R’Kok: Lightworkers are the Least Powerless People on Earth

My Earth friends,

This is R’Kok speaking. I am honored that I am once again able to share a message with the people of Earth.

As has often been stated: us galactics are not the saviors of mankind. We’re the support. You lightworkers are the saviors. You are the ones you have been waiting for.

However, understandably, this perspective annoys or even angers many light workers. After all, gray hats (which we think is the more appropriate term for white hats) and us galactics live more comfortable lives. Both gray hats and us galactics also have more weapons and technology and soldiers than light workers do. So there is a very understandable and common sentiment among light workers that either galactics or gray hats should be doing more than they are doing.

We acknowledge that this situation is unfair and, in a way, unreasonable. Yes, this has been dragging on for too long. If you had asked us 20 years ago what we thought was going to happen, then we would have predicted that certainly somewhere before say 2018, the military and police forces of Earth would have arrested the dark controllers and would have started broadcasting truth on your mainstream networks. From our point of view, the gray hats haven’t been as brave as they should. And therefore things haven’t moved as quickly as they should.

Gray hats are those people who have some amount of power and who aren’t moral enough to be white hats, but they are partially resisting the dark controllers. This includes certain police officers and soldiers and politicians. It includes Q and Trump and Putin and other nationalistic leaders. In the earlier message “Hakann: People treat animals as elites treat people”, Hakann shared the following rule of thumb: if the media tells you that someone is great, then that person is probably a black hat. If the media tells you that someone is awful, then that person is probably a gray hat.

There are very few white hats in positions of power, unfortunately, because moral people often don’t seek out power and they also don’t play the kind of power games that are needed to become powerful. They also tend to get their planes shot down, they get assassinated, character assassinated, they have false evidence planted on them, courts are weaponized against them, they’re told that their loved ones will be murdered if they keep going, black hat agents try to get them drunk or drugged so that they can then be filmed in compromising situations, beautiful women hired by the black hats seek to seduce married white hats so that the black hats can blackmail them, black hats try to get them to ingest mind altering or brain damaging substances, et cetera. Black hats fear and therefore really despise white hats. And black hats don’t play fair. Frankly, the average gray hat has more experience with dirty power games and is therefore a bit more equipped to handle the dark controllers coming after them.

There are few white hats in positions of power, and they aren’t an organized group. However gray hats do exist as an organized group and have been working with some effectiveness against the dark controllers. Your lives would be much worse than if they weren’t there.

At the same time, it is hard for a number of us galactics to understand why police forces and intelligence officers and soldiers haven’t been doing more to fight the dark controllers. In some countries, they have literally sworn to protect the constitution or protect the people, and yet in practice they often just follow orders, which sometimes clearly go against the constitution or the people. Even though it’s a well-known concept on your world that soldiers shouldn’t follow immoral orders, and that “I was just following orders” is not a valid defense.

To be fair, some soldiers are already doing behind-the-scenes arrests of certain dark controllers, albeit in a covert and very slow way. More is happening on that front than it may seem, and there absolutely is a faction in many militaries that is actively working for the good of the people. Just like us, they have also successfully prevented a number of disasters. Still, they haven’t done their public mass arrests or their takeover of mainstream media yet, unfortunately. This probably will come at some point in the future.

Why aren’t the gray hats doing the public mass arrests yet? Well, part of it is that the higher-up gray hats simply think that they’re better and more valuable and more deserving than average people, and hence they feel they deserve more money and fame and knowledge and power and control than the ordinary person. And the higher-up gray hats understand, in the back of their minds, that if they create a love-based society that they will no longer have more money and fame and knowledge and power and control than the ordinary person.

To illustrate this: gray hat Trump is a billionaire. If he donated part of his fortune and his assets to charity, then he could prevent a good number of people from starving or freezing to death. What kind of person inherits many millions of dollars and proceeds to sit on a metaphorical pile of gold, while his metaphorical brothers and sisters are starving or freezing to death? A person who believes he’s better than other people, that’s who.

Yes, we understand that a lot of Trump’s net worth is in assets and not in liquid money in the bank. And yes, once you start dividing money among many people, it tends to get used up more quickly than you would think. Still, it is obvious that Trump could use part of his fortune to save and improve a good number of lives. If you don’t believe that handing out money solves problems or that poor people just made bad choices, well, sometimes that’s true. But if Trump was concerned with that, he could seek out cases where hard-working people were ruined by a medical expense, or he could spend some money to create more opportunities for well-meaning people, or something like that.

