Your Divine Inheritance

Life comes with challenges, especially in these days of transition to a higher reality. As the energies of the cosmos prepare us for greater things, we are outgrowing many of the old ways of living and today’s changes can be so rapid that they start to look a little more like chaos!

However, it is at times of great difficulty that people really shine. It is then that our creative faculty comes to the fore, surmounting challenges and building a better world.

Creativity is one of the great attributes we have inherited from the Divine Creator. Our fathomless capacity for creativity comes from the Creator’s outpouring of creative thought and feeling that was required to produce a universe filled with galaxies, stars, planets, and life as we know it. Some people do not think of themselves as particularly creative individuals. If so, think instead of the word versatile. It’s the same thing, a divine attribute that helps you to figure out how to get around a challenge or problem.

Another Divine attribute is our sense of curiosity. It is deeply ingrained within us because the original reason for the creation of the universe – the first seed of action – was curiosity. It is curiosity that drives the human need for exploration.

A third Divine attribute is our drive to take constructive action in order to learn through experience. This is exactly what has driven our Creator through the billions of years of the existence of the physical universe. In the human realm, this manifests as the drive for the evolution of consciousness through experience.

After billions of years of fine-tuning Creation, it finally came time to create sentient human beings and we were endowed with those Divine attributes of curiosity, creativity, and learning. To take the next step, Infinite Being – the all-knowing awareness behind all things – embarked upon the greatest quest of Creation: The journey of its infinite number of manifested parts back to their source, each one with its own unique collection of stories of curiosity, creativity, and learning from experience.

As aspects of the Divine, we have an infinite capacity for being able to question reality, to create a better life, and to manifest that which we envision.

To help remember the divine attributes of humans, think of them this way:

The Three C’s make humans

In recent decades, techniques have been discovered that worked well to create a better life, but it was not clearly understood as to why they worked. We will examine key examples of such past techniques. Today, with the emerging science of Spiritual Metaphysics, understanding is emerging and the clouds of mystery are clearing. This has opened the way to significantly improving the power of these techniques to dissolve difficulties and create a better life.

Our journey of discovery into these spiritual principles promises a future filled with the profound sense of love and beauty that, together, all people can create.

**By Owen Waters


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