To be In this World but not Of it

To be in this world but not of it.

As our Christ consciousness rises, we will find that we start to feel and see, and experience the sacredness of all life and life forms more and more.

We will walk down a busy street and find that we are being lifted into a much higher dimensional state. We are literally being tuned out of the Old Earth and being tuned into the new earth, through the Power of Love and Sound, vibrational frequencies. It will be as if we view the Old Earth from above, and thus are rising above it, and not in it any longer.

As we gain in mastery of the new and much vibrational frequency bands, which is being amplified within us as we absorb the sun flares and rising of the Schumann resonance, that we are simply are operating on a much higher vibrational level.

All of it assisting us to fully assume our new Lightbody form, not become obsessed with what is happening, but to trust that we are always being guided, and assisted through this process.

For within the Sun flares keys and codes within our DNA are being activated, as well as certain aspects of our soul memory banks – before we incarnated we already were encoded with the necessary keys and codes, so that when this would all start happening, that we would be prepared to navigate it all, and would indeed become more enlightened by it!

More than this, there are many highly evolved Universal master souls who incarnated since 1950 and indeed who not only have been preparing the way for humanity, but now are holding the ship of ascending into the New Earth and New Golden Age steady.

The Sisterhood of Rose indeed not only hold this within their souls, but are returning the balance, the higher heart activation, and higher Universal consciousness, and the telluric energy within themselves, and just by being here they are returning the highest expression of Divine Love.

These souls have taken this upon themselves, and they are often not even aware of the immensely loving service work they are doing during their sleep state, in their true soul form, as emissaries of the Divine Feminine.

During this time, it is essential to keep your energy fields crystal clear, day and night and to not allow these to get polluted and clogged up in any form or way.

Immensely powerful purification is happening on all levels, and thus so much is being released and churned up, in humanity at large and so often you may not even be aware of what you have picked up during the day. So is a deep connection with Mother Earth, for she has already become AS ONE with the New Earth and is birthing the New Golden Age.

The Key here is: To be in this world, but not of it!

This does not mean a withdrawal from life itself, for we are still here in a higher sense, but rather to contribute towards the greater whole through and with the Power of Love, in unity and harmony with All That Is!

**By Judith Kusel


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