Can you imagine Jesus having a billion dollars and proceeding to just sit on that while his brothers and sisters starve and freeze to death? Even just the idea of an actual white hat doing that is absurd.

Now I’m not saying that people must donate all their possessions. It’s fine to have enough for yourself that you can have a comfortable life. But being a billionaire is excessive, from my point of view.

To be clear: Trump has been a huge net positive in the world. He has done a lot to fight the black hats and has done a lot to wake people up. He has at times made significant sacrifices and performed significant acts of service for mankind. Other recent US presidents have been actual black hats and have been far, far worse than Trump. So I’m not saying that you should despise Trump. If he had never been born, your lives would be substantially worse today. To give just one example of that: it’s entirely possible that without Trump, Hillary would have become president and would have started a hot war between NATO vs Russia + China. Such a war would likely become slow and grinding. It’s entirely possible that you, the person receiving this message, would be in a trench in Eastern Europe right now if Trump hadn’t become president. And if you think “they wouldn’t draft me”, don’t be too quick to say that. Ukraine has been drafting 60 year olds. In case of a serious war, the west may draft women.

If you think it’s a good thing that you are not in a trench in Eastern Europe right now, being shelled by Russian artillery and under attack from Chinese drones, then I hope you understand that Trump genuinely has done good things for the world.

I am just attacking Trump’s magpie-like tendencies to illustrate that gray hats have the unfortunate tendency to be a bit narcissistic and to think that they deserve more money and fame and power than the average person. Which hinders them in their attempts to create a love-based world, because then they wouldn’t be billionaires in a world where other people are homeless. To a lightworker that sounds insane, but to the narcissistic part of the minds of the richer gray hats, it sounds good and proper that they are a billionaire while other people are starving or homeless. Because they are just better, after all. Nevermind that some of them inherited millions of dollars.

Another thing that hinders the higher-up white hats is that some of them simply lack the courage to do what obviously needs to be done, i.e. publicly arrest the black hats and take over the mainstream media. Gray hats love to tell themselves and others that they simply have to go fight the dark controllers in this covert and very slow way, but that’s simply a lie. “I have to act in this way” is the lie that people always tell themselves when they fail to live up to their conscience.

I really hate the “I have to act in this way” line, because I have used it in the past myself when I wanted to justify immoral actions. People always have a choice. There are always multiple paths.

The plain truth is what everyone already knows: this covert and very slow path that the gray hats are taking is not in fact optimal. It would have been better if mass arrests had happened years ago. So much suffering and so many deaths would have been prevented.

Alright, so us galactics agree with you that the gray hats should be doing more. But it’s always easy to say that other people should do more. Why aren’t we galactics taking more action ourselves?

Well, we galactics are supporting you energetically. We are helping to raise the energy on your world. We’re doing a lot of subtle work, such as purifying your water and air. We have dealt with most malevolent galactics already and are cleaning up the relatively few who remain. We are preventing certain disasters from occurring and we are doing important special operations behind the scenes. Some galactics have died during these missions. Now, obviously you are suffering more than we are, I am just saying that to illustrate that we are serious about helping you. Millions of galactics are away from home right now in order to help you. We are willing to take casualties to help you. A not insignificant number of galactics are volunteering to do dangerous missions to help our Earth brothers and sisters, even though those same galactics could also just choose not to volunteer and to have a centuries or millennia long life in what you would think of as something close to paradise.

Also, us galactics too are eagerly looking forward to meeting you, physically, in the flesh.

However, at this specific moment in time we don’t think it’s a good idea for us to do more than what we’re currently doing, although that may change in the future. One issue is that if we land openly and we say that we come in peace, then the dark controllers would order your militaries to start shooting us. Plenty of soldiers would follow orders. And if we defend ourselves, or if we do a mass arrest of dark controllers, or if we remain in orbit and take over your media from up here, then dark controllers would spin that as Earth getting invaded by hostile aliens. From a consciousness standpoint it wouldn’t benefit you to seemingly get invaded by hostile aliens. Us seemingly invading you would also delay the point when we can openly walk among you in peace.

Then there’s an issue that us landing in peace wouldn’t at this point violate your free will, but us taking over your mainstream media or doing mass arrests on your world would violate your free will. If you polled Earth humans today, most of them wouldn’t vote for aliens doing these things.

