living in the moment.

There is nothing to change on the outside. All changes are within. All changes happen through your own consciousness, awareness, focus. When you adopt a different consciousness, you get to live and experience that. Your experience of this world is truly a moment to moment thing, adventure, game. When you finally decide to maintain your awareness on all things of good and withdraw your attention immediately from anything that is not, then you will learn to maintain that state of bliss more often, that state of appreciation, of joy, of ease, of clarity even, more often. It is all within your power, your ability to do so. You are the master here. Don’t let anything come to destroy your inner peace. Don’t allow anything to come and steal your joy by no longer giving it your undivided attention, by turning around to things that are more worthy of you, that are more of a reflection of the true you, that are more of a proof of how loved and supported you are. You have to look for these things, they are not going to pop into your view unless you look there. You have to make that small effort of moving your attention, of shifting your conscious awareness from one subject to another, and that you are masterful at doing. So never mind the problems, keep your eyes on what you can praise, appreciate, love, receive with a broad smile on your face.

**Channel: Nadina Boun

**Submitted to Era of Light via email, with Source

6 Replies to “The Higher Council: Remember the Power of Your Conscious Awareness”

  1. John

    100%! I have personally learned this in the last few weeks/months. However, to enable my ‘self’ to get there I had to quieten my ego which constantly pulled me away from any momentary bliss forcing me to look at this and look at that, you should be worried, this is serious, you must fear this. Anything but to stay in bliss where ego has no say, where ego isn’t required.
    In my case my ego was constantly self promoting to look important, to maintain control of me and did so by pulling me away from who I really am so I had to break-in my ego like a wild bull or stallion.
    It only took 3 or 4 weeks for my ego to be broken in, to be tamed and amazingly once that happened it completely stopped bugging me and dragging me into the 3D world of fear and anxiety, it was like a release, I was now free to focus on every thing I do.
    Whether cleaning the toilet or washing the dishes I was free to choose to enjoy it all with love and bliss because I wasn’t being pulled away and down into a lower vibration, fearing what is happening in the world etc.
    It’s such an awesome place to be, to have the chains of ego control melted away, free to focus, to manifest, to know.

    1. Stu N

      “It only took 3 or 4 weeks for my ego to be broken”

      I’m envious. It took me almost 40 years. LOL