No One Said This World Would Be Won

By Kabamur

We were told that in a blink we’ll be changed and taken to another place that’s been prepared for us, where we’ll do miracles. That’s what Jesus taught, and what Pleiadians teach.

The concept of evil can’t be removed from 3D duality because humans still have choice. So you’ve locked up all the pedophiles and murderers, then what? Have you removed the choice from all future humans to choose it again?

Of course not. That’s why there is 5D ascension for those who are ready to become a loving, peaceful galactic civilization, and a do-over in 3D for those not ready.

Everyone has moral free will. The problem we face is that many truth seekers are telling themselves how victimized and imprisoned they are. Freedom and Free Will are not the same thing. You can be in prison and still have personal morality.

Stop waiting on outside circumstances to change to give you peace. Stop giving power to dark forces that they don’t have. Each person has the power to define their reality and make choices to find peace and happiness.

Stand up for truth and defend yourself against tyranny, but the most important thing is morality and inner peace.

Those waiting on arrests and free stuff don’t understand the big picture. In a short time none of that will matter. The consequence of intentional evil is getting left behind in this reality, while everyone else ascends to a 5D paradise Earth.


3 Replies to “No One Said This World Would Be Won”

  1. Scroogle McDuck

    You are not in prison. You are FREE right now. Who cares what people said things were going to be like? Let that stuff go.