Your Higher Mental Function

By Owen Waters

Your higher mental function is intensely creative. It is in the level of fifth density that your soul aspect of awareness is constantly experimenting with potential new avenues from which you can choose your next experiences in life. To your conscious mind, your soul aspect is like a dedicated researcher who slaves away constantly in the background, unseen and unappreciated, and is only occasionally heard via your sense of intuition when something really important comes up for your attention.

The limitations of time and space in which you live in third density physicality do not exist in fifth density. Instead, your soul has access to a wide variety of possible scenarios and can view these in realtime and realspace, so to speak. That means that your soul inserts itself into those locations in time and space and tests out the proposed sequence of experiences to see if you might be interested in manifesting such potential possibilities physically.

For example, let’s say you have the opportunity to travel somewhere next month. The first question is, will it be worth the effort? Are there other activities which could be more important to your personal growth during that same time period? There are several paths of possibilities to be examined. In the case of the travel option, the soul aspect of your consciousness will insert itself into the time and place where the trip would begin and then follow through that potential timeline, experiencing life as you would if you choose to physically pursue that line of activity. It’s a realtime, real-place simulation of what would unfold along that timeline of experience. Only you, the physical aspect of your mind, can decide whether to manifest that by picking up the option to experience it physically.

These soul explorations along potential timelines are remarkably real and accurate because, in fifth density, all souls are in attunement with each other and the other souls who would be involved in your trip next month come into the simulation and react as they would if the experience were to then play out in physical reality.

It’s as if your physical mind is walking through a valley wondering what to do while your soul has a much wider view from the hilltops so, when subtle intuitive thoughts emerge into your conscious mind, they can hold great value in helping you through life.

At night, when you reach the deepest levels of physical sleep, your mind is free to rise up into the soul realms, to see those simulations of possible experiences, and help decide which ones to choose when you awaken back in the physical world. Those memories fade into the background of your conscious mind when you physically awaken and, yet, they typically surface as intuitive insights.

The Three Hunches Rule

If you have the same idea surface, as if “out of nowhere”, three times within a few days, it’s probably an urgent intuitive message from the soul level of your mind. Stop and give the idea serious consideration despite any immediate temptation to ignore it for any intellectual or emotional reason generated by the physical mind.

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