You Are Weavers of Realities

Greetings ,

My heart is so full. I’m still buzzing from the powerful 777 Gateway at Mount Shasta, Ca. So many lovely, talented Light Beings, Wayshowers and Grid Alchemists joined me on the sacred mountain for our spectacular 4 Day Mystical Retreat. I Am inspired and ignited with passion to continue planning upcoming Retreats in Shasta and Glastonbury. I just returned from activating Zep Tepi gateways in Egypt. Let’s continue to birth our new home in unity consciousness.

After three years of Spiritual Hibernation during the pandemic, we are ready to get involved and contribute to transforming ourselves and the world. I was so impressed by everyone’s enthusiasm, willingness and open hearts connecting with LOVE and determination to influence the future for life on this planet. We have a Mission and we’re revving up.

We are the Weavers of Realities! Our beloved Angelic Guardian, AA Metatron, the Master Alchemist is showing us the way. We are uniting the past, the present and the future, forming the New Earth!

In your meditations start to weave and connect Mount Shasta’s Root Chakra with Giza’s Pyramid Throat Chakra with Glastonbury’s Heart Chakra on the crystal grid. We are forming a powerful interdimensional Golden Triangle. We are weaving ancient star seeded Zep Tepi Egypt with loving compassion of Glastonbury’s Heart on the Michael/Mary ley lines with the Lemurian Sirian essence of Mount Shasta!

Run the 777 energies of Mysticism along the lines of the triangle connecting all 3 Earth Chakras and ley lines in union, harmony, peace. Power up the Golden Crown Triangle template to Birth the Golden Age. This is forming a direct connection between Gaia’s ancient star-seeded past, earthly present and harmonious New Earth future. We are fulfilling our purpose as Weavers of Realities.

Lovingly, Meg