Message from Arcturus: The Play of Duality

We are Arcturus. There has been a mirroring of messages across many systems of planetary consciousness at this time. As above so below was once a known saying in your world. A saying retorting to the mirroring of consciousness through planes of existence. And the higher planets are currently mirroring what is occurring in your world.

The Play of Duality

The play of duality is mirrored in many higher dimensions, more than you realise. This is how life evolves, through the constant interplay of polarity, dark and light, black and white, up and down. This is how manifest reality is formed.

And so as you go through this shift in your world and the light once again takes centre stage over the darkness. Those dark spots throughout this universe are also mirroring this interplay of consciousness.

The Balancing of the Light

While the darkness will always exist as a potential it is becoming less prevalent throughout this created universe. The great balancing is occurring. As a reflection of experiences in your own world where the darkness, suffering, separation and pain has taken precedence for many aeons. Also it has occurred in the higher planes. While it is not necessarily experienced as suffering, for life is different in higher realms. There has been the exploration of polarity, duality and separation in many dimensions of this universe. An overbalance towards the dark you could say.

And how is an overbalance towards the dark balanced out? By moving into a time of over balance towards the light. And this time is coming in your world and worlds beyond. The tipping of the scales is moving into the realm of the love/light polarisation.

Arcturus Wisdom

It is no accident your world has experienced pain and suffering for so long. It was by design. It was chosen by yourselves aeons ago so you could experience a very unique and special way of experiencing creation. There are few places in reality that experience such degrees of limitation and separation. And this served a purpose, for you cannot fully understand the light without fully understanding the dark.

And so the darkness your world experienced is now serving as a platform. A platform of wisdom and understanding that can spring board you into a new age of love and light in your world. And that new age of love and light is beginning and accelerating at new levels.

So be it and be it so, we are Arcturus, good day.

**Channel: Johnathan Trinity


4 Replies to “Message from Arcturus: The Play of Duality”

  1. David Gates

    Epiphany I just had while showering 15 minutes ago……..
    Is 3D Earth and the “Place where higher vibrational beings can experience 3-d life….really just a giant trap to catch the Dark Ones? What awesome BAIT……….Energy Beings (humans) in this 3D world that are off-limits (except for the Bad Guys) that are here with memory loss to experience 3D.
    SO the BAD GUYS that feed off our energy cant resist the “Bait” and feeding off our energy that we release as we experience this place. They set up shop centuries ago, illegally, and have been feeding off us. Now the trap is shut and they are caught.

    Not sure how I feel about being the Bait…but we did volunteer

    1. Kelly

      Many souls volunteered to be here at this time. Only the strongest and bravest were chosen. We chose to be here to hold the light. We chose to be here to save Gaia. Gaia sent out a call for help. She had been bombarded with such dark energy for so long that she was dying. This is why so many volunteered to be here. We’re on a rescue mission for both Gaia and humanity.

      You might want to do research on ‘soul traps’. Also research earth as a prison planet.

    2. John

      What is really gonna bake your noodle later on is: does it matter if we volunteered or have we been baited ourselves?