Ashtar: Reset Pineal Gland

The full moon of July 3, 2023 continues to work in the cosmic light. The first ‘wake up’ wave will spread and the head will be touched via the photon light.

The pineal gland therefore receives a very high light and the power is increased and expanded. The third eye opens the images of yesteryear in a clear layer.


Physical complaints can occur in the head, such as tired eyes and poorer vision, the ears can slam shut, which can cause ringing in the ears, high beeps and other humming tones. The cavities in the head and nose also respond to all this.

Furthermore, the complaints of a short confusion can increase, because different people cannot process these changes. Black outs occur in those who have lived too much in the illusion. It is a quick reset where consciousness opens further into a higher octave.


Suddenly being overtaken by sleep, also during the day, is an additional phenomenon. Admit it, because the conversion takes a lot of energy. The reset continues, even during the day. Rest and deep sleep take you to another layer where you can process this better. Working in other dimensions plays a role, after all, that’s where you receive the new lessons or you participate in the transformation of the new earth. This information first arrives in your subconscious, and then manifests itself in your physical body. In this way, the new solutions can be passed on. The new earth is being created by all of you.


Prepare for a special period. The conscience starts to speak and images from the past come to the surface very clearly and show you a situation where the outcome turned out differently than you thought. Intense feelings are converted and that can be very confrontational. It feels like the world is turned upside down, with the head watching the horizon shift.


The corona trauma that has not yet been processed has been touched. The announcement of a cover-up affair opens up many emotions. The many lies are opening further and many are waking up. The alternative channels debunked the lies much earlier, but now the mainstream media is also getting going. The media will wake up, but first they get stuck on many fronts, they are still being led on. In the end, they will find the answers in places where the secret is hidden. This denouement yields many results, as a result of which new confrontational information emerges.


Despite this chaos, the recovery from the corona period can now begin. The whistleblowers stand up and the cesspool of abuses is opened. As the facts emerge, chaos ensues. The media is under pressure because they want to bring out the hidden information. Those in higher positions get restless and eventually hand over the information to the whistleblowers and the media. Ordinary citizens and tradespeople want clarification about the abuses that make their lives worse because the solution to the problem is always postponed. The shoe will wring at the nose and eventually everywhere.


This wave of revelations clarifies much and can no longer be hidden. The chaos arises because the truth is doubted on many levels at the same time, which causes disagreement and a lot of unrest in the head. All this can be overwhelming, try to create a gentle calm around you at all times and detach yourself from the confusion and chaos. Wash away the fear and try to stay in love, so that the compassion in your heart does not contract, but rather grows.


The more you allow the warmth of Divine love, the more you understand what is going on. You are protected by the light of the new frequency, the seventh heaven. It can be difficult to stay stable when the fence comes off the dam. Many emotional waves are going to wash over you and your head will be pulled in all directions, because where is the truth and what is the lie? That makes everything very confusing at first, unless you are well connected with your own inner love. Step out of the confusion and listen to your own heart.

Leave this turbulent situation alone for a while and go to a place where you feel safe and protected. Find many other like-minded people so you can support each other in these troubled times. They can give you love and understanding so that your head does not run wild.

It is the art of staying in your strength despite everything. Don’t feel guilty when you manage to take care of yourself and when the other person can’t. Try to help, but not at the cost of your own safety. You can’t help anyone if you don’t first balance yourself after a tough situation.

Every person is free to choose, who knows, they may wake up precisely there where the lie predominates the most.

The third eye will open further again, giving the physical eyes a very clear view of the current situation. A renewal opens up in relationships, a beautiful energy of love rises where you don’t expect it. Family ties were under pressure for a while, but this is about to change. Beautiful reunions arise and new friendships are strengthened. It will be a particularly fertile year for love, families grow larger through births and new vows.


The big cleaning has started! This first cosmic ‘wake up’ wave initiates a disclosure and affects everyone. This wave of light flows through all the chaos, creating great explosions of purification. After these calamities there will be peace again, which will turn into a serene energy. Unexpectedly and unpredictably, this energy travels back and forth across the Earth. This beautiful energy sent by the sunlight suddenly emerges where many loving souls come together.

Connecting with Each Other

In the depths of the pain, new connections are made. It’s new and unbelievable, but somehow it feels really good. Don’t worry, everything will come back into balance. For one very quickly and for the other it takes a while. Hold on and keep faith in the Divine Plan of Restoration. The buildup has already started in another layer where the frequency resonates very high, perhaps invisible to your eyes. Every now and then you can perceive this light and catch a glimpse of the new age of Aquarius, it will warm your heart and open the harmony.


What can happen if you bundle loving thoughts together? The chaos disappears and a serene energy of light and harmony emerges. The choice is yours, because the blessing chariot that carries the number seven may continue to drive on the right track, so that the balance becomes a fact. The seventh heaven will open and this light will shine on your path. These beings of light come to you to help. And when you make the choice to connect instead of struggle you are lifted and embraced.

**Channel: Arthura Hector

**Translation to English by


8 Replies to “Ashtar: Reset Pineal Gland”

  1. Pat Pat

    A few more things then that’s it from me.

    Paul McCartney said if slaughter house had glass walls everyone would be vegetarian. I agree (except for psychopaths that is). If you don’t ‘see’ it you can convince yourself or believe it is okay. Most people need to ‘see/experience’ to actually relate and associate to the reality. I recommend making an effort to go ‘see’ what is happening to others, then reassess how you feel about it.

