France In Crisis For Fifth Night As Violence Spreads To Neighboring Countries

Former President Trump was correct about France many years ago. He said, “I wouldn’t go to France. Because France is no longer France …This world better be very careful and they better get very tough and very smart.”

As the unrest in France sparked by the police killing of a teenager of North African descent continued for the fifth day, Paul Joseph Watson offered his view of why social unrest has quickly spread nationwide. And spoiler alert, unlike French officials who blame “social media,” PJW said, “This is what happens when you absorb millions of migrants into a European county at an accelerated rate pace — with zero plan — with zero prospects for ever integrating them.”

Rioters burned vehicles and buildings and looted stores nationwide for the fifth consecutive night. Police arrested 719 people by the early hours of Sunday, according to the French interior ministry.

Reuters noted the chaos was “less intense overnight” compared with the 1,300 people arrested on Friday night, suggesting riots are dying down after more than 45,000 police officers, as well as dozens of military armored vehicles, were deployed across the country to squash the violence.

President Emmanuel Macron canceled his visit to Germany and met with officials Sunday to develop strategies to suppress some of the worst violence the country has seen since the 2018 “Yellow Vest” protests.

Here’s footage of the chaos from last night:

Vincent Jeanbrun, mayor of the southern Paris suburb of L’Hay-les-Roses, said rioters tried to assassinate him and his family.

“Last night, a milestone was reached in horror and ignominy. My home was attacked and my family was the victim of an assassination attempt,” he wrote on social media. 

Meanwhile, social media reports showed violence is spreading to neighboring countries of Switzerland and Belgium.

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  1. Paladin

    When do you think Arabs and Africans going to Europe to rape European women and children and commit mindless savage acts of violence will come to realize we are all one and live in love….love, love, love mate? 😏

    A very Jewish Barbara Lerner Spectre told us Europe is going into multicultural mode so it can SURVIVE. It’s amazing how Jews always invert the truth, the definition of evil. They preach to the Goyim “tolerance and diversity” while they increase their war of extermination against the Palestinians.

    They also plan on moving into Ukraine now that they have killed off the White Christians there.

    But hey, love on love bunnies.