The Arcturians: Help for the Highest Timeline Alignment

Hi Everyone!

The past couple of months have been a little crazy. I haven’t felt like setting up video, so the Q&A is written this month. I only had two questions, so I asked for a reading for the rest of the month and August. Enjoy!

I heard from Adronis (Brad Johnson) and Drake Kent said that things are about to go down with arrests and shifts in the political and financial arenas and this operation will go on for the summer for you guys up north. Is this true?

Any being who is not in alignment with the service to others polarity or unity polarity will be brought into the light. What we mean is that if a person there has the intention of leveraging power over others for personal gain, their actions will be revealed. This has been ongoing for quite some time as the overall attitudes and beliefs have been changing there. The summer months have long been a source of anger at times, and so it may appear that more arrests happen in these months. Those who are in alignment with the future Earth will come forward to reveal the true nature of those not in alignment. And so, yes, you may see more of what you call arrests and shifts in the political and financial areas of your cultures. But again, this has all been ongoing and will continue for some time until the great majority (meaning 80% or more) of beings have unity consciousness or positive polarity in the collective. This may span several years or more.

Are the ET races Alfratens and Engans with the Galactic Federation of Planets involved in this? 

There are a great many of what you call “ET races” involved with the shift there on Earth. There are those who work with the positive polarity consciousnesses there to encourage them to speak up about things that are not in alignment with the future Earth dynamic. However, we are not aware of these specific names which you have assigned.

We will further say that what you are calling the Galactic Federation of Planets is a construct of, from our perspective, an archaic structure of cooperative other-dimensional beings. From our perspective, the “Federation” or cooperative of those engaged in helping with the Earth’s shift in consciousness is not a hierarchy and it is not a rigidly structured organization of any kind. It is unnecessary because all multi-dimensional beings are telepathic, and not one thinks in terms of “better than” or “less than.” In other words, all multi-dimensional entities are able to collectively engage in assessing who has the most experience in a particular area and then offering their support to the Earth within that area. And so, there is no assignment, there are no “ships” per se, and there is no “commander” or structure of that type. These may be constructs of the human mind in order to interpret and understand what services are being given to the Earth and its collective of people at this time.

When will humans land on Mars?

The human collective at this time is engaged in a shift that will allow you all to be able to act more in cooperation. Because of this, it has been decided from a higher level (that you may not perceive) that the act of going to Mars would be more successful at a later time in which humans have “worked some things out” first. We would say that the probabilities at this moment are such that a successful landing on Mars by a human crew could potentially happen between 2037 and 2052.


Dear Ones,

The energies of the coming month have a few themes. 

Love of Self

The first of these themes involves love. We mean the love of self that is necessary before you can love anyone or anything else. We can see that life there has often made this a difficult task. You have many messages coming to you that tell you what you are not. We wish to remind you that none of them are true. As we have stated many times, you are multi-dimensional beings who are infinite. This means you will never truly die, and you have all of eternity to accomplish anything you want to have, be, or do. We recommend, first of all, to remind yourselves of this when you feel you are “not enough.”

We would tell you that the majority of “negative” events which have happened to you were meant to cause you to proceed in a specific direction, or on a specific path where there were things you wanted to learn. However, at any time you may choose not to do those things. As we stated, you have all of eternity. 

Also, we remind you yet again that you are creator beings. As such, you may craft your lives in any manner you wish. We would of course recommend that you craft them in alignment to the unity collective consciousness you are headed toward in order to propel everyone there further on the path. However, Earth is still a planet where almost “anything goes,” so you may choose however you wish.

Positive “Interference”

Another theme for the coming month and beyond is that you will have multi-dimensional help. The collective of Earth in its highest forms has decided that benevolent interference is “allowed” to any positive polarity Earth beings who have asked for help. What this means for you is that if you request aid in completing a goal or closing out a “karmic” chapter, you will have it. We understand that you might not be aware of how it is happening or what it looks like. Yet, it is available for a short amount of your time by agreement of your higher selves. We would give a window of time from the current moment to the early winter time in the northern hemisphere there.

We recommend that you request that you be maneuvered into your highest, best timeline, and also one that coincides with the highest, best timeline for the collective. In this way, you benefit yourself and the collective as well as being able to experience the best possible Earth life that you could anticipate for this lifetime.

Calm Energies

The last theme we wish to impart to you is one of stabilizing of energy. What we mean is that the energies of Earth will be worked upon in the coming months so that the energies there are not quite so variable. We mean that there will be “still waters,” so to speak, in which you may create with more ease. Continuing the theme of the collective energy there as water, we would say the energy has been as a stormy sea. Now it will be more like a still lake for a short period of time.

This coincides with the “positive interference” we mentioned. We recommend you use this time to change timelines if necessary and aid both your life and the lives of the collective. It would propel humanity into the “New Earth” as you call it at a fast rate – from your perspective.

And so, we welcome you all to ask for guidance and allow yourselves to relax into the knowing that there are many beings who are working in service to you and your highest requests and timelines. We understand that you may not see what is happening “behind the scenes,” and that is okay. When you ask and allow, you will receive. We recommend maintaining focus on the positive aspects of your lives and the lives of the collective.

When you do this, you improve not only the lives of yourself and others, but you add to the energy which creates positive change at a faster rate.

As always, we are here in service to you.

And we thank you.