Then there’s the issue that if we just hand you an advanced civilization, it may very well not last, and in a couple of centuries we might be right back to the current situation. We handed you an advanced civilization in Atlantis, and it didn’t last, and we learned from Atlantis that it simply doesn’t work for a more advanced race to just push a less advanced race into a so-called more advanced way of living. This may seem heartless, but we genuinely do think that it’s preferable to Earth humans to be in a tough or even awful situation until 2024 or 2025 or 2026, rather than risk another Atlantis-style collapse and the darkness that would follow.

While of course the situations aren’t exactly the same, you also know from experience that if America invades a middle-Eastern country to spread democracy, then often they do more harm than good. Now sure, the US is a bit schizophrenic, in that on one hand it genuinely wants to spread democracy but on the other hand it also seeks to ruthlessly achieve geopolitical aims and get control over resources. We’re not seeking to exploit your natural resources. Still, this illustrates that it doesn’t really work when a more developed society uses force to subdue a less developed society and then tries to get them to adopt a new way of life. And yes, at this specific moment in time we can’t just land peacefully and openly, because we’d get shot at. We don’t have an endless capacity to just sit there and absorb fire.

To peacefully land, we need one of two things. Either we need the consciousness of Earth to be higher, so that soldiers won’t shoot at us even when ordered. Or we need Earth’s military and police and intelligence forces to finally do mass arrests, so that there are no dark controllers who would order soldiers to shoot at us. When the consciousness of Earth is high enough, your military and police and intelligence forces will do mass arrests.

So you lightworkers do hold the key to Earth’s liberation, to mass arrests, and to us landing. The key is simply this: raise your own consciousness high enough, and in doing so you automatically uplift all of humanity. Do that sufficiently and you will have mass arrests of dark controllers and a peaceful landing of us galactics. One day you will be free, it’s just a question of how long it’s going to take for that future to materialize.

This is also the strategy we’re currently aiming for: a lot of galactics from a lot of galactic races are working to send high and loving energy to Earth. Combined with your efforts to raise your consciousness and the consciousness of the people around you, together we will uplift humanity. In fact we already are uplifting humanity. It may not seem like it, but the consciousness of Earth humans is significantly higher now than it was even a few years ago. I know the situation on Earth doesn’t seem better, but in part that’s because the higher proportion of light means that the darkness becomes all the more visible. And in part it’s because the dark controllers know that they are losing and thus they’re becoming even more heavy-handed and authoritarian.

While the following of course isn’t the whole reason, I think part of the reason why some light workers are frustrated is that they feel they are powerless and it is unfair that they have to fight from such a helpless position against the much more powerful system of the dark controllers. There are two misconceptions here. First of all, from our point of view, it’s mostly the job of your military and police and intelligence agencies to directly fight the system of the dark controllers. It’s mostly the job of lightworkers to raise the consciousness of humanity and to be a beacon of light, although of course you are encouraged to follow your own guidance. Raise your consciousness, and you uplift all of humanity, and then at some point your militaries and police and intelligence agencies will start doing what they should do.

Second of all, you are actually much more powerful than the dark controllers are. True, they have more money and they have lots of underlings and institutions that they can give orders to. However the dark controllers aren’t capable of dragging down the consciousness of humanity, despite them trying really hard to do so. Meanwhile you light workers are actually successfully uplifting the consciousness of humanity. So which side, exactly, is the powerless side? The dark controllers are able to win some battles, but every day they are closer to losing the war, and they know this and yet can’t do anything about this.

In a way, you already know this: the dark controllers wouldn’t be acting so crazily and in such an obviously corrupt way if they were genuinely in control. If they were genuinely in control, they’d act in a much slower and more subtle way, so that the illusion would be maintained that the media and the government are working in the interest of the people.

By now many people in the west realize that the media and the mainstream political parties are actively working against the people. This is actually a huge deal. Fifty years ago the dark controllers weren’t panicking, and they were maintaining their illusion of fairness much better, and the vast majority of people thought that the media spoke the truth and that politicians served the people. Today many people no longer believe that. This is a huge change in consciousness and perception in a relatively short period of time.

