R’Kok: Media Fabricate Reality by Cherry-Picking Experts

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My dear Earth friends,

Many of you will already know what I’m going to share today. But I think the following is important enough that I want to dedicate a message to it anyway:

By itself, it seems somewhat harmless that it’s constantly stressed that people should listen to experts, and that the opinion of experts is elevated over things like gut feeling and intuition and what the average person on the street commonly thinks and what reality seems to be if people simply look at the world around them. By itself, it seems somewhat harmless that expert opinion is elevated over those things.

By itself, it seems somewhat harmless that things on the internet get censored if they contradict the opinion of experts.

By itself, it seems somewhat harmless that mainstream media and social media platforms can decide which experts get promoted and spotlighted, and which experts get deplatformed.

However, if you put these three seemingly-innocuous things together, then effectively you’ve given legacy media and social media platforms the ability to fabricate reality.

How so? Well, let’s look at an example.

At some point legacy media and social media decided they wished to push the narrative that covid was real and incredibly deadly and that a huge amount of people would die from it and there was nothing sneaky going on. The message was just: a black plague-like pandemic has arrived, and that’s it, governments have no agenda here other than saving lives.

So it was endlessly stressed that people should listen to experts. The media cherry-picked and promoted those experts who pushed the desired message. The media deplatformed genuine experts and scientists and doctors who contradicted the desired message.

The media thereby created an illusion that like 99.99% of experts agreed with the narrative, when in reality that percentage was substantially lower. That percentage would have been even lower, had experts not been threatened with the loss of their job or funding if they contradicted the official narrative.

And of course, if 99.99% of experts agree on something (they didn’t), then it’s fair to censor misinformation, right? But it was never the case that 99.99% of experts agreed.

Keep in mind that just because the media pretends that practically every expert agrees on something, doesn’t mean that’s actually so. They’re simply lying. They pretend that there’s an expert consensus when in reality that doesn’t exist, and then they fabricate the perception of that consensus by selectively deplatforming and censoring experts who go against the desired narrative.

This is a critical point. Always remember that when the media implies or states that there’s some expert consensus here, almost never are they actually proving that this alleged consensus exists. Sure, sometimes this consensus really does exist, but sometimes it doesn’t and they’re just fabricating it out of thin air. And then they’re reinforcing their fabrication via the deplatforming of experts who disagree with them.

This is actually an incredibly powerful tool to fabricate reality. The masses think that the media is just some party passing along information, when in reality the media can very easily get most of the population to believe that reality is whatever they fabricate it to be.

This is similar to how people think that polls are a way to measure public opinion, when in reality polls are often a way to fabricate public opinion. After all, you can make polls say whatever you wish, just by oversampling people who agree with your desired opinion. Or in plain English: if five people agree with you and five people disagree with you, and you take a poll among four people who agree and one person who disagrees with you, then the poll will say that 80% of people agree with you.

If the average person believes that most people believe something, then they will believe it too. If the average person believes that most people favor X over Y, then probably this person will favor X too, even if it was never true that most people favored X. Therefore most people can be nudged to believe X, because they believe that most people believe X, when in reality they never did. But then the poll appears accurate afterwards, because the poll said that most people prefer X and indeed most people now prefer X. But most people only prefer X because the poll initially lied about most people preferring X. Therefore the poll didn’t measure reality, the poll fabricated reality.

In fact, the poll fabricated reality so well that the poll made up that most people prefer X, and because of the power of the poll, most people now genuinely do prefer X. Because they think most others prefer X, when they never did before the poll fabricated that reality.

In this way, one poll can change the opinion of millions of people, just by convincing the masses that a majority opinion among the people exists, when it doesn’t.

Is your head spinning? Yes, from the perspective of the dark controllers, reality really is this malleable. The herd of sheep really are this easy to herd into a slaughterhouse.

Suppose the dark controllers wish to sabotage a political candidate in the minds of the public, or wish to convince a political candidate that they can’t win and should drop out of the race. Then the dark controllers can use skewed polls that oversample people who disagree with those candidates. This sounds silly, but it’s actually effective, because the public doesn’t want to promote or talk about or volunteer for or donate to candidates if the polls show they have no chance. It’s also much harder for a political campaign to secure funding if they poll poorly. This is why there’s sometimes talk that a certain political candidate may be beloved, but they’re simply not viable. In part they’re not viable because they’re being sabotaged by skewed polls from the dark controllers. Funnily enough, the candidates that the dark controllers like are always viable and are usually polling well, even when most people despise those candidates

The dark controllers also tried this during the 2016 Trump vs Hillary election. Polls usually predicted that Hillary would win, but then Trump won. So the polls weren’t accurate, as is often the case, however in this case they failed to manufacture the reality they were allegedly predicting, and so the polls were exposed in this instance. However most people failed to realize the significance of this exposure, and so today most people still believe polls. This is a shame: in an ideal world people would have stopped believing in polls after 2016, or even earlier.

Intentionally skewed polls are also a great method to cover up election manipulation. If election results are in line with poll results, then the election doesn’t look manipulated, however often in the west it’s the case that the elections and the polls were simply both manipulated.

Polls aren’t tools to measure public opinion. They’re tools to fabricate public opinion.

At least, they are whenever the dark controllers wish to push a certain narrative. Of course there are people out there who genuinely do good polling, with a reasonable sampling. Some polls are reasonably accurate.

So the media and polls can fabricate whatever reality they want, and most of the public will believe that this fabricated reality is actual reality.

This is Orwellian.

