Saint Germain: The Truth Becomes Visible

Every effort made by you serves this sacred purpose: to make the truth socially acceptable on earth and to banish all that is untrue and rotten from the earth.


The truth paves the way, it becomes visible everywhere and prevails everywhere! The signs of the times point to the storm of truth. Nothing can withstand this dynamic and everything will be subordinated to this necessity so that the way can be prepared for the new age of humanity.

With the advent of truth, everything changes!

Because only then can the light of God do its salvific work in the hearts of people, only then can you experience yourself as a person of God and only then is the veil between the worlds transparent, so that a living communication between you and your family from being can take place.

Today we are working towards that day.

Every effort made by you serves this sacred purpose: to make the truth socially acceptable on earth and to banish all that is untrue and rotten from the earth.

Already there are increasing signs that we are on the right track, already your work and your perseverance are bringing to light the true, good and noble in man, because you are becoming more and more. There are more and more who seek the truth and who want to find it first in themselves. What is untrue, false or ambiguous is recognized and banished from life.


Today, more and more people are ready to initiate major corrections, and if necessary, to completely rebuild their lives. Today, more and more people are waking up to the fact that they no longer want to fool themselves, that they are looking into their hearts and tackling the healings that are necessary.

Even if it is a minority compared to the number of the world’s population, the people who are now awakening represent a majority when it comes to restoring a light-filled fundamental vibration on this earth.

The quality of these people outweighs any number, whose creative will and power of manifestation were awakened by working on their own topics. The lesson that everything begins with ourselves, with yourself, has been understood and so now everything takes its good, right and healing path.


The forces of the unlight spread falsehood, the lie has grown on them like a skin and they will not give way until they see themselves and their misdeeds in the mirror of truth. No one can avoid this reflection permanently! You know it, and they know it, that the time has come.

However, it is also true that every being plays its irreplaceable role on earth until the final chord. Until then, it is important to persevere and master the time with GOD. For the day when the trumpets of God usher in the end and new beginning is near.


This means that the revelations will continue to increase rapidly, so that more and more people can get a glimpse of the big picture. Nothing remains hidden anymore. In the process, all the threats of frightening future scenarios begin to dissolve before your eyes.

You have reached the next level of consciousness. Today you look at current affairs with different eyes. The outside has lost its power. Power, exercise your soul now, and you have found direction. Fears disappear more and more, worries about the future diminish – and GOD has returned to your life.

Verily, humanity has chosen the bright future and reached the timeline of life to the degree that is required.

On the outer world, the earth continues to rotate and the revelations take on ever greater proportions. Inside, however, more and more people are completing themselves and they are becoming impregnable spiritual fortresses.

In this way, the forces that have so far enriched themselves with your life energy are thinning out, because in the light of the truth neither their lies nor they themselves can stand.

Truth prepares the way for humanity into the light.


Truth prepares the way for humanity, for truly you are honored beyond measure and blessed beyond measure! For in you, through you and in you, God’s plan is fulfilled on and with the earth.


Every human being is important and the spirit and soul of man contribute to the big picture in a unique and wonderful way. Each person brings something to the table and each of you, as he/she is now, is significant for what follows.

Dear ones,

I am MASTER ST. GERMAIN and I am now in the midst of you!

After the truth has prevailed and the lie has been erased from human hearts as well as from the collective human consciousness, the Golden Age begins.

In this time, which is now slowly spreading before you, you have ALL a part. You are involved in different ways when it comes to raising the Earth to the higher level so that people can unfold their consciousness and develop their heart qualities.

Every human being is important and the spirit and soul of man contribute to the big picture in a unique and wonderful way. Each person brings something to the table and each of you, as he/she is now, is significant for what follows.


Great inventions that are rediscovered, released or rediscovered will shape the coming time:

  • Treatments that eliminate the need for all medical interventions, as they were often necessary in the past.
  • Energy transfers that balance the human body in a matter of minutes and restore it at the cellular level bring complete healing.
  • At the level of locomotion, new perspectives are opening up. New technologies that will take you from one place to another, from one end of the world to the other, in near real time, will be made known and introduced to the astonished humanity.
  • You are also facing true quantum leaps in the area of absorbing knowledge and generating knowledge. Through mastery of his mind, it is possible for the new human being to retain and integrate unimaginably large amounts of data in a short time – the non-verbal transfer of knowledge directly into the consciousness of the human being.

These are just three parts of human life that will undergo a serious change once the truth has prevailed and the spiritual light has taken over the reign on earth.

The prerequisite for this is that man can perceive himself as a light-filled and healed part of creation and actively assume his actual role in the plan of creation.


The healing of your hearts is therefore the supreme commandment!

It is important to fully commit ourselves to this healing today, now on the last meters, until it becomes LIGHT:

  • Please stop boosting your ego beyond measure!
  • Pursue your own soul plan and do not follow the life plans of those who control this matrix.
  • Take heart and end the old life if it feels wrong and inconsistent.
  • Don’t wait for anything to change while you pillars of salt remain immobile and solidify.
  • Take the necessary steps in your spiritual process now and complete what is intended for you.

If you ask, “Yes, Master St. Germain, but what is it that is meant for me?” I will answer, “You know! However, all too often and all too often you overhear the voice of your soul and you turn a deaf ear to whispers from eternity.” The faster and the more profoundly you now advance the healing of your heart, which has been wounded by many lives, the more immediately what I spoke to you at the beginning will become apparent.

The light prevails everywhere after the truth has spread and after you have found healing and grace in the light of God.

Trust your power, claim your power as a divine human being on earth, because only in this one way does your being and becoming take place.

In infinite love

**Channel: Jahn j Kassl

**Translation to English by


4 Replies to “Saint Germain: The Truth Becomes Visible”

  1. Eleonora

    Well there is also a ‘Darkness’ that is Part of the New Earth. This ‘Darkness’ is like a sacred womb that holds within the New Creation in us until it is ready to come forth. Not all Darkness is darkness that is Untrue to the Light. You as a foetus or baby in the womb were also not of darkness, yet not exposed. So many things are shone upon by the Light but kept in a darkness place that needs this also before it manifests. I have felt during the past days, that what I considered darkness and had to be foreced to get birthed is so strong as a way of showing ME, That it is part of manifestation without having to look light Light. Light Knows IT.
    And it Knows Light. No forcing! I feel the Old and New Adam Kadmon Template exchange information and the ‘Old’ is being honored and Wisdom returned to the Soul and Higher Selves.
    So, Unlight and Darkness are not always the same.Which the article did not speak about, but not to be interpreted ‘wrongly’.