From 3D To 4D And 5D: Black Swan Part 1

By Lev

For security reasons, the Light Forces never disclose plans and details of operations concerning specific individuals, facilities or countries. With very few exceptions, they talk about it or make warnings, as occurred on July 19, when Co-Creators informed how the Doomsday Protocol (Black Swan) would work to protect Earth (see Lessons, Part 4, DNI, July 19, 2023).

This mechanism, already brought to combat readiness, operates according to similar principles formulated by Nassim Nicholas Taleb. Namely: the action will be unexpected; has significant consequences; after the onset, in retrospect, will receive an explanation as was warned.

If on a Subtle Plane and terrestrial surface, somebody starts hot WIII, or apply nuclear, or any other mass destruction weapon, the following Black Swan algorithm will work. At once, Al-Terra-Gaia, or Logos of the Light Pole and of collective Lightwarriors’ ground team turn on ToR, sort of soft, focused on the spot from where Darks launch their attacks. After OS authorization and Access Code enter, and permission set, the soft add-in is loaded in Earth’s Causal Matrix and activates. The rest operation the planet’s Logos does on its own.

First, it carries out the prep. When specific spot is targeted, Logos spells out the scale of impact, calculating literally down to a centimeter the landscape change, time and force of the clout, etc. Next, Logos starts magnetic boosting of selected place, not more that 10% of it. In parallel, creates hollow space under surface for “cargo” reception.

The process takes from one hour to several days and is accompanied by a series of numerous weak earthquakes, magnitude 3-3.5. When everything is ready, at the moment of X, the Logos’ core generates a powerful magnetic pulse and draws the aimed spot into the underground cavity. If there is a sea or ocean nearby, then the vug is deep enough for the water to quickly and completely engulf the target. If necessary, in addition, a powerful tsunami is generated.

If there is no water nearby, the Logos creates a point funnel down to magma at a depth of 50-150 km. The object falls underground and burns in a sizzling hot substance with a temperature of 1300 degrees Celsius. In this case, Logos does not use magnetic technology, but apply an incandescent gas explosion. To save Earth, the Logos is programmed for ops in other forms.

Doomsday Protocol’s impact area for Logos does not matter: it can be point, local and global, the size of an entire continent. Black Swan doesn’t produce a planetary mass defect, and that is extremely important. But what about the people who live in a particular territory? Karma Lords also answered this question.

If Logos’ op targeted on specific person or group, the problem does not occur. If the operation is carried out in a populated area, the impact will be point-like, without destruction around. If it concerns a country or part of a continent, then the current process will continue in a more accelerated mode, when, depending on the size of karma or its cleansed volume, some leave Earth through death or transition to 4D/5D, and others will be warned and help to move to safe places. Everything will be strictly individual.

If karma is not removed, leaving life will be traumatic and painful. Why it is so and in no other way? As the planet is rapidly enters 5D, the space of Light, we HAVE eliminate ALL our negativity, accumulated in all incarnations on 3D Earth. According to Cosmic Law, karma must be worked out only where we have earned it. That is, in the physical body and on Earth.

If a general evacuation is announced due to the planetary situation, then the only option to process entire karma at once is karmic avalanche. In this case, our Higher Self DUMPS ALL THE NEGATIVE SUBSTANCE FROM CASUAL BODY DOWN TO LOWER BODIES. Its volume is usually such that our Subtle structure withstands it and passes it onto the corpus. And, since it is the last manifestation body of the Monad in 3D, our trunk takes on the burden of working off ALL the remaining karma.

In most cases, the corpus does not cope, and the person dies, either from an incurable disease, or injuries, or disasters. But such attitude of the Higher Self, no matter how cruel it looks, is justified by the highest expediency. Since karma completely eliminated and Causal Body fully cleaned, our Soul can evolve further. Whether a person, his physical body, will survive is a secondary question. Indeed, karmic avalanche is a terrible thing. At one time, mother of the ground team head didn’t cope with that test (see – Ascension Story, DNI, October 22, 2022). There is only one way to avoid it: by consciously working out our karma.

Such are the conditions on 3D Earth created by Darks, for who we are just an animal farm for their livelihood. Their elite perform minor work on nailing fence poles and hanging barbed wire. Satanists, perverts and pedophiles compose and impose an ideology for the herd so that there are not too many screams at the slaughter. The Rulers peal a few off the stash to their servants according to the hiring contract. In their blood, the servants must have something akin to the ruling parasites to accurately catch and immediately follow all orders with readiness and enthusiasm. This genetic component is not just important – it is fundamentally necessary. To serve the slaughterhouse can only special caste, ancestral, file boner and criminal.

They already received enough warnings in the form of quakes, floods, landslides, wildfires, droughts, waves of suffocating heat in areas where the Subtle Plane is overflowing with concentrated negativity. But the global Power Pyramid makes us believe that this is climate change, which is to blame for cows, cars, airplanes and not yet captured industry. And they continue to rule and kill humanity, and are not even going to stop until grab all the resources on the planet and completely subjugate all the peoples.

They did not abandon their agenda, and first, radically reduce the Earth’s population without letting go of complete control over bodies, Souls, thoughts and emotions of the herd. Then, keep alive only 600 thousand of the bestest, to whom Darks guarantee a continuous resurrection. Parasites are so odd… Helminths behave the same way… For us it looks wild, but for Power Pyramid, from the surface to the lower astral and ether, it’s quite normie…

It is difficult to say whether the Doomsday Protocol will bring Darks to reason. Right now, they are going to live forever, and do not intend to leave the planet. But in this case, even more powerful Black Swan awaits them – new cosmic energies that Co-Creators are directing to Earth.