Step 2 of the Quantum Pathways, to Upgrade the Living Divine Intelligence of your Body

In previous activation’s, the Elohim and the Galactic Teams had begun the development of the Quantum Pathways, which are like living light fibers that connect between the matter within the body.

They are now ready to activate the next step…

This activation will expand and deepen the connection but also allow for the development of a more expansive Quantum connectivity between the cells themselves and further, with the subtle expanded field layers of the body.

From the intuitive information that has been given so far, this will begin a new way in which cells talk to each other and much more. It will deepen the access of your Higher Self, and multi-dimensional aspects of you, to them.

By doing so, this activation will begin the awakening and the development of a more advanced living Divine Consciousness within the holographic make-up of the what we call the body. To further support the deepening of the merging, opening and connection of the human body with/to the Higher Self and so the Source Self.

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