The Song of Light

Beloved Friends Of Light!

Just As You Live And Breathe As Consciousness In Facets Of Light Clothed In Flesh, Know Also That You Are Expression Of One Song! In A Melody Felt By Your Creator, You Are Inspired (In-Spirit) To Bring Forth The Notes Of Many Singers At Once!

You Are A Divine Song With Many Expressions Of Perceptions, Choices And Breaks In The Perfect Rhythm You Forgot As You Came Through The Ethers Of Your Beginning!

Your Soul Is Dancing Unaware To You As Joy Spills Over To Your Humanity!

You Feel Glimpses Of Joy As You Remember Notes Played Seamlessly In A Faraway Corner Of Your Being! The Beauty In Majesty From Your Sacred Origin Flows Through You Now As One Song Of Love!

There Are Methods Of Creating Music That Are Varied With Individual Expressions Of Being!

With A Melody Of Love From The Awareness Of All Life, You Are An Orchestra Of Sound From God.

The Silent Voice Of God Is Expressed Through Each Being Of Creation. Birds Sing, Wolves Howl And Your Precious Pets Cry And Make Sounds Of Joy When You Arrive. The Wind Whispers To You As The Sound Of Rain Soothes You.

In Silence, Listen To The Voice Of God In All Things.

When Babies Are Born They Gasp As They Breathe In The First Breath Of God. The Last Sound That Leaves The Body Is The Return Breath Of The Divine.

Children Squeal With Joy At Simple Toys Or Clay That Is Shaped Into Objects. They Delight In Drawing Pictures To Show You As You Make Sounds Of Laughter And Approval. This Is The Dance Of God In Form!

Lovers Connect With Feelings Of Awe And Wonder As Expressions From Within Flow Outward Into A Melody Of Love! Each Couple Creates Their Own Music With The Love Of Their Beating Heart That Sings The Rhythm Of Divine Energy.

In The Higher Realms, There Are Unlimited Expressions Of The Soul Of Origin. With Crystal Instruments Emitting Colors And Light, The Soul Finds Great Peace As Playing Instruments For Another Brings Joy To All.

Traveling Through The Ethers Of Timelessness Has The Sound Of Humming Crafts At A Frequency Unknown To Humans Who Have Forgotten Their Lineage Of Millennia.

Soon, You Will Remember The Song You Arrived To Sing Into The Cosmos! You Have Been Practicing And Learning In A Density Unfamiliar To Such A Being From The Higher Octaves Of Being!

Sing Your Song! Dance Through The Heartaches And The Victories! Leave 3-D Earth In A Flash Of Beauty And Sacred Light As The Humming Grows Louder And The Crafts Descend In Majesty!

Sheen Awaits You With Music And Celebrations That The Soul Has Longed To Return To In Great Familiarity!

We Are One Song That Is Dancing In Light!

I Love You So!

**Received by Judith


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