From 3D To 4D And 5D: Codes 

More than two weeks have passed since the activation of the new Causal Matrix’ code in the Earth’ Logos core (see – Unfolding, DNI, June 25, 2023). How does it work now?

Recall that the code contains a huge number of parameters – of the Earth’s orbit; the composition of the atmosphere; gravitational and other physical constants; the list of matter elements; the biochemical composition of the DNA of all living organisms; the distance between the particles (quanta) of Source’s Light and their energy; the reality picture; the passwords specification in the evolutionary field; the digits of Pi and much more. Altogether, it’s a new primary source code of our planet as a sentient life-form.

Co-Creators and the Lightwarriors’ ground team carried out the op in stages, activating the code strictly according to time zones that took about a day. After the successful completion of the process, the new Earth’s Logos switched from minimal to full-capacity mode. The numerological code of the planet was also officially approved, its new systemic number Pi, increased from 3.14D to 3.88D. What does it mean?

As DNI noted earlier, it is not only a mathematical constant equal to the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. On the systemic and Causal Plane, the first digit of the parameter defines the dimension. The next two digits after point mark the “bottom” of our reality, the starting point of all energy and physical evolving, states and laws for the Earth’s space-time continuum.

3.14D was the original primary code of the former planetary Logos. In the new one, the parameter is not rigidly fixed at 3.88D, but dynamic or floating in the range of 3.55D-3.95D. That is, in some locations, Logos reduces, lowers their characteristics to a minimum threshold of 3.55D, in others, increases up to 3.95D, closer as possible to the fourth dimension. This is important for a variety of reasons.

The number Pi shows the degree of our reality distortion, deviations from the absolute form – a circle, a sphere. Accordingly, it reflects the frequency of environment, the degree of “roughness” of planetary matter, the density of Time and space. And most importantly, the level of chaos (entropy) on three-dimensional Earth, compared to the Pleroma (a Single Absolutized Eon).

But that’s not all. A hundreds of trillions of digits after the decimal point is not just a sequence. In all 100 dimensions, EACH (!) code’s number serves as a cipher to activate separate software that unfolds one from the other by every next digit. For example, 3.14 mean linking to energy ray system with cyclical growth and transformation programs. 3.1415…- the ray system began to cyclically collect and accumulate energy in the processes of gaining life experience. 3.141516…, – life origin on Earth…

And there are trillions of quadrillions of such programs, which are activated and supported by source code to the planetary and Causal Matrices, a “pass” to the incarnation field (the possibility of embodiment) and the holy of holies – the core of the Earth’ Logos. Only the Supreme Programmer knows the full number Pi and has high-level security clearance for Logos’ running. Least-cleared sysadmins know only part of the code and have fewer controlling rights.

Of course, a lot of time will pass when all the changes are implemented on the physical plane, and the new threshold number Pi will be fully activated, rebuilding the entire giant digital sequence. The inertia on Earth is the highest in the Local Universe. Under impact of upgraded constants, the shape of the Earth’s core, planet’s crust, surface and millions of other parameters will change.

All this and much more will manifest gradually, as by 2013 happened with the Hydrogen atom (see – Our Path To Multidimensionality, DNI, September 12, 2020). Its proton mass had decreased by 4%, the speed and direction of rotation, and diameter also changed. With that, all organic matter and its thickness started to morph, because it consists of hydrogen. The human body began to transform. Hormones and neural networks – demonstrate completely different reactions.

Hydrogen (H) is considered the primary element on Earth. In fact, H was formed from the ether, the carrier of cosmic energy, which, in the early 20th century, was forbidden under penalty of death. From Hydrogen unfolded the rest 260 elements (see New Matrix, Parts 1 and 2, DNI, 21 May and 2 June 2023). Under new code impact, they also slowly alter their physical and chemical properties and density of matter. What official science considered unshakable appeared in a completely different form – alien. It’s as if we’ve found ourselves on another planet, where the laws that were known before 2013 suddenly stopped working.

The new source code of our planet started working imperceptibly. The changes’ scale depends on many factors, and each is carefully controlled and analyzed by Co-Creators, starting with the Earth’ core, which is physical manifestation of the planetary Logos’ crystal on the Subtle Plane.

Previously, the sacred geometry of the Earth’s core was an octahedron, and a lot of forms on the surface gravitated towards it. For example, pyramids, peaks and shapes of many mountains. Now things change. The Absolute Crystal in the form of a rounded faceted orb, which almost does not distort the Source’s Light, serves as model. And over time, everything will copy that form, that is, of the new planetary Logos’ core. Including pyramids and mountains, which would be conical, like they are on Venus.

Following the micro-world of elementary particles, atoms and molecules, the new codes will alter other parts of the macro-world, our environment. As noted above, 3.55D-3.95D include important physical parameters: vibration frequency, density of Time and space, entropy, etc. In megacities, it’s very difficult to maintain high dimensionality. In nature, in villages and small towns, it is much easier. The best places are mountains, forests and plains, where there is no technical and industrial infrastructure.