I understand that you would prefer your freedom today, and you do deserve your freedom, however the consciousness of humanity is already being transformed at a breakneck and dizzying pace. Certain other galactic races have taken a century or even a millenium to achieve the consciousness transformation that humanity is going through in one year. Uplifting the entire consciousness of humanity is a process that simply takes some time. As Hakann has stated before: I expect that your living conditions will likely be much improved before the end of 2026, perhaps even well before then. Galactic contact may occur before that time too.

I understand that some amount of people will be dead by then, and I am sorry. I don’t know what else to say about that.

From my perspective, here are the two most important points from today’s message. First of all, once light workers sufficiently uplift the consciousness of humanity, you will have your mass arrests and a peaceful open landing of galactics. You too can contribute to this, either through growing spiritually, or through healing, or through psychological work, or by being an example for others, or by shining your light, or through practical actions, or in whatever way you feel called.

Two, you are not powerless. Earth’s light workers are actually probably the most powerful faction of Earth humans, because they are the only ones who are incrementally moving towards their goal. Think about it. Earth’s light workers may seemingly not be winning battles, but they sure are winning the war, because consciousness of Earth humans keeps incrementally rising. Hence mass arrests and open galactic contact are coming ever closer.

Meanwhile, are the dark controllers powerful? Well, they are winning some battles, but there is nothing they can do to win the war. And they know they are losing the war, and yet they still have no options with which they can maintain their positions in the medium term. Every day they get more exposed and they lose more power and they are one day closer to being mass-arrested. How can a faction be powerful when it is losing the war for their very existence, and they can’t do anything to change that?

Then let’s look at the average citizen. Are they powerful? Obviously not, they are brainwashed and just do as they are told.

Are the gray hats powerful? I guess it depends on your definition of the word “powerful.” I say that the gray hats are not powerful at this moment, because they lack the will and the courage to act. A strong hand, without sufficient will behind it, is not powerful. It’s just wasted potential.

And whose will is stronger than that of the dedicated lightworker? You are the only ones really doing what you should be doing, and you are doing it effectively and selflessly. You’re not receiving money or power or control or fame from doing so, and yet you do it anyway, and you are winning. You may be losing some battles, you may be taking some casualties, but you are absolutely winning the war.

Is this war pleasant? No, war is nasty and awful. But you are winning this consciousness war all the same, and that will eventually lead to an end of all wars on Earth.

You lightworkers are the only ones really winning, and despite the black hats trying anything they can to oppose you, you are still winning. Lightworkers are arguably the most powerful faction of Earth humans right now.

Moreover, a new love-based society will be built. That is inevitable. And in that society, you light workers will be the consciousness leaders. Dark controllers will have absolutely no power, and the higher-up gray hats will no longer have huge amounts of wealth and power more than average people do. Which is part of the reason why they’re dragging their feet. But the point is, we are moving towards a future where you lightworkers will be the consciousness leaders, and both gray hats and black hats will “lose” from their perspective. So you are moving towards a future that is very good for you, while the gray hats and black hats are moving towards a future where they “lose” from their perspective.

So again, who is powerless? Who is winning? Who is losing?

Now, I know that this message doesn’t change the fact that some of you are in very difficult or painful situations right now. Some of you are suffering every day. You may be lonely. You may have lost loved ones. You may be in a lot of pain or trouble from medical conditions or poverty that either the gray hats or us galactics could solve easily.

I do think it’s critical that you are aware that light workers are not powerless. You have the ability to change the situation on Earth. But yes, at the same time, it is very hard and unfair right now. I know. I’m sorry.

With that, I leave you today, with all my love and my respect for your steadfastness.

Your star brother,

**Channel: A.S.


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27 Replies to “R’Kok: Lightworkers are the Least Powerless People on Earth”

  1. Sara

    what if our situation like the situation in the Nazi concentration camps that it required intervention of the allied forces?

  2. Paul

    R’Kok, Thank you for sharing this very helpful explanation of our current situation in the war to liberate Earth. You have given us hope and understanding that we did not have before reading your very simple yet profound analysis. Now everything makes sense. Our confidence is restored. The way forward is crystal clear, and the end result is assured: Victory of the Light.

  3. McGuyver 2.0

    What Exactly Is It That Makes the Light-workers more powerful? What exactly is it to ‘raise consciousness’ ?

    Well, for starters, when your way of life is in danger (which it is), then you do NOT ‘turn the other cheek’ you Bring Two or more Swords_one for each hand and reserve in sheaths.

