The Pleiadians: Scahndahlah Event

Beloved ones we greet you,

We witness you as you enter a next phase of the ‘New Dawning Era’. There is a sacred frequency of a rare light that has seldom been experienced throughout the history of the Universe about to be realized within your planet. This frequency of light will be carried within the July full moon. This unique pure frequency will begin to interact electrically with your Earth’s core setting in motion a profound realignment of your planetary cycle. Earth’s path will shift dramatically at that moment. This is part of a sacred prophecy that is to bring Earth onto a direct destined re-alignment; this is what is referred as the Scahndahlah event.

You have many opportunities to link within the energetic wake created by the profound re-alignment that gives you a re-access to a series of multidimensional alternate reality spaces within your planet. As your Magnetic Core undergoes a powerful and profound shift you also will undergo transmutation within your Heart space to enable you to re-access many levels and layers of your Higher Self. This is an essential time for you to accelerate into a self-realization process. An opportunity for you to move rapidly within another level of your consciousness.

The call is for you to let go and open into a state of receivership, to allow your sacred systems within you to begin to accelerate in their reopening. This is to be a natural process, however, you have to let go in order to allow the full resurrection of this next phase of awakening to become made manifest within you.

Call forward the support systems, Mother Mary, Jesus Christ, the Angelic Realms, the Pleiadians, the Galactic community, all these beings have been positioned now to help you at this juncture, to support you to navigate through these series of re-openings. To give you support in the integration of the re-establishment of your sacred systems. Know that all is in hand as you consciously open to receive all that is yours by divine right.

Blessings being restored to you.


The Pleiadians

**Channel: Christine Day


5 Replies to “The Pleiadians: Scahndahlah Event”

  1. Scroogle McDuck

    We are not all gods. We are tiny parts of an Extension of God. Jesus was trying to wake you up. You will wake up in time.

  2. kiwimuzz

    It was all good until you mentioned Jesus Christ. I don’t believe in Religion but believe we are all gods. The bible was fabricated to control the masses

    1. Emma

      Jesus has not much to do with the bible. He did not write it. It was written some hundreds years after his death.

      Even if no one had written the bible, from told stories from that time, Jesus could still have walked the earth.

      Some could have used his popularity to create a religion, a control system, you know, or you ought to know, that there is always people who will use a situation to benefit themselves, or take credit for it.

      I believe Jesus himself do not fancy that kind of religion they set up, in his name. I also believe God had something else in mind when he sent Jesus.

    2. Emma

      Also… Jesus was the one who said, You can do what I do, and more.
      So seems Jesus was not against you wanting to be a god.


    Many thanks to our PLEIADIAN FAMILY – CHRISTINE DAY –
    MUCH OF LOVE -In love we rise as power and light.