Archangel Michael: The 7/7/7 Stargate

Divine Ones,

The great evolution of consciousness in your species, in your world, continues and there is so much wonderful progress to report.

There are expanded higher dimensional frequencies now active within you — emanating from your planetary field. These frequencies are attuning you to higher levels within your wholeness, as you allow this resonance. Vibrations never before experienced by you in this domain of expression are available now, and with your growing ability to translate these energies, glimpses of New Earth living are coming in.

The Earth is present now in new, continually expanding higher dimensional frequencies. Expanding into Its new octave of light as expression. And as the Earth and all Life flow with this, open and allow these energies, Life is being lifted!

It is glorious to behold.

More than ever now, it benefits you to be oriented to the inner planes, creating ongoing harmony with your ever-expanding Divine Self and embracing your sovereign authority to choose what you experience, what you pay attention to, what your standards are — what you are available for, energetically and vibrationally.

Between now and early August, there will be massive higher dimensional energies streaming into your world. And today, with the Full Moon, you’ve entered the annual Sirian Gateway as your sun conjuncts the planet Sirius — the brightest star in the night sky. An expression of the Infinite Light of All within your Galaxy, Sirius has a luminosity more than 20 times greater than your sun. Each year during the first week of July, this gateway opens as Sirius conjuncts your sun, and like all things, it shows up in perfect timing! In alignment with the Divine Plan and the evolutionary unfolding of Creation.

The star Sirius emanates heightened vibrations and higher dimensional energies into your world, supporting you, in acclimating, integrating, and attuning to these higher dimensional patterns of light. This energy streaming in can empower you in significant ways. Lifting you, as you allow it, into resonance within your oversoul structure and allowing your consciousness to merge into higher light expression.

This is a powerful time for spiritual advancement, time jumping, stabilizing your consciousness in higher vibrational expression, and expanding your inner knowing.

Sirius is known to radiate the vibration of FREEDOM and is associated with liberation. This is an energy that can help you to shift out of, or release limitations, and expand into the true Self. Expressing your true Self and expanding into your Higher Light, is the evolutionary path of All life on Earth.

All this incoming energy adds to your energy system, which is already receiving and working with solar energy infusions, and this along with the new energies of the Earth, kicks off a period capable of lifting the awakened ones, into an even higher level of spiritual awareness. This time is profoundly supportive of greater elevation and the ability to transcend your past and if you’re ready, shift into a new version of yourself and open to that enriched timeline.

A death and rebirth cycle is playing out within your world and to some extent, with each of you. The old paradigms of separation, lack, limitation, and loss are being released as the inner knowing of Oneness takes hold.

As the KNOWING of your Eternal Divinity becomes steady within you.

And, as any of you reconnect with your own Divine Self — all that you have become and are continually becoming — and begin to live in conscious co-creation with this vaster wholeness, you reclaim your inner authority to sovereignly shape your reality and create the Life you want to live.

Dear One — as Ailia read in a post from a friend this morning celebrating their birthday: LIVING is the real art form.

You are creating your very LIFE. And it can be your most magnificent creation!

There is nothing you cannot be or do or have, and as you cultivate alignment…

As you realize that ASCENSION IS UNITY with All That You Are — which is also known as alignment, you begin to realize that what you are manifesting, is YOU.

The YOU that gets to have the experiences you’ve determined you prefer, and emanated into vibrational being. You are creating YOU. Over and over again, and more and more lately, we see many of you realize that focusing on what feels good is how you recognize and align with your inner truth.

You’re beginning to realize that you are no longer willing to allow yourself to be so easily deterred from your desires, and your inner sense of joy, peace, harmony, unity, connection, ease, bliss, enthusiasm, and exhilaration. And to notice it is not that difficult to tune your energies such that you can feel and know the inner wisdom, the guidance you need, when you need and want it, if you are willing to pay attention to how you feel. You’re discovering that Universal Laws support you and are reliably consistent. This empowers your sovereign authority.

You are coming into your truth, centering in what you love most, and learning to deeply and consistently back yourself — finding your way to believing in yourself, your Life, and the Infinite. Knowing that Life Itself IS here, does know you, and is always responding to you — offering you everything you ask for, supporting and loving you.

With these changes, with your willingness to believe that what you want, can be yours. With your understanding that you are BELOVED and SIGNIFICANT, as you are… you empower the shift of the ages!

And the opportunities opening up to you now, are magnificent! There is a literal banquet of delicious and nourishing higher dimensional energies emanating into your world…

And you can consciously participate with them, at this time, with intentionality, openness, skill, and abundant inner guidance and non-physical support.

We invite you to join us in a new program, delivered as a series of transmission experiences, specifically aligned with helping you receive and integrate these incredibly beneficial higher dimensional energies from now through the Lion’s Gate in August with intention and grace.

We encourage you to use these energies and this program of transmission experiences to further your evolution, becoming more aware of the emerging possibilities being revealed now within you; shift onto a more authentic or expanded timeline; anchor in and stabilize your relationship with your Divine Self; and renew your relationship to your sovereign creative powers by revising and creating new pathways in your awareness…

We will show you how to do this and support you in it. We know that you can evolve your vision of Life by telling a new story of your emerging experience in the new, Earth energies — a vision of Heaven on Earth rooted in freedom, love, joy, and more abundance, more ease.

We see you discovering you can unfold your Life with playfulness and confident authority. If you think that sounds like fun…

**Channel: Ailia Mira