    For two, you follow the Platinum Rule: Do Unto Others What They Deserve. (Did you think the little ‘golden rule’ and other such ‘laws’ were kept in their ORIGINAL meaning and translation, in a Script manipulated, massaged and adulterated by the dark forces?!?)

    WAKE UP!

    Matching The Energy; That, is the way of the powerful. This is not taught in any class of higher education, no no no_lest the underlings get smart and powerful_this understanding of how to BE POWERFUL is ONLY shown in practical application when a higher up dark hat is handing the reins of power over to the next generation!

    *Matching The Energy of your interlocutor, the systems and people that you engage with on a daily basis. The formula, is this: (at first interlude) match, then next step is to excel, then excede, then SUPERSEDE.. the energy.
    … And burn any bridges that you have to, in order to keep your integrity.
    Burning bridges (when necessary), will illuminate structural problems you never could have seen otherwise.

  4. Benjamin Franklin

    Thank you R’Kok, it is much apprecaited, and your encouragement is well taken. Yes, the grey hats certainly, do NOT live as we live, nor are they are, in the day, to day Fray. Yes, there are Special Forces who are, in the Fray, rescuing children, and no doubt, want to do more. The Drip, Drip, Drip Method, of Arresting people is just NOT cutting the mustard, and I find this method, rather pathetic, at best. However, you do see things, for which we cannot. I have wondered things, that you have discussed, but most of us are immendiately, shut down, as though somehow, critical thinking, is Prohibited? The Criticism has always been, WHY are things being dragged out, to the Extreme? It is a legitimate, question. Lightworkers are NOT Traitors, by any means. Criticism is NOT Denial, nor heretical. Freedom of speech, is not given us by men, who put their pants on, just we do. Fortunately, I am glad, that you see it, as others see it, too. Let’s get this Show, on the Road, to success, and stop all of the procrasination, kicking the Can down the Road, for their Convenience.

  5. Rick

    bullshit have u smelt that stuff u all need to get it done now or fo away like u were never here this is beyond ungodly atop writing to us if your not gonna tell us the truth its obvious they are using time technology against us so must know how to avert them from doing this doit or go away

  6. Carol Rebers

    A deep and meaningful message, but a lot of people are aware of the reptilian and what they have done to humans,
    I would welcome you when you land for 1st. Contact and I think humans would have a higher frequency by then!

  7. italiangirl

    Grazie R’Kok.
    Sicuramente sembrerò una sognatrice xD
    So che noi esseri umani non siamo di 5ª dimensione, però siamo noi che da qualche parte dobbiamo cominciare a mettere la pietra miliare.
    Sarebbe bellissimo se un essere umano, dopo aver seguito un percorso di guarigione con l’aiuto dei guaritori entrasse a fare parte della Federazione Galattica come ambasciatore della Terra e potesse formare un gruppo organizzato di operatori di Luce che diffondessero la parola, un po’ come ha fatto Gesù.
    Sicuramente dovrebbe stare attento a possibili attacchi della fazione nera, ma potrebbe essere protetto e poi questo non deve impedire a noi di agire.
    Nella speranza che questo sogno possa presto realizzarsi benedizioni!

  8. Lexie

    Some hard truths here R’Kok but that’s exactly what is needed. No? I agree with you that Trump is not perfect (none of us are truthfully) but if not for him getting in the way and had that wicked Hillary become president as the dark ones planned, Humanity would be in a very ugly place today. I go through times of ups and downs, frustration, anger but then always turn to Creator. I light my candle and have my conversation with him and all beings of Love and Light who are helping, assisting, intervening practically everyday. Thank you for sharing this with us. Love and Light to you.

