Endings and Beginnings


Before each breath there is a potential. What will it be? There is desire that is clouded around you. It is the mist you are immersed in.

It is yours; it is Life’s. It is lives lived and breathed.

Potential never leaves, it lives. It moves through the cycles of time and form. It begins anew and decays into the nothing of everything.

That is the gift of Life: what you begin, you end. What you end, you begin.

Potential breathed becomes potential heaved, for you are always efforting life.

It is the way of physical—movement.

It is inward and outward, succumbing to you.  As easy as a breath, taken and given.


As you Begin a new breath, it is new potential. New information is breathed in, inspiration.

Yet with that potential is the decay of old experiences. What accrues in you?

Is it the old, piling on? Is it fresh mess, never gone? Is it fertile eyes in moving song, hearing Love’s breath beneath Time’s gong?

Be the Beginning of something new.

As old pollen is fallen into your rich soil, Life cycles potential through invisible toil.

It’s not your work to force Time. It’s your work to nurture potentials sublime.

Be the Beginning of something new.

As a moment is passed from Life to you, past knowledge unknown is pulsing through.

Your need-to-know basis may feel like stasis, but it’s truly decay and decant.

What was, now is. The future, not yet.  What will begin in you?

Be the Beginning of something new.

Endings are already filling you.

The breath of Life flows in and out. It’s soft and strong, both whisper and shout. It whispers of Life’s perpetual flow. It shouts of lack and even Love’s glow.

What Ends is received as nurturing soil. It’s Life’s gift of Love, giving of itself. Not sacrifice. but evolution. Not waste, but Time’s solution.

Not futures, but nows. For within you now is the End Beginning anew.

What is within you?

Love simmers songs both short and long.

Eternity is moving through


**By Jamye Price