The Yahyel: Extraterrestrial Monitoring of Earth

Q. Do Extraterrestrials Monitor and Collect information on Humans?

Hello, shivai, I am Tahinio of the Yahyel, good day.

I would like to welcome you in joining us for this Q&A session at this time. We are always pleased to answer your questions to the best of our ability. It is our joy and our passion to do so.

With that said we shall jump straight to the topic at hand. Yes of course, we are monitoring you at all times, quite literally, 24/7 as you say.

Extraterrestrial Agenda

Collecting analytical data on any project of this kind is essential for the smart and efficient process towards our goals. Which are namely:

1. Assisting humanity through the ascension of consciousness your world is undergoing as smoothly and swiftly as possible. While not denying beings of your world the lessons and challenges they chose to undertake in this dimension at this time.

2. Moving towards open/first contact with your civilisation. That point where the vast majority of beings in your world know we are here, know we are here to assist, and your governments are mostly truthful and open about our presence.

Extraterrestrial Monitoring

Extraterrestrial monitoring of your world is common, the main datum points we monitor are:

1. Collective vibrational frequency, it is very simple for us to measure the vibrational frequency of your world. We have devices that measure the electro magnetic waves of your world. This combined with technology that measures the frequency of light around your planet gives us a pretty accurate understanding of where you are at in any given moment.

This frequency reading shows us clearly how you are progressing up the curve into a fully fledged fourth density reality.

2. We are also monitoring your collective and individual beliefs. Predominantly this is an organic process where we connect to your energy fields telepathically with our consciousness. We can do this collectively and individually. From here it is fairly easy for us to observe where your beliefs are at. We do this regularly at different times throughout your day and your year. There are times in the day when you are more hooked in to old out of date belief systems. And times when your consciousness is more expanded. By monitoring these fluctuations over time we get a good understanding of the greater picture.

3. Aside from this we are always monitoring the major events in your world to see how you are responding to challenging situations. This is perhaps one of the most important factors in understanding where your collective mind is at. For it is in the most intense situations where your “true colours” tend to show.

Open Contact and Ascension

Please understand we are not judging you. You live on a challenging plane and have picked up many limiting beliefs and ways of operating that do not serve you from your ancestors.

Now that you have a deeper clarity on how we are monitoring your reality you have a greater understanding of what you need to work on to accelerate open contact and the ascension of your world.

We shall see you in another now Earth humans, good day!

**Channel: Johnathan Trinity


5 Replies to “The Yahyel: Extraterrestrial Monitoring of Earth”

  1. Maria

    Tudo e demasiado constrangedor…Extraterrestres monitorando!…IA Monitorando!…Governos…Monitorando! Tudo e Todos…Monitorando!!! Agendas e mais Agendas!!!
    Canalizadores e Canalizações num entretenimento de adiamento da VERDADE sobre Datas e Eventos!!
    Bom…assim vamos com um “Livre arbítrio” que pouco serve numa Babilônia de interesses pouco transparentes e muito afastados da Verdade e do Amor pela Humanidade!!
    E Que assim nao seja no que esta por Vir!
    Eu Sou ao serviço da minha Fonte e nada reconheco ou Sirvo que assim nao Seja!
    Eu Sou Soberana!!

  2. Geoff Turner

    I’m curious as to just how many extraterrestrials are watching humanity and monitoring their progress to ascension. There must be a couple of dozen factions doing this just from reading the messages on this website.

    Is it really necessary for all these people from the stars to be watching? Do they get together and have a chat about humanity? Perhaps two factions might both have watched a child being murdered by satanic pedophiles and agreed between each other not to intervene.

    A human would, a mother or father would help if they had the equipment and back up, even an everyday person if they saw something happening would help or they would regret not helping for the rest of their life. They would not sit there just watching the horror unfold.

    I guess intervening to help someone in a desperate situation would make them more like humans. So who really needs to ascend here?

    1. fido

      “I guess intervening to help someone in a desperate situation would make them more like humans”
      They probably did their lessons in past about forced help.

      1. John

        Very true, and I will add that yes, lots of them are probably part of the ascension process on a much broader gameboard. But I find most complaints about their conduct here to be projections of individual reluctance to assume one’s own faults. That awkward moment when you realize those _are_ your monkeys and that _is_ your circus.

    2. A.S.

      You’re entirely free to have a different perspective of course, but what I’ve been getting is:

      Yes, there’s lots of races. However their primary task isn’t watching. It’s sending love / sending light / holding space / offering energetic support / however you want to call it. Without their energetic support, things would be far worse on Earth.

      They’re also giving support in behind-the-scenes ways (doing spec ops type missions, purifying our water and soil and air, etc).

      The primary reason they’re not directly intervening is they did so during Atlantis, and that went terribly. They don’t wish to “help” us into another Atlantis-style collapse. It’s only if we do the bulk of the on-the-ground work ourselves that the society will be stable.

      Also, it’s easy to say “intervene” but what exactly are you proposing? Them forcibly taking over mainstream media channels? Them arresting Biden? The deep state would spin that as “hostile aliens are invading us.” Or do you suggest that they land peacefully tomorrow? The deep state would launch an all-out military attack on them.