We Are the Ancestors Returned

We are in a huge, collective, churning, pressure cooker since this last powerful full moon. But this pressure chamber is about to burst, or so we hope. I’ve spent the last two days trying to grasp what is actually going on. This isn’t easy for any of us out here that are spiritual excavators. (You know who you are.) We are definitely moving into new territory, not just with our spirits, but also with our physical body. This new territory is incredibly hard to describe or to be understood with the mind. But here are a couple things I know for sure today.

First, we are about to take another step forward. This is not just a little step. This is a rather big one. You are now opening an ancient exit door. Your light within is the KEY! But we do not know where this is leading us. Yet we all have the courage and tenacity to keep stepping forward into reality that has not revealed itself to us as of yet. By the way… “good on you!” Now, Keep Going!

We are experiencing a tremendous wave of collective resistance, interference and backlash from sources out there that have been using us as a source of energy. They know their supply is about to be cut off. They are scrambling for their survival. Their appetite for our energy has multiplied beyond any hope of sustainability, much like an drug addict about to crash. They are clamoring to avoid feeling the withdrawal symptoms they know are coming. They will need to learn to generate their own energy like we have. There is nothing else we can do for them. This will be a project that we will sadly leave unfinished. We send them love and blessings, and pray they find their way through this time.

For us, this time feels like reality has turned up the volume and has been an uptick in time. We are feeling claustrophobic and unprepared in this epic push-pull energy we are experiencing. We are feeling pulled back into a world that no longer exists as our spirit pushes us forward into a reality that is barely there. If we were ever in a place that was between worlds, this is the epic version of that.

We may have symptoms of nausea, stomach upset and just a deep and heavy sinking feeling in our solar plexus. A cosmic sea sickness! We are feeling exhausted, confused, and not knowing which way to go next. This heaviness goes back to the very, very beginning of life that became physical on earth. This is so deep we will not be able to access these primal memories to heal them. Just know that we are feeling the absolute beginning of our separation from God… the great lie or illusion. We are healing the original lie from our ancient lineages. We are our ancestors returned to close out the cycle we had begun so long ago. Simultaneously, we are feeling the forward path to return to our wholeness and the light and truth of the god-self that we truly are.

The limitations we bought into, the lies we believed, the dramas we got lost in, the detours we took, and all the spirit-numbing layers we passed through when we fell away from the source in order to experience physical life, is so complex, so deeply profound, it is ultimately mind-blowing.  And even in those rare moments that we think we understand the brilliance of who we are, these moments will only pale in comparison to what is beginning to manifest.

What is in front of us now is our next step and this next step we will take! We will take this next step even if it is scary, causes us anxiety, nausea, and restless nights. This is what we came here for. There is an unstoppable momentum within us. Nothing can get in the way of this forward movement. Nothing can stop this epic evolution and our return to the light.

**By Aluna Joy


6 Replies to “We Are the Ancestors Returned”


    Hi Aluna Joy! NOW seems to be the Moment for US to connect here on Earth. Love your “Spiritual Excavators!” I’ve been calling it “deep diving and heavy lifting”. Also ONE with the Councils of Overseers, but was guided to call it “The Rainbow Councils of Love and of Light,” with whom I am known as an Ancient One and Ambassador to Earth. Among the Ancients, I am known as Round Star.

    Currently experiencing seizures as our brains are being rewired to receive the higher frequencies en masse. Have been on the front lines since awakened in 1972, so the vehicle is used to upheavals. However the most recent big one on 7.02.23 was a sock rocker! Went unconscious with no early warning & woke up face down on floor. Learned the up close & personal meaning of “goose egg” which has now become a mother of the “golden goose”.

    Oh yeah ~ Earth birth given name is “Joie” (Fr. for “Joy”).
    Came into Earth plane on 4.14.44.

    With Blessings of Love and Gratitude to US ALL!

  2. David Gates

    Pressure cooker indeed. Ive used that term often over the last 10 years but right now is the most intense. We are going through the worst of it right now.
    Can you feel it? Something is close to happening and have felt “i limbo” for a month or 2.
    Like you are moving far away in a week and all yur stuff is packed and ready to go but you still have a few more days in the old place.

    1. Jason Ward

      You have many years left in the old place.

      Nothing is going to change for the better in your lifetime. No matter what you think or how you feel, nothing significant is going to happen.

      The problem for you is that you think something big is just about to happen. I understand. I have felt like that for over 10 years. Always on the cusp of a big change that never materialises.

      Save yourself the wait, the anticipation and the anguish. Go to work, do your job, watch the game on the tv and forget all this. Nothing is going to change and you are a fool to believe it will.

    2. harrrrrie

      It’s just taking longer than we all expected. We will see significant changes in the next few years.

      1. David Gates

        Hehehe =)
        So many negative waves. Ive already been there =)
        Some people are nowhere close to being ready and some ARE very close. Many rage and I have as well, griping and being negative about “This will never happen”
        ****** WHAT one thinks is what one gets *****
        I AM very close and have already gone through those stages many are in right now……..yelling, accusing, cursing and “saying it will never happen”

        The evidence of massive global corruption is being released right now and that will jolt Humanity out of their warm, comfortable rut they are in.

        GAIA needs our HELP.