Unfortunately, this pattern of fabricating false realities has been repeating over and over and over again. For example, the media fabricated a false reality that inflation would be transitory. The media fabricated a false reality that Russia would lose the Ukraine war. The media fabricated a false reality that invading Iraq was an appropriate response to 9/11. Et cetera, et cetera.

How often does the media need to fabricate a false reality before the masses stop listening to them?

I guess people are exhausted and overburdened and scared, and just believing what the brainwashing box says is easier than thinking for themself. Plus there are social consequences to thinking for yourself.

The question: “Who do you believe, me or your own lying eyes?” used to be a joke, but nowadays many people often genuinely believe the media over their own eyes.

This isn’t a coincidence either. A few years ago, a US senator showed a snowball as part of him making an argument against the climate change narrative.

From the point of view of the dark controllers, who also control mainstream media and many social media platforms, this is completely unacceptable. It is unacceptable for people to use their own eyes and brains to arrive at a conclusion, because if people do, reality can no longer be fabricated via cherry-picked experts. People who use their own eyes and brains must be relentlessly mocked or deplatformed. People must be bullied into not observing and not thinking and not doing anything, except listening to and referring to cherry-picked experts.

The insidious thing here is, of course, that in some cases people genuinely will arrive at incorrect conclusions if they just look at the world around them and think for themselves. And the dark controllers leverage this to enforce: don’t observe, don’t think, only listen to and refer to experts. However, the actual solution to the problem of people occasionally arriving at wrong conclusions if they observe and think for themselves, isn’t people shutting off their own critical thinking skills and just listening to experts. The solution is the free and uncensored marketplace of ideas.

This was also the point behind the recent exchange: “can you provide a definition for the word ‘woman’?” “I can’t. I’m not a biologist.” The person refusing to define the word “woman” is acting how the dark controllers want everyone to act: she is refusing to use her own eyes and brain, and in this exchange is doing nothing except listening to and referring to cherry-picked experts. This is what the dark controllers want people to do: don’t observe, don’t think, only listen to and refer to experts.

Cherry-picked experts are then spotlighted, and inconvenient experts are deplatformed and censored, and thus reality is fabricated. In this way, reality can be whatever the dark controllers want it to be.

Again, this is Orwellian.

So: media can fabricate reality if we combine three things:

– that people should listen to and refer to the experts

– that media decides which experts get spotlighted and which get deplatformed, and thereby media can fabricate the illusion that an expert consensus exists

– media can censor and deplatform average people if they contradict this alleged expert consensus (which in reality may not exist).

Therefore the value of freedom of expression must be preserved.

In previous messages Hakann and Tunia have repeatedly spoken out against censorship and deplatforming. I completely agree: so long as people aren’t literally trying to organize a lynching or something egregious like that, speech should not be censored. This is critical. If censorship is allowed, then the media will just fabricate reality as they see fit, and an unelected undemocratic body should not have that ability.

If you don’t want beings like the old me to be able to subvert a civilization, then freedom of expression must be preserved. Trust me, I should know.

Finally, I would argue that people on Earth should also stop seeing expert opinion as the only thing that matters, and see it as just one very important piece of information. It’s too simple to say “don’t listen to experts” because sometimes they are genuinely right. However, I think that for example expert opinion and what the average person thinks should both be taken into account, not necessarily in the same amount, however expert opinion shouldn’t be the only thing that matters. It’s more democratic to also have the opinion of the average person on the street count to some extent.

As you know on Earth, there often is wisdom in crowds. In some cases, the average opinion of the masses is closer to the truth than expert opinion. Not always, and I’m not saying that experts shouldn’t be listened to. I’m just saying that expert opinion should be one thing that’s taken into account and it shouldn’t be the only thing that’s taken into account.

I hope this was useful.

To be honest, it is a bit horrifying to look at the subtle means of control that are used on Earth. It’s scary that many people think they are free, and yet they are trapped in a mental cage they are not even aware of.

Fortunately, as Tunia has correctly stated: you will be free.

All my love,

For Era of Light

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8 Replies to “R’Kok: Media Fabricate Reality by Cherry-Picking Experts”

  1. Gwenyth Freeman

    Thank you R’Kok for your penetrating comments. Once again I really appreciate the time you take to help us Earthlings see things clearly, and succinctly.

  2. John

    I’m sure it’s been discussed, it’s a grey area, no pun intended. To some extent we are ALREADY herded away from the slaughterhouse, but the goal (in middle-school level) is to have as many as possible to stop being actual sheep, and not to keep steering us to safety.

    And as far as my eyes can see, there’s no magic or technology for that (however amazing the feats they can accomplish are), only a faint hope that no suffering has been/will be endured any more than necessary.

  3. Jared

    Maybe we can use the media to announce GESARA now amen! and get people to believe that GESARA now amen and a better world is happening now amen amen amen!

    Everyone’s rewarded and praised for thinking for themselves now amen!

    Look everybody! The experts are announcing GESARA now amen amen amen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Mike Ohira

      Nesara is predicted to kick-start around November this year
      and peak by spring 2024.

      Currency reset, RV, EBS (emergency broadcasting system),
      official removal of the Biden adminstration, galactic disclosure –
      all this will become a reality during the next few months of 2023.
      Trump’s inauguration is expected in Jan 2024 and a new election in spring of 2024.

      A new world is approachng very quickly.

      1. Gordon Jackson

        Bullshit. People like you have been saying the same thing since January 2020 and it hasn’t happened and won’t happen in November or spring 2024 or anytime ever.

        But you will come back in 6 months and say it will happen in 2025 and then it will happen in 2026 and so on.