Your Soul as a Superconscious Ally

By Owen Waters

You live in a reality that is co-created by you, the conscious mind, along with you, the superconscious or soul mind. The task of your conscious mind is to focus on a world that appears to be external to you, to interact with that world and the people in it. The task of your superconscious mind is to help facilitate events and interactions that will assist you in your soul plan or life’s purpose. Tuning into your soul or superconscious mind makes life a lot easier because you succeed in your life’s higher objectives and don’t wander off distracted by some side interest that has no real importance to your own soul-level life plan.

While your conscious mind is learning to look up to 4D instead of sideways in 3D, another aspect of your mind is going one level higher still. Based in 5D consciousness, your soul mind has an expanded view of any situation. It’s as if you are walking through a wooded valley, wondering what’s around the next curve and your soul is on the hilltop above it all, seeing many options and many opportunities. While your conscious mind locates itself in one place and travels along one timeline of events at a time, your soul can move around anywhere in space and time. It can look and see what each possible course of action has to offer and how it would actually work out if chosen in the physical world. It will then do its best to impress upon you, via intuition or dreams, what you can do to pursue that possible solution.

One of the greatest challenges of living in this dense 3D physical environment is that most people are mostly disconnected from higher consciousness. Finding ways past the disconnection filter is a supremely rewarding activity. There is a way to easily recognize guidance from your 5D soul or higher self during your daily activities.

The Joy Signal for Soul Resonance

The language of the soul includes emotion, symbols and synchronicity. The easiest way to connect with your soul mind is something you have probably often heard:

Follow your highest joy.

There is a reason that so many people recommend following your highest sense of inner joy or excitement: It works. Well, it does if you observe a basic rule or two.

When you stop to think at any point in time and consider all your alternatives for the next action you could do to fulfill your current objective, one of them will contain a higher sense of inner joy than the others. That sense of excitement or joy is a resonance with your inner being or higher self. With it, you no longer need inner guidance spelled out in precise words with all the relevant facts and figures included. That’s not how the soul speaks anyway. Its natural mode of communication is through symbols and feelings, not facts and figures. Joy is your connection to soul consciousness.

Now that you know the language of the soul, the next challenge is to identify the most effective ways to establish a fast and clear connection between your soul mind and conscious mind. This is the purpose of my new book, “Soul Inspiration: Unleash the Power of Your Higher Consciousness to Dissolve Problems and Create a Better Life“.