Balance and Observe

Greetings to You! From heart to heart in this moment we speak, I am Kejraj.

It is time to practice detachment, and breathe whenever a situation or feeling arises which may interrupt your high vibrational moments. And try to see the root cause of your reaction. Be patient with yourself, and open up, allow the energies of what you feel to flow. For there will be more chaos to unfold in the world, economic, earthly changes, and with this also come separations and endings of relationships. Those who are not aligned to their inner light and lacking self awareness, will find themselves facing mental breakdowns.

When one has an emotional reaction to a situation, feeling anger, despair, hopelessness, instead of trying to understand the higher purpose in what is being presented, you remain of a lower frequency, you align yourself with more lower timelines and versions of other dense realities.

Balance your emotional body. Learn to be an observer. You will continue to suffer if you have an emotional reaction to everything that you see and hear.

Understand that the experiences are temporary, broaden your perception, and remain in the heart. Meditate often, and go on walks. Read uplifting stories and spiritual(not religious) articles. Write your own stories, fully expressing yourself. Breathe, pause, and readjust your focus, recenter yourself, return to the heart space. For that is where you find compassion, divine understanding, and your peace.

All the light to You.

4 Replies to “Balance and Observe”

  1. Christopher Sciacchitano

    So True! I truly believe the most important times in our lives is the time in between stimulus and response, if we all took an extra second to see if our reactions are misguided by emotionally unstable reactions that can harm other because of over reactions, ego, jealousy, or I see so many people just miserable that are spitefully going out of their way to harm others. If we took that extra second to think more humanely with compassion……then imagine what the world could be like if we could automate that higher vibrational thinking into the majority of humanity then we could probably easily unite people to work on huge endeavors collectively without the political dualism that plagues us at present.