  9. Ruanon X

    Amado irmao Galáctico R’Kok, gratidao pela coragem de Servir à Luz, apesar das circunstâncias da sua Essência. Gratidão pelo apoio à Ascenção de Sheen e às Sementes Estelares e Humanidade com as elevadas frequencias de Amor enviadas.
    Concordo com sua análise em geral. É, infelizmente a minha. Adiamentos e mais adiamentos…Agendas e mais Agendas. E acima de tudo, mentiras e mais mentiras em circunstâncias de trágicas Acções repetidas das Trevas num círculo repetitivo de Abuso Humano sem escrúpulos e em nada serve o Despertar dos Adormecidos.
    Uma vez que é o argumento usado pelos Chapéus, Pretos…cinzentos ou Marron. Afinal nao importa MAIS! Deixa mos de acreditar neles, simplesmente!
    Nao cumpriram Nada do Prometido!
    Nós Sementes Estelares, Sim, estamos Cá como prometido!
    Expandindo Amor, Consciência e as vezes tb algumas Lagrimas de desilusão Humana pelo Sofrimento desnecessário de Crianças e adolescentes.Uma Mídia de Mentiras que sempre Silencia a Verdade em Defesa de Dementes sempre protegidos por qualquer Crime por mais Horrores que contenham a Impunidade…é o Prémio!
    É Lamentável que estejamos com a Impunidade e adiamentos levando o Planeta a focos de Guerra inexplicável!
    Muitos de Nós nao estarão Cá para Assistir ao Mundo Anunciado!
    Para mim nao é Importante…Saio do Planeta com a minha Missao cumprida uma vez mais.
    Nao Voltarei!! Ponto!
    Amo a Humanidade e Sinto Muito tudo que assisto com a Consciência plena que podia ser Diferente.
    Porém, nao dependeu de Nós mas de interesses de Classe Dominante independente dos Nomes, nacionalidades ou cores de capacetes.
    Nós estamos Cá apoiados por Mestres Humanos que sentiram e sentem as dificuldades tal como nós as sentimos.
    Sao reconfortantes as suas palavras e transmitem a Coragem no momento Certo.
    Sananda, Kutumi, El Morya, st Germain e tantos mais…Sao esses nossos irmãos que nos lembram nesta caminhada de Pedras que a Vida é uma Experiência em busca constante da Soberania e Liberdade que Somos!
    Mudar o Foco para um Mundo de Bondade, Cooperação,Alegria e Amor…Fugir para a Natureza…Viver essa experiência imaginária… É o que recomendo!!
    Eu Sou ao Serviço da minha Fonte!
    Grata á Vida que Eu Sou!

  10. Vendetter

    The DS are godless. Their entire existence is built on the premise of denying and destroying the Divine Creator (God). One of the ways they achieve this is by harming those that are spiritually closest to God: the children.

  11. harrrrrie

    I would love to know who the black hats are and what proof we can pin on them. We don’t need the Grey hats. When we get the names of the black hats and the proof, we can march in the streets and demand the judicial system to represent the people and take responsibility for the black hats. Do whatever they need to do to stop and apprehend the black hats.

  12. Mick

    Why the hell should we listen to some entity who supposedly killed millions of human beings? This is a being who’ll provide us wisdom? You must be crazy to be interested in someone like this. Go read or listen to Pamela Kribbe’s Yeshua channeling. This is a blind alley and should be nothing that concerns us or attracts us. Maybe someone like this can be redeemed, I don’t know; but relying on him for guidance is another and far more foolish thing.

    1. Raksha

      You may want to read the “lightworker serie” channeled by Pamela Kribbe. Jeshua said that many lightworkers used to be “lords of darkness” in the distant past, and that they are all the more wiser for it. Also, it’s the message which is important, not the messenger.

  13. John

    Don’t worry, we got this! 👍 Just need some duct tape, a couple pounds of potatoes and a hairpin.

  14. WK

    Beloved R’Kok,

    Your frankness and directness is always uplifting. While the present situation is difficult, the end result will be victory. As you so rightly put before, no point in “sitting around kicking our butts” for our lack of control over the situation. Our only and best way to reach the end is keep on being our beautiful selves, no matter what. The last meters of a Marathon are the hardest, because we see the end line but we are not there yet. Perhapes focusing on the freedom of running will remove our emphasis on the finish line, allowing us to cruise through this small final stretch in a less painful way. Not because the pain is not there, but because we take our mind of it.

    Proknen Arkun Triften Yemarun. Soljetam Arkenum Odnan Ergul. Taremum Arkenum Jotzam Irgul Yam. Sesam Arkenum Oriam Etnum Oztkam.

    I Love You so, and I Thank You for Your Service to Light.

  15. Maria

    We’re all role-playing, bad guys/good guys, Dark/Light, …
    Nothing is real expect Who we Are. We are who we are no matter our roleplay. The end of the “Bad guys is the end of the game.

  16. Raksha

    Very interesting, thank you.