9 Replies to “The Arcturians: Help for the Highest Timeline Alignment”

  1. Mike Ohira

    I forgot to mention few things: Utsava the prophet also said that Trump
    was a messenger of Jesus and she would want to look into it more.
    And regarding Trump and Melania she said the truth will be revealed
    in the coming year.

  2. realitybytes

    ‘When will humans land on Mars” has to be the most meaningless Q of all time, right? Why does this matter at all? Even IF some NASA group “landed” on Mars, all people will see is pics and images, approved+vetted, images which might as well be images from NW Canada for all they know. And no common man is every going, ever.

    Fun fact the rush to Mars isn’t a thing. Fun fact, there is more open area on Earth that can be “terraformed” right now, and we don’t have to ship a google tons of metal and glass to build it: the land masses on Earth are barely inhabited. Heck, all of Australia’s Outback rather suits the purpose of terraforming due to global climate change weather heating cooling food scarcity something something. Why don’t the “they” people simply terraform it, move us all there, and pretend we’re on Mars???

    My Q is why would someone ask the Q of “another being” at all? It pretty much negates the entire set IMO, as that Q is so without reason and logic, frankly, it isn’t even a complete Q, regardless, a Q better suited for a “futurist” or “gypsy”.

  3. R.M.

    I am very sorry to be the bearer of bad news but you are all still being misled and manipulated. You need to know this as they are about to implement the next part of their plan and they have primed you well for its success.

    My advice:

    * question and assess always

    * don’t become too attached to any belief, remain neutral and open to the fact that what you believe may be incorrect

    * if someone is trying to convince you of something there’s usually an agenda

    * remain calm as you can think and make decisions better

    * take a watch and wait position

    * if it seems too good to be true that’s probably because it is false.

    My best wishes to you all.

    1. John

      When I apply your pieces of advice to themselves I get you probably have an agenda of keeping people calmly watching and waiting because they are effectively being misled and manipulated now, but I won’t be attached to that as it might not be true. So I’m calmly questioning you about that, because it indeed seems too good to be true.

  4. Mike Ohira

    Your first question concerning arrests and shifts in the political
    and financial arenas:

    According to Utsava, a well known prophet who is famous for
    accurate predictions, there appears to be many arrests taking place right now among the high-level people. All dark ones will be brought to the light and there will be penance coming.

    EBS (emergency broadcasing system) expected in Sept will
    reveal everything.

    1. Light bearer

      I don’t follow Utsava super closely, but I do remember an instance where a prediction of hers didn’t come true, and she basically used a technicality to avoid admitting that her prediction didn’t come true.

      She might still be a good prophet, the future is just not carved in stone and so I don’t think anyone can accurately predict everything. But then, that’s also good to keep in mind with regards to her September-EBS prediction.

      She’s right about arrests taking place, but that is also revealed at the site realrawnews dot com and probably others. You don’t really need to be a prophet for that.

    2. Gordon Jackson

      Utsava is the clown that said Donald Trump had left Melania and was now with Princess Diana. She also claimed that the inauguration for his second term in 2020 would be attended by Elvis.

      Look up her predictions in early 2020 if you don’t believe me.

      1. Mike Ohira

        A mixture of some truths and many untruths we encounter everyday,
        I must say it’s a difficult time, like trying to navigate into the jungle. But I’m trying the best I could. So let’s get started with my side of explanation.

        Most of the info that I get recently, the source of those info comes
        from what I call “the Highest of the Universe”, the source that I
        would say is impeccable as this is a Being that always speak
        with truth and nothing but the truth. In the reports that I send out to
        Japanese audiences, I refer to this Being as Mr. Z.

        These are some examples of latest info that I received from Mr. Z, many of them having much impact on our future lives:

        Nesara, currency reset, RV, EBS, official removal of Biden
        administration and Galactic disclosure. All these according to
        Mr. Z will occur during this year. However, as with the Galactics,
        Mr. Z will never give dates. But somehow we managed to get
        him reveal to us the date of RV. As to the question of when the
        RV will manifest, he said around the end of this month (July) if
        not in the early part of next month.

        Okay, now I’m going to Utsava. Let’s see what she has to say.
        Of the 6 items mentioned above, 4 of those items Utsava claim
        will occur during the remaining months of 2023.

        Nesara ( kick-start in Nov and peak by spring )
        Currency reset ( around Nov)
        EBS (in Sept )
        Removal of Biden administration ( during this year )

        Now I’m going to pick up some of the negative comments in
        the articles you guys wrote and counter them with my own:

        “She’s right about arrests taking place, but that is also revealed
        at other sites too” ( Utsava claims many of her revelations are
        being stolen by these sites ).

        “Utsava is a clown that said Donald Trump had left Melania and was now with Princess Diana” ( Utsava has said in the past and very
        recently that Trump and Diana are couple. Other sources said that
        Trump is not married to Melania. This is my personal opinion: Trump
        and Melania to me don’t look like a couple. In their mansion in Florida, Melania has her own bedroom and Trump has his. They
        are not sleeping together in the same bedroom. One other thing:
        look carefully the face of Trump’s son, I forgot his name. He looks
        so much like Diana)

        “Inauguration for his second term in 2020 would be attended by Elvis”
        (Yes, she said that, Elvis, Michael Jackson, and a few others. All these people who are believed to have died but living. I believe that
        was the true intention of Trump but didn’t go as intended because
        elites stole the election. If you want to blame Utsava for that mistake,
        go ahead and do as you please.)