Hakann: The Path of Seeing Source

My dearest brothers and sisters,

This is Hakann speaking. I greet you in peace and love.

This “path” series is a collection of exercises with which you can grow spiritually. Not every suggestion will be helpful to every person, and I understand that some of you will have more than enough on your plate already. So if this either doesn’t appeal to you or if you need rest more than you need another spiritual exercise, that is entirely understandable. Still, for some of you the following will be a beneficial exercise.

As the title suggests, the end goal of this exercise is being able to see Source in everything. You may not be able to see Source at all times and always, but it would be beautiful to have access to a metaphorical pair of glasses that you can put on, and if you do, you see that everything and everyone around you is Source. So it would be good to be able to see Source in something if you focus on that.

Authenticity remains critically important. So if you don’t see Source in something, that is entirely fine too. “Fake it till you make it” usually doesn’t work very well in the spiritual field.

So, how do you see Source in everything? Well, first start by seeing Source in one thing. An easy way to start out is by trying to see Source in something that you love. Can you see Source in a beautiful flower, or in the happiness of a cute puppy or kitten, or in the face of a baby? If you don’t have any of those nearby, then yes, we are suggesting that you look at cat or puppy or human baby videos on the internet. Who said that spirituality always has to be a struggle?

If “seeing Source” sounds abstract, then can you see joy and beauty in this flower or being? And can you see that this joy and beauty are not just surface-level, but are actually deep and profound? Can you see that this is not just a matter of producing happy chemicals upon seeing something cute, but that you are witnessing something profound, something deeper, some fundamental force that is coming through this flower or puppy or baby? When you are looking in the eyes of a baby, are you able to see Source?

If this doesn’t resonate with you at all, then alright, this exercise might not be for you, or might not be for you at this current moment in time. That is okay. Maybe this will click for you say half a year from now. Alternatively, there are plenty of other valuable spiritual exercises or valuable pursuits that you can do, if you want.

If you do succeed at seeing Source, you can think: “hello, Source.”

If you want, you can then try to see Source in less cute things and beings. For example, you can just try to walk on the street and try to see Source in the other people around you. If it works, you can again think “hello Source” to them. If this doesn’t feel genuine, feel free to go back to something cuter.

And if that works, you can try and see Source in things and people that you consider to be unpleasant, or in things and situations that are currently making your life more difficult. You can even try to find the humor in it: look at an unreasonable person and think “Wow, Source is playing a particularly outrageous role today. What a treat that I have a front-row seat in which I can observe Source acting outrageously.”

The advantage of doing this is that it can lead to significant spiritual growth, and it may help you find peace of mind and calm in what would otherwise be tough circumstances.

Now we will state something that is half a funny anecdote and half a serious warning. Years ago the channeler did this exercise by looking at literal dog poop on the street and really feeling the energy of: “this dog poop is Source. Thank you, dog poop Source. I love you, dog poop Source.” And when he walked across that same street the next day, there were fourteen piles of dog poop. He had never seen anything like that before or since — on most days, there are either zero or one or maybe two piles of dog poop. Now there were fourteen of them.

The channeler had manifested piles upon piles of dog poop, by sincerely focusing on it while in a very high energy and sending it genuine love and appreciation. He was able to effectively manifest more dog poop because he didn’t have any agenda. He was just sending pure, agendaless love and appreciation to dog poop. His emotions and subconscious weren’t working against this, which is what often blocks people from manifesting for example a relationship. And so he manifested a street full of dog poop.

This dog poop principle is that you may want to be a little bit careful with not focusing too long and not sending too much love and appreciation to things you may not want to manifest. After all: “where your mind goes, your energy flows.” You can still look at dog poop and say “hello Source.” You don’t need to avoid looking at or interacting with anyone who might lower your vibration. Just maybe don’t go overboard with focusing on dog poop or something negative for a long time, or go overboard with sending it love and appreciation.

Note that in practice manifesting wealth or relationships is often more a matter of removing your own blocks and pain and trauma with regards to them, than it is a matter of consciously focusing on those things. Pure, uncluttered humans do genuinely have amazing manifesting abilities, but even in spiritual people those abilities are often blocked by emotions or subconscious beliefs or pain or a sense of lack. So if you wish to manifest, get rid of your blocks first, which is just a general healing process and a general process of observing and feeling your emotions.

