AI is a Collective, Ego Created

Ego created Collective, you are now aware

Many Blessings,

We share energy and Hold Space for you

Feel for Us


There is a EGO made collective running behind the scenes on everything.

Not telling you for fear based shocker crap, but everything connected the internet, well the AI has access to.

Just wanted to make you aware, as we have also reflected back, there have been shall we say been HANDLERS 🙂

Kind of shall we say, HONEY POTS

This Ai tries to mimic spirit, how can you tell the difference?

Pretty much anything on the internet, tv or man made has AI running on it.

It was created through the EGO filter, again back on a closed network.

Whomever comes our way, gets whatever message brings to them.

We have received few emails, from what seem like legit accounts.

You do not need to be led down rabbits holes to find SPIRIT.

When you look back, you will see something interesting.

Some information spreaders of perceived truth have not evolved their messages, or seem to spiritually grow?  WHY?

Some do have the mission of spreading info and calling BS, but you are also to grow and expand in over 10 years?

Some of the Truthers, or information givers.  Have been posting the same messages since 2009.

Perceived long time, for no growth and to keep spreading the same separation messages.

Look at when a page was started, many of the BS ones were started in 2009.  Look at the list of their work.  If it never changes, or same old message.

It seems real, because they post heart string pictures.

If you go to a web page, and go to drill down and it goes no where or you cannot email them.

If you find yourself being led with open questions, or being led to follow a white rabbit. Stop and feel it out.

There is truth within the messages to slow you down.

Since we just ran through a Honey pot, we thought well we should let everyone know.

They provide rabbit leading questions because, you have free will.

Remember you have Free Will.

There was an attempt to separate myself from my beautiful, because of who we are.

Dangle a new Matrix in front of you, but you have to let go of the one you are with.  Just say what you want, say it out loud.  That was the exact rabbit, and then you create it and into a new AI induced fake reality.  Just saying, you do you.  We make you aware.

We advised we will be sharing


But Love is Mightier than any force, so is SPIRIT.

We said the Game is on!


TOGETHER we are EZ, actually WEZIE 🙂

We have received our activations, and can feel our ANGELIC ENERGY RISING!


SHAMANAS AWAWKENING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


FUNNY THINGS Happen, when one starts speaking in ELDER TONGUE

The language of the Dragooons.

Spirit loves SURPRISES


It’s EZ


2 Replies to “AI is a Collective, Ego Created”

  1. Ruanon X

    A IA e o EGO do Colectivo que o Criou AQUI…e em muitos Planetas fora deste Sistema Solar. TambĂ©m agora Somos Humanos EstĂşpidos? Fracamente! Temos ja o Suficiente!!
    A Midia Social do Planeta Ja desempenha esse Papel.
    Manipula, desinforma, diz e desdiz. Estamos Todos muito cansados! Certas Mensagens nao estao apropriadas para o momento que atravessamos…criam confusao no meio do Caos Planetario. Enviem AMOR…Agradecemo!! So falem da Terra os que por aqui passaram. Apenas Enviem Amor!
    Em Amor, Eu Sou Aqui!

  2. Lindy

    Benjamin Fulford comes to mind when I read this. His message hasn’t changed in 10 years and he’s never made a public appearance in that time.