July 2023 Monthly Forecast

The theme for July is: “What do YOU want, and can you HAVE it?”.

In some ways, July is a continuation of last month’s theme of intuitive choices although this month you have the opportunity to anchor those choices according to your personal truth and ability to truly have what you want.

This may not be an easy month as there will be many considerations, vacillations, and potential confusion about direction, deserve-ability, responsibility and compromise. As you navigate your own doubts, truly check in with yourself about what feels right even if it will disappoint another or take you in a different direction than is expected of you.

There are big energetic changes this month supporting the need to engage your will, good boundaries and positive action steps leading you closer to your essence goals. This may require more letting go of old invalid programs of cultural imprint as well as the courage to step forward into a new landscape.

The question of “what do YOU want” should be a daily exercise of contemplation and truth telling. Stay out of reaction and judgement especially if your choices are taking you away from a situation you feel you have been putting up with for a long time. Do not blame or feel victimized but rather experience gratitude for the clarity and freedom you have to move forward.

The exciting thing this month is the anticipation of things moving forward and supporting you to show up differently and more aligned with your inner wisdom despite what your past and those related to it have dictated. It is truly a new time and you deserve to enter that new landscape that will give you what you truly want. Manifesting comes easily this month however you want to be really careful that you do not recreate the same old thing. When in doubt ask yourself, “how is this different than what I had in the past?”

You may find yourself weighing all of your options endlessly without making a commitment. It is important to be disciplined about weeding out what you don’t want and setting boundaries against the seduction of what is familiar as opposed to a new adventure. We are embracing the lessons of the past and need to trust that what has been learned will lead us into the future and onto the right path. So pay attention and be present especially when the same challenges or reactions surface. Face them with intention to change how they affect you. Practice neutrality and don’t take things personally.

How the month shows up:


This can either be a challenging month or one of great breakthrough. It all depends on your level of fear and stubbornness around change, letting go, trusting your heart and intuition, and how you are at facing something new and different. The month requires a lot of personal discipline and determined will to keep your boundaries strong and your intentions clear. All the lessons learned over the past months and all the healing as a result should make for fertile ground for a new way of living life. There are good aspects this month that support radical change, moving the focus from the internal process we have all been in for the past several months to an external one of showing up differently in life.

How do you want to show up? What change are you embracing with courage and determination? How have you blamed others in the past for things that did not go so well? How can you commit to improving all areas of your life? And, what do YOU want? These are the questions to be asked daily as you contemplate where you are and where you are going and how you wish to show up differently.

Anything you resist will persist. So be in acceptance and put yourself first. Remember that hard work will pay off and you will be able to manifest good results with discipline. With that said, you should also reconnect with what is fun and inspiring for you so you can keep your vibration as high as possible. Be in humor instead of ever feeling victimized.


Relationships may be challenged this month as everyone is focused on how they can nurture themselves. Others may be in great resistance around your personal decisions to go in a different direction than they expect or have come to rely on. It is important that when you decide to move toward what you want, that this decision is not made from a place of reaction or resistance but rather from a place of neutral truth and inner knowingness that has nothing to do with feeling victimized or getting some sort of revenge.

On the other hand, making right choices and anchoring a new direction may also bring you into contact with new agreements in the relationship area. Be open to new connections you may feel instantly intimate with and new collaborations that makes intuitive sense and feel right. It could be an exciting month for relationships, taking current ones to a new level and discovering new ones that feel like old friends.

Think of yourself as building a new container with what you decide to keep from the past. Some relationships will still fit and some won’t. Release what does not fit graciously and with neutral understanding. Welcome new ones with an open heart. Can. You have relationships that are loving, supportive, exciting and wonderful?


This is a great month to anchor disciplines for health and wellness. Most of you know what you need and what will support you. You just need the discipline to make it happen. Pay attention and listen to your body without denial or resistance. Being present will help you with this attention. Remember your body is your container for this life and since you have opportunity to reset your container this month you can do it for your body as well. Any kind of physical, mental, emotional support you can schedule will only help in that reset.

As the month wobbles in energy from internal to external, watch for wobbles in blood pressure and sensitivity in liver, kidney and pancreas that may need extra support. Your personal energy levels may also wobble a bit Practice patience, take time for yourself when you need it, rest when rest calls, and take action when inspired.


This area will be influenced greatly by what happens with relationships as the relationships that anchor any business, partnerships or projects will be key to their success and key to aligning with what you truly want. If you are not on the same page with your partners, business practices or a project, you or it will likely fail or fall apart unless you reset it to something you want. Be careful in your compromises and make sure you are not compromising to another’s demands that will eventually lead to dissatisfaction.