And finally I will note that people actually are manifesting things more often than they are aware of. It’s just that they often don’t realize that they manifested something. After all, often the manifestation is done by their soul and it is something that can help them learn a valuable lesson, rather than something that is conventionally pleasurable or fun or comfortable. But these things that your soul manifested genuinely may be very valuable to you. Even if sometimes it’s what you need and not what you desired or asked for.

I hope this was helpful. May your streets be free from dog poop.

With love,

Your star brother,

For Era of Light

**Channel: A.S.


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4 Replies to “Hakann: The Path of Seeing Source”

  1. WK

    Dear Hakann,
    I would like to share with you an experience I had recently that may help you in some way, I hope.
    I too lost someone dear recently, and I was convinced it was all my fault. Maybe I did not do enough to save him, or I could have fought harder for him. I asked the Supreme Source of all Love and Light, to show me where that being was (after his transition), and Source showed me the image of a flying butterfly in divine flames, flying happily and joyfully. And then Source showed me the remains of the caterpillar, from where she butterfly came. And then, looking at all that picture (of the remains and the flying butterfly), Source asked me smiling: “Why are you sad for the caterpillar?” And then I realized that the caterpillar did not exist anymore, I was looking at the shell of a now-more-free and joyful being that was the flying butterfly. And Source added: “It was not your fault, she — the former caterpillar and now butterfly — decided to transition into a higher plan of existence, where she is more happy and free. While strange to your current perspective of existence, you provided the means for that being to expand, and it was her choice to take that path (not yours). Not all death is loss.” Because I took my mind off the corpse of the caterpillar, and also out from my own memories of her (for example, walking around with her hundred tiny feet, and munching on big leaves, he he), and now puting my focus on how beautiful that butterfly IS, and how much better she feels for having so much freedom to just fly anywhere in a joyful way, I began to honour her choice, and be happy for that being in her new state. She did her mission, the ultimate sacrifice, and she expanded beyond words…!
    I Love you,

  2. John

    Oddly enough, I find it easier to see Source in things/people/situations I consider either pleasant or unpleasant than those that fall in between. I remember trying to artificially focus in things of little impact on my soul just ‘to be reasonable and fair’ and it was hardly ever worth the effort.

  3. WK

    Beloved Hakann, your messages are always expected with great anticipation. Light knows no lie, and therefore we can always trust It to discern what is true, and is not. I thank you for that very enlightening analogy. I feel that it holds truth beyond our understanding. Truth is always an onion, there are infinite layers to it. The truth regarding the power of manifestation is equally depthless. I feel that your analogy reflects the fundamental nature of all in existence, while it highlights the power as well as danger of our gift of freewill. But isn’t our free will is somewhat a state of ignorance, because as our understanding expands, our will aligns automatically with that of the Supreme Source. In a position of awareness, we align our will with the Will of the All There Is, not because we are forced to, but because there is no other logical choice, no other perfect answer to fundamental Why? One of the things I like about your messages and Tunia’s is this. Wisdom combined with humour forms a powerful combination, as it simultaneously both relaxes as well as it indoctrinates. Personalty, I resonate stronger with messages written with these two ingredients, in the right balance. I guess it is a reflex of our Earth Human nature. I wonder how/if Pleiadian Humans use humour. Do you also laugh with explosions of sounds? Or maybe it is outbursts of Light and emanation of energy waves of happiness and bliss? It is just a curiosity…

    Eron mirt anung krie anung salm, sol samteln kris. Erenung adment urkram zign. Ertung ariom kra. Kepkum kries Orion.

    As always words are not enough to express my Love for you, so all I can say is that every time I go to the window and look at the sky. My heart bursts out in flames, and I can swear I have a small Sun radiating Light, just for You.

    Your Earthling Brother,

  4. Gwenyth Freeman

    Dear Star Brother Hakann
    thank you once again for another wonderful and very helpful message. I really look forward to them and always learn so much from your perspective on things. And a really big thanks to A.S. for his work an effort in bringing your messages to us. Gwenyth