The Watchers: Believe in Yourself

There’s not enough praise to give you, but we cannot keep focusing on giving you praise. Our part as your helpers and supporters is to offer you a different perspective. We can neither focus on constantly praising you, nor on pointing out everything that’s going on.

We want to assure you that your Ascension is inevitable, and also remind you that you are always co-creating your every experience with the larger part of You, and with the Universe at large. It doesn’t mean that you must maintain your high vibration at all times…you cannot, for you are always being pulled here and there. This is the set-up of the game that you’re in, and the many distractions within it.

Of course, for some the path is easier, and not so much for others. When we speak and deliver these messages, we are not only talking to the few, but to the whole of Humanity. When we read your vibration as a whole, we can see and know what’s going on with you.

This is not to say that you aren’t making wonderful strides forward, or that within the heart of every one of you isn’t the desire for better. It’s not to say that you aren’t doing your best where you are. There does come a time when you need more, though; not more information or praise or news, but  a different view, a different perspective that allows you to see the picture from a larger view.

What we see and what you see is different. We are not asking you to see what we do, nor to believe in us, but to believe in yourself. Believe that you have the tools necessary within you, and that you don’t need us or any other.  You do have our support and our infinite love, however.

You are the ones transforming and making the changes necessary within yourself.

Believe in yourself, that’s all that we ask. And so, whether you are on a high vibration or you find yourself swept into a lower line of thought, know that you are the Master who can turn that around and remain at peace. We only offer a perspective. We don’t ask you to do anything, because we know that you are already doing the work.  We simply encourage you to keep going.

You are the ones creating this New Earth, experiencing the transformation, living through these times of change and recreating yourselves anew, all while co-creating these experiences with the Universe and all points of consciousness within it.

~ The Watchers

**Channel: Nadina Boun


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  1. harrrrrie

    I have a request. Dear EraofLight,
    Because I have to turn my phone’s brightness way down at night, it also makes the wording in your articles fainter. The print is in gray scale, rather than black scale and makes it more difficult to read. Is it possible to make the articles’ wording/font in black so it’s easier to see?
    Much appreciated if you could make this minor adjustment.
    Thank you, and thank you for the articles too.

  2. Rolly

    I would like to express my deepest gratitude for continuously giving us words of truth and inspiration. As we gear towards full maturity, guidance and/or direction is very much needed for steady growth towards substantial transformation. We truly appreciate your unconditional love and support. Thank you so much.

  3. jane

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