Jeshua: Learning Task for Everyone

The divine spark

JESUS ​​CHRIST: Do not be afraid – neither of life nor of death. Both exist only in your imagination. Your life is immortal and death is an illusion.

What is happening is that you are changing your form, your physical state. What is alive within you is unaffected by dying: it is the divine spark that contains all that you are.

A loved person,

the days go by and you still remain the same. Why do you find change so difficult? why are you so lazy Like a hypnotized rabbit in front of a snake, won’t you move? You threaten to be swallowed up by events and don’t realize it. Why is it the way it is?

Because you still avoid the essentials. Because you’re beating around the bush like a cat, circling around your unresolved life issues.

The long bench

You’re afraid of meeting yourself, so you procrastinate. Your own transformation requires courage! Why are you missing this one?

Because you don’t feel a real need for it yet, and because you’re still looking for experiences that someone who is serious about their transformation might want to avoid.

What you haven’t lived yet wants to be lived and so you behave accordingly. At this point the message would be irrelevant to you, but what I will tell you here is that you should no longer worry about your unwillingness to transform.

The only important thing now is to live what feels right for you. Because only then will you bring the experiences into your life that you are searching for inside.

Everyone who refuses to undergo their own transformation today has good reasons for doing so – and they need to be seen, perceived and accepted.

Everything has to mature!

This applies above all to those light warriors who often stand in front of friends and family members in a stunned and uncomprehending manner and ask themselves: why does this or that refuse a well-founded clarification work. The answer is simple: because the time has not yet come. Everything has to mature, spiritual processes require even more maturity. If this maturity is given, everything goes very easily and transformation is then the most logical thing in the world.

If a person is unripe like a fruit awaiting harvest time, then no one has the right to intervene in this process.

JJK: Just like the African proverb, “The grass doesn’t grow faster when you pull it.”

JESUS ​​CHRIST: And when you pull on it, you pull up the grass instead of making it grow. Therefore, beloved one who is committed to your transformation and you who steadfastly refuses it: do not worry, for the moment of truth and clarity comes at the right time for everyone.

Do not quarrel with yourself or with others, but accept things and decisions calmly. Accept the path of your fellow human beings, even if they are detours. Never act know-it-all, move away from this position, it is poison for your fellow human beings and poisons yourself.

Every person will one day take responsibility for himself and every person decides for himself when the time has come. You cannot and should not intervene here!

Let it happen, for just as all rivers flow into the ocean, so will all people one day find their way back into the ocean of divine love.

What about our “computer kids?”

JJK: But what if you see that people are being taken over by the “system” and can no longer think clearly for themselves? A lot of our kids are like this right now. Do you spend hours or days playing computer games and no longer perceive the world around you!?

JESUS ​​CHRIST: How did you, Jahn, become who you are today?

JJK: By living “my” without paying attention to whether it suits my environment – ​​but especially my parents.

JESUS ​​CHRIST: No matter what massive influences a person is exposed to, a person always has the power and strength to overcome them – always. Man surpasses all beings in the cosmos through his inner soul power. If this is activated, 5G, 6G or 7G vibration fields can no longer harm you.

What is happening to the children of this era is that they are being confronted with and responding to the low vibrating technology. This initially leads to dependency in many children and young people and creates new addictions. The image that these young people project when they fully immerse themselves in this energy is both sobering and harrowing for an observer, for a mother or father. So what’s the solution?

The solution is in the child, in the human being himself. When one day he gets tired of his addiction, the reclaiming of freedom begins.

People’s addictions are different today than they were 100 years ago. However, addiction always remains addiction and must be recognized as addiction by the addict himself before healing can take place. The young people will and must liberate themselves, just as every human being can only liberate himself.

Very often difficult experiences are necessary for this, because every reversal thrives on the extreme that preceded it. We have to wait and see and let people choose their own path.

What if children are still children?

JJK: But what if the children are still children, that means they are 7-14 years old. Don’t parents have to step in and accompany the children?

JESUS ​​CHRIST: Of course it is necessary to set boundaries with children of this age. As far as dealing with the devices with addictive potential is concerned, it is important to take measures that minimize possible later damage. However, you can be sure: some children are more prone to this than other children, it is what the soul is made of and what it wants to experience and experience that is decisive.

If you want to learn about the path of “transhumanism”, because that’s where the love for this misanthropic technology leads, you will. Prohibition signs in this phase of life are helpful and necessary, but there always comes a day when a person takes their destiny into their own hands and is confronted with the consequences of their decisions themselves. You cannot take this from anyone. Children must be made aware of this and sensitized to the correct use of these devices.

JJK: I can see how difficult it is because the kids kind of fall into it without noticing it themselves. The hours in front of the game console fly by.

JESUS ​​CHRIST: Parents should intervene, but they should also be aware that in the end every child seeks their own access and can and will find their own way.

So don’t worry too much about this big topic of this time! In the end it all comes down to the individual. Your views can be accepted or discarded. This is the freedom that you also claim for yourself.

It is important to understand that everyone has been connected to their life plan since birth and it wants to be implemented. Every person acts intuitively in this sense.

Detours are part of the game!

JJK: But some people miss their life plan and live past their blueprint. Isn’t that the big issue these days, that so many people get lost?

JESUS ​​CHRIST: From your point of view that is correct. From a higher perspective, every detour also includes new learning experiences. This includes repetitions. Anyone who wants to do extra laps on the merry-go-round of life has made this decision for themselves – mostly unconsciously.

JJK: It’s often very difficult to accept when you have to watch someone you love suffer. Because it is often associated with suffering and pain.

JESUS ​​CHRIST: The learning task is to see everything, any development or non-development, in the larger context. Only then will relief and relaxation set in. Anyone who likes to interfere in other people’s lives finds it impossible. Please always gain an overview! Take a higher perspective! This is the key to freedom for yourself and for those around you, even if they are your children: one day you will have to let them go and they will go their own way.

JJK: In summary, this means intervening when it is appropriate and recognizing the moment to let go.

JESUS ​​CHRIST: To live up to the responsibility you have taken on as a mother or father, as a teacher or companion and to hand it over again at the right time.

Everything regulates itself

All life regulates itself and in the end the natural always prevails. In heaven as on earth, growth occurs out of the creative power underlying all beings. For people who are involved in the space-time concept of the earth, it is important to wait for this moment of awakening.

Those who refuse their transformation know why. Those who pursue their transformation with dedication know why – and although the results differ, in the end both are part of the journey.

With infinite love

**Channel: Jahn J Kassl

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    Thank you, Jesus. You lifted a large stone, and someone behind you helped you push the mysterious power. Someone behind you helped you lift a large stone together. Is that how it looks.