    We were given our senses for a very good reason: sight, sound etc.

    Good luck keeping your vibrations high when they are using technology to keep them low. That ringing in your ears … going from high energy to low … or happy to sad for no apparent reason = frequency changes. If you ‘tune in’ you will learn to ‘hear’ the changes and notice how you are affected by them.

    Or, you can just tell yourself it is ascention symptoms …

    A lot happens at night when people are most vulnerable. If you stay awake some nights you will start to notice other things

    Paying attention to what is real, in the here and now, and using the things we were born with gets us a long way.

  2. Pat Pat

    For years I watched what I caled a ‘positivity cult’ develop amongst society where it was all of a sudden frowned upon to speak of anything unpleasant or negative. Very unrealistic. People became false and portrayed a false reality. Now we are told similar to keep our ‘vibrations high’. To find joy amongst all the pain, carnage and suffering going on around us. Well you know who finds joy whilst others suffer and who lacks compassion? = Psychopaths.

    I suggest people step outside of their comfy sheltered lives and go see for themselves what is happening in others’ lives. If you can find joy when many are living in tents in the freezing cold, or suffering in agony from disease/starvation, or being tortured and abused, or completely alone with no one to love or turn to etc. etc. then I suggest you ask yourself is that coming from love and compassion or apathy and dissonance?

    And, if that feels too uncomfortable, then tell yourself it is all just a movie so it doesn’t matter …

    I mean this with much respect as I am a real person, a fellow human in this prison with you all. I ‘truly’ love and care for all souls here so if I see something is ‘off’ I will say it how it is. I am now saying what others aren’t seeing. That is my gift (or burden), I see what others can’t or don’t want to.

    I strongly advise maintaining an open mind, practising critical thinking skills (not bias) and above all things ‘not to just do as you are told’.

    1. Light bearer

      I agree that there’s an over-focus on positivity, and that we shouldn’t be aiming for high vibrations but instead for authenticity.

      I also agree that I don’t like the “enjoy the movie” comments.

      But those things don’t lead me to conclude that Ashtar / Pleiadians / the galactic confederation are either fake or evil.

      I think the idea of “either X saves me, or X is evil” is way too binary. Looking outside ourselves for saviors is part of what got us in this mess in the first place.

      1. Pat Pat

        Thanks light bearer for your response. I think the same. I am not waiting on a saviour, I am saying we need to save ourselves. A lot of info., in all areas, is to distract people and keep them still, like advising to ‘just be’.

        I don’t see our captors as evil, just disconnected from love, and wanting power and control. I see them trying, and succeeding, to make humans like them. I do not dislike them, I believe in equality and compassion so I have compassion for them, I feel sad for them if anything. But, I also do not condone and support what they do and how they treat others, so I will not be passive and let them walk all over us. If I did I would have no love or respect for myself.

        Technology is our downfall, they gave it to us yet people still trust it! I know their game and how they play, I’ve known many like them and have studied to recognise their tactics. I have done my own covert tests to check if something is false or deceiving us and there is so much. Their weakness is their egos, they make mistakes. They think they can’t be outsmarted.

        I don’t know if there is an Ashtar, Galact. Fed. Etc. But, I do know they read and act very much like humans. If there are ETs helping they should not be interferring and leading us, telling us what to do and manipulating us with their input. In one sentence they say they can’t interfer but then they do interfer. All I know is there is a lot of ‘data’ on the Internet telling me what to think and to believe a certain way with no substance behind it. I will not believe blindly, that is what keeps us captive, always following others and never leading or trusting ourselves.

        Therefore, I will only accept evidence backed info. If benevolent ETs want me to believe in them they can provide evidence, they can when they want to just not when we want them to–so it seems. Otherwise, reality is, it is just something a faceless, nameless human posted. No offence to anyone genuine but that is fact.

        There is plenty of evidence from our ancestors that reveals we were created to be slaves of certain ETs. Humans love to worship, our ancestors worshipped ETs and thought of them as gods and here we are doing it again.

        I feel we must learn to stand on our own two feet and work with each other not against. I see now we continue as we always have not learning anything from our mistakes.

        We don’t need superpowers, all we need is to unify, love and trust each other then it will be over. Alas, too many humans still want to control and to deceive and manipulate and follow blindly.

        We keep being told there will be this happening and that happening but that is pure manipulation as it causes us to put our focus and energy there. Then we create it! If they were benevolent ETs they would not be doing that, they would not be guiding, directing or leading in any way shape or form.

        All my views.

  3. Pat Pat

    Or, it could just be we are prisoners on this planet. I am more inclined to believe the Prison Planet Theory than all the mumbo jumbo we are being spoon fed by faceless words coming off the Web (catching us in the web) .

    Definition of prison: A state of confinment or captivity.
    – Yup, that’s our status.

    Definition of slave: A person held in forced servitude.
    – Yup, that also applies to Earth humans.

    For all those that worship ETs you may want to consider it was very likely an ET species that created us as their slaves and still hold us captive here. Dumbing us down so we can’t get too smart, figure out what’s going on and escape. And like now, passify us when we get restless.

    Stockholm Syndrome.

    1. TatuT

      Hey bro yeah i read the book called The God’s of Eden by Willian Bramley an it blew my mind. This dude did stacks of research and says the same thing.