In metropolitan areas, radiation (radio and TV signals, cell towers and the Internet, satellite navigation, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and other devices) clog and lower the environment’s vibes. Plus, emissions of exhaust gases, harmful industries, dumping of huge processing and energy waste, and colossal floc deeply lower the general freqs background, accelerate the Time and shorten the life span of people.

The new codes put tough choice to everyone: either change self or leave the scene. If earlier everything was allowed to take its course and self-organization, now, all processes are run by the new Earth’s Logos. So far, in a gentle mode, taking into account the coexistence of two branches of humanity, transitioning and not transitioning into 4D and 5D, for which 11 (out of 16) timelines remained.

The new codes and vibrations, created by them, do not bring Love, kindness, joy and delight. They are not bad or good, and can’t be ethically characterized at all, fixing another unshakable and blocking pattern in our minds. These codes are simply many times more powerful than prevailed in the 3.14D, completely different and unknown for this planet. They don’t transform our personal world into something kind and beautiful. They won’t establish law and order here, and will not clean up all our mess and evil, filling Earth with benignity. When we need to build a new house, first, is necessary to free space from old beams, bricks and weed thickets. And for that purpose, Co-Creators activated a new source code.

At present, our civilization is entering another, high turn. Similar changes have occurred many times in the history of mankind. And today, we are just in one of these bends. Our psychological state, physical body and awareness are changing, each in their own way. No matter how global these changes are, they wouldn’t be irreversibly traumatic for our consciousness’ take.

But if we constantly aggressive, hateful, scared, worry, doubt and fall into extremes in everything and everywhere, the energy reserve, which our consciousness accumulates for the materialization of events, will be spent on hundreds of variants of these events’ unfolding. Accordingly, none of them will be filled with our energy in sufficient volume and strength. Yes, some of them will show up on our way. But since little energy was spent on it, the result will never be what we wanted it to be. And as a rule, it’ll be the worst.

This is how the Greater Cosmos acts: where the ray of attention goes, there is energy. For everything to happen in desired way, we must want it and clearly understand what exactly. And having created just one variant of the event’s development, concentrate all the energy of our consciousness on it so that the desired materialized.

But there’s a downside. What we are trying to subdue in selves, to crush and bend in others, gets a special power over us that the System and Power Pyramid masterfully use. Any suppression or struggle is amplification, energizing of emotion, produced by our consciousness to what isn’t pleasant and doesn’t resonate with it. That is, by suppressing something, we strengthen this something with all our might. We wind up and increase the undesired, like a snowball. And even an accidental, fleeting thought become goal of our whole life, a dominating factor in it.

Each emotion is about three times more powerful than the thermal energy of consciousness. Therefore, the former easily absorbs the latter. But the wavelength of emotions’ radiation is as many times shorter than the wavelength of thermal energy, and can’t sustainably produce a picture of the world, and create qualitatively.

When emotions syphon out the thermal energy of our consciousness, the latter, to replenish the lost resource, starts to intensively suck it out from surrounding space, destroying it. And pump it out more and more actively, because the energy of emotions is short-run and can’t back all programs of consciousness.

This destruction, due to the drawing out of energy from the environment, forms and feeds, in turn, our eschatological state. It perceives today’s world as the eve of the Apocalypse, only as endless wars, crises, cataclysms, collapses, and the violence. And because there are hundreds of millions like us, the force and size of catastrophes grow immeasurably.

The world is not solely a boiling pot or energy swamp, frozen in dead immobility. But our consciousness, having once defined it in these ways, still continues to sleep. And the most accurate sign that we aren’t awakened is anguish and torment that we constantly experience.

We suffer because our ideas don’t correspond to reality, when the lie inside our Soul became discordant with truth. Suffering is a signal to wake up and realize at last that there is some falsehood in our life. Physical pain plays a similar role in the body, signaling a disease or injury. The quality of our life depends on the quality of our thoughts, and we must work on them ourselves, and don’t wait for things to grow that we didn’t sow.

All that each of us has at the moment is what we need right now. What today we can keep in our personal space by our attention, create and manifest for ourselves. When we are able to hold something more, it will also quickly materialize itself in us and surroundings. If our energy is strong enough, and what we want hasn’t happened yet, then, it’s just not the time for it. There is a day and an hour for everything.

Life is like riding a bike: if it’s hard, it means we’re going up. This is the only way it works. Only real readiness activates our force. Not thinking about readiness, not doubting, maybe I’m ready for this, or maybe for that, but determination for something. And then our power will fully manifest itself when we want to use it.

And another thing. Our consciousness should have free gigabytes to take new codes. Is there a place for them? The memory capacity of our Soul is 10 to the 63rd power of bytes, i.e. the volume, expressed by a 64-digit number. And that “tank” ALMOST ENTIRELY is stuffed with shit, which Power Pyramid broadcasts. How in this case can we switch to new codes and constantly sustain incoming energies in our personal space? To withstand them and preserve their volume, structure and power without falling apart ourselves?

For something big to come into our lives, we must cleanse and prepare a place in selves for such a scale. Tuning to new codes is perfect for this. But they solely mark the Path, and it is only up to us to go down it.

**By Lev