Reflect on your boundaries, both personal and around your business and projects. If they are too loose, tighten them around your intentions. If they are too strong and not allowing for expansion, evolution and change, loosen them but keep your strong intentions as a guide for your container. It is also good month to examine your rules around what is acceptable and what is not and to anchor the right practices and guidelines that will support you moving forward. You could say that this is a good month for restructuring anything that needs it.


The weather is still wonky, unpredictable and changeable faster than anyone can forecast, especially around water, drought and flooding. So, be prepared for anything this month and face any weather challenges with humor and a sense of adventure. You should never feel victimized by the weather as it is something you cannot control. Being in resistance will only make you grumpy. Change your plans if you have to, as you cannot change the weather. In times of great change the winds will cooperate so be prepared for gusts, hurricanes and tornadoes in certain areas.

As to your personal environment, honor change by eliminating and releasing things that no longer feel like you, especially family heirlooms and gifts that you have been keeping out of a sense of obligation. Look at your surroundings with fresh eyes and allow yourself to have what you want. Be creative with spaces and create boundaries around who can influence your decisions. If there is no clarity, wait until there is.


July 1-7: There is a lot going on during this time frame and you may feel pulled in many different directions. If overwhelmed by challenges, take a deep breath and ask your allies for help. One step at a time with patience and presence will get you through. This time frame will push you to look at what needs to go, what you should release or delegate, and what you should be nurturing and developing to move forward.

You can see openings and opportunities but they may not yet be available for you to fully engage. Be patient. The energy wants to move but the timing may not yet be right. Focus instead on personal intentions and asking the questions about what you want and if you can truly allow yourself to have it. Reflect on what is in the past so you don’t recreate the same intention.

Discipline goes a long way during this time and hard work pays off. Consider to what areas of your life you need to apply more discipline and move forward with determination.

July 3: Full Moon in Capricorn is Monday, July 3 at 5:38AM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT). Known as the Buck Moon, this is also a Super Moon that comes with a bit more power as well as great aspects to see your hard work paying off and opportunities for manifesting despite recent challenge and hardship. We really get to experience the saying, “what does not kill you, will make you stronger”. All of us have been through a lot these past months and are ready to see some results of our personal growth and determination to get to a higher state of being. If you have managed to work well with releasing your past, following your intuition, and making choices from the heart, you will have the chance to be more adaptable, positive, abundant and prosperous.

Make sure to take time during this full moon to be in gratitude and to set some lofty intentions that really resonate with your intuitive choices. Whatever you can do to anchor, ground and stabilize what has become important to you is also a good practice during this full moon time. Work on your havingness and deserve-ability as you contemplate the next steps that will take you closer to the desires you wish to manifest.

July 8-15: This is a time of great motivation especially around self-care, collaboration with others, and personal desires. It is a window where you can focus on your health and get inspired about any visible personal improvement. It is also a time to practice asking for help, trusting your allies and committing to improving your life in any way that needs it. Again, it is not always easy, but remember that you have support for hard determined work and it will pay off in tangible ways.

Even if you are taking a break or on vacation during this time frame, notice that there is a lot of activity in your inner life as you respond to your environment. You can always use discernment about what you want and what you do not want despite any situation you are in even if you cannot act on it. This is a good time to connect with others that may become great allies or new relationships that will support you. So pay attention to who comes across your path and be open to new alliances.

July 16-23: There is a new learning during this time and much clarity possible around the lessons of the past and how to move forward in a new way. There is also a great focus on balance especially between the masculine and feminine aspects, the being and doing states and how personal boundaries play out to accommodate both. Especially the feminine may have greater issues in putting forth personal desires due to past cultural imprinting about service and being always available to take on another’s pain or challenge. This past program will be examined and reset to be more in balance with your boundaries and personal desires. It may cause waves and disturbance within family and community structures that have relied on this selflessness, however, if you are going to push through to the other side, now is the time.

July 17: New Moon in Cancer is Monday, July 17 at 12:31 PM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT).
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July 24-31: The intensity ratchets up during this time of great change and transformation. The action element is ignited and you will need to be careful about how you manifest. Make sure you always come from purposeful action instead of reaction and make sure you always come from choices of the heart. This is a powerful time to anchor your intuitive choices, just make sure they are truly yours. If you have too many choices on your plate and there is some confusion about your direction, pull back and look at the bigger picture to gain more clarity. Choose the course of action that feels the most important to you and enjoy the ride.

Chaos may unground you. If that happens, do what you need to do to take a break from others, re-assert your will, spend time in nature and ground yourself to the earth.

Have a great month!