    About the prediction of 2026 or so. What are your basis ? Do you see the Gray hats finally pulling a decisive move ? Or rather, do you expect the vibrations of the collective to be high enough by then ?

  17. Silvia S.

    Hi everybody, the game of grey versus black hats is a big bullshit in my opinion. All of them are men and women of power and they want to mantain the status quo, otherwise things would have already changed years ago. Industrialists, bankers do not want us commoners to be wealthy and free, they would loose all their white and blue collars. I am not american but I trust Mr Trump, he is a rich man and helps needy people but it is not him who can save all needy americans or some honest european industrialists who can save all needy europeans, asians, africans and so on: someone with super powers should DEMATERIALIZE ALL THE RICHNESS AND WEAPONS OF THE DARK CONTROLLERS, light workers can bring light and supply people with care and moral help but most of them are not rich and are good hearted and honest so they could never hurt anyone or try to be politicians. As long as the dark controllers have richness and weapons which turn into power, no freal reedom or new age will be possible. I wouldn’t like to be asking myself , in 20 years, when will be free? Hugs.

    Silvia S.

  18. Nameless

    R’Kok ! When translated, your name comes out differently~ Sorry! I’m Korean, but I think I wrote your name as it is pronounced in Korean, but it may be different in your judgment. You don’t have to answer, but I just wanted to write a comment. Please note. May all other civilizational allies be unscathed and healthy! I can tolerate taking a long time. Of course, if I get frustrated in my own way, I will get angry and curse, but I think time will pass. Others may have different opinions, but thanks.

  19. Nameless

    I know Le Coq is working hard, but I’m sorry, but if your civilization lacks technology, how about working with other more advanced civilizations??? Can you work with them? And I think it would be better for a civilization that could cause casualties to work in such a paradise in the background and develop technology so that civilization can help you guys… And don’t make a mass landing, just send a kid running media Wouldn’t it be faster to process?? Then, it would be much faster to catch the media, but even if it takes time, why don’t you catch the media first…?

    Children with the attribute of light would either welcome you or be a little suspicious. But I’m sorry to be sure, but since LeCoq is a reptilian race, there is a high probability that he will not be welcomed because of what his race has done. If you’re going to meet humans, even if you do, you’d better go around carefully or be careful where you want to go, such as a ufo. Honestly, I write my personal opinion, but this can’t be helped because many people with the attribute of light are wary of the reptilian race and consider it an attribute of evil. There is prejudice now. And you can’t tell who’s who just by looking at their appearance…I think appearances can be exploited by the other side as well.

    When I thought about it, I think the really best way would be for you to catch the government, the media, the military, and the police. And you have to give them credit that you’re not like some of them, people like me tend to welcome and like you, but otherwise they might think of you as a dark force.

    I appreciate the effort enough, but I’m not sure what the hell other civilizations are doing besides yours. It’s so absurd that technology still can’t get rid of the dark forces here on Earth. Is there any manager civilization or guardian civilization besides yours? If there is a place where the technology is more advanced than yours, I think that civilization should help! Has your civilization ever asked them for help? By the way, I’m not good at English, so I’m writing with a translator.
    And maybe the forces of darkness are also reading the article.

  20. Wisdom

    Bad illustration. Trump has always given his money to people in need. He does NOT advertise it, not after fame. Also, he’s not after power as he’s lost billions by stepping alway from his businesses to be President because he LOVES his Country. Deep State / Admin State / Globalists, no matter the term are not after him, they are after Us, We the People, Trump is just standing in their way.
    General guidance – All the answers we seek are within us. Become aware of and then heal / evolve your thoughts, feelings. Commect within to your Higher Self. Self journey to Self- Mastery.

    1. R

      Thanks R’kok, your directness has a way of touching me, which I find very pleasant. And thank you for your compliments, it’s nice knowing to be seen, while living in a world where this isn’t always the case. It is much appreciated.

      1. Rich

        Thank you for this msg, it definitely resonated with me. I feel sorry for those who cannot make it thru another 2 years, yet they will experience ascension in their own way no matter what plane of existence they are on. Blessings to those positive souls helping humanity. Shame on the wealthier grey hats who believe themselves superior and are delaying the lighter grey hats from making bigger moves. I think there is quite a spectrum in the grey hats. I take responsibility also for not always working on myself as much as I could/should. Life is challenging at times. I’m hopeful for a beautiful future of unity. Blessings to all brave hearts in this fight for love.