Daily Message for 7/15/2023

Don’t look to the stars for assistance. You came from there. You are the help & guidance for humanity. You hold within you all the qualities of the One Radiant Creator. Realize this, reclaim your truth & power. Go forward, and share your wisdom with the rest. Little time remains. ~Kejraj

4 Replies to “Daily Message for 7/15/2023”

  1. R. Sun

    At the soul level, we chose to forget who we are to experiment duality and limitations. One on this planet, we disconnected even further by choosing, consciously or not, to disconnect even further by blocking/refusing to “feel”, to become aware and to live negative emotions. Doing so also cut us from our ability to feel love AND DIVINE GUIDANCE.

    that is why our first and most important task is to reconnect with our ability to FEEL and to open ourselves TO ACCEPT, WELCOME AND LIVE FULLY ALL EMOTIONS THAT surface, at any time, all the while staying in our heart to live them HARMONIOUSLY, without hurting anyone with our words and actions.

    Think about ANGER, FRUSTRATION, RESENTMENT, and the fact we erroneously see others as being the cause of our emotions, leading us to BLAME, ACCUSE AND JUDGE others.

    If one would apply himself to see himself in others, to see that all he/she dislike in others belongs to him AND IS WITHIN, for him to transcend.

    The world of CAUSES IS WITHIN. The solutions are within.

    May I suggest you read or listen to Neville Goddard Mental Diets (about 5 pages free at http://www.realneville.com
    for audio at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KnPAsGiQyiI

    For specific problems, I suggest “The Journey: A Practical Guide to Healing Your Life and Setting Yourself Free” available on Amazon and elsewhere

    You can probably assist to one of her workshop to master the processes (one to remove causes of ailment and one to remove causes of emotions.

    We are like a king that wanders as a pauper because he forgot he is a king.

    Just like someone who found the map of a great treasure and sells everythig and start a voyage of many years through incredible hardship in the hope he will find such a treasure that can be stolen or lost at any time.

    The difference with the inner voyage is that it can’t be stolen and will bring you incredible JOY and Happiness, health which NO ONE can take from you.

    It can really be said YOU ARE A GOD IN THE MAKING (in the process of remembering who he is, removing the veil of ignorance and all that prevent him to gain back his divine powers.

    After all, would you give the power to explode the planet to a child that is prone to anger, frustration and revenge ?

    Purifying our negative ego (the sum of our negative subconscious beliefs that have become our masters and bring us in UNCONTROLLED REACTIONS leading to unloving words and actions and makes us HURT OTHERS.)

    Hope that will help all that read my comment.

    I wish you well

    Rising Sun

    1. popgoestheweazle

      “THANKS Rising Sun” or son, for showing up here so we can “get rid OF” THIS and “DRIVE ON”:

      One must not stop at “Neville&friends” but “overcome”/leave behind ALL TEACHERS, in order to get out of “THIS GAME” called life (or call it “SAMSARA”… all the same) “WHAT’S YOURS”.

      “BEing A WINNER” is what “GOD” is called on that level because “CONSCIOUSNESS HAS KEPT EVOLVING” after those great guys “scrabed off” “THEIR BIT” of “the cake plate”, yet “YOURS” is still there… “WAITING” for you.

      “THE ESSENCE” of what came AFTER “Neville&friends” is not found in scriptures of the old days. .. but it’s there… available for everybody AT NO COST even… at least as long as “the inner-net” is working 😆😁.

      Hope that will help all who’ve read your comment feeling somehow bored to death.

      [NONE of this is meant to be disrespectful, but “THE LEVEL OF VIBRATION” ON THAT LEVEL does not allow for “low frequency talk”. “THINK!” about that… it’s all too obvious to miss it.]


  2. Rick

    what iss it u rhink u r telling me id be better if u stuck to being positive than all has been kinda stufff dothis do that u jave no inkling of whats happening in my life except the good i look to stars for gblessu works wonders