As the Frequencies and Vibrations Rise

By Judith Kusel

As the frequencies and vibrations rise now to levels never known or experience before many of the old souls who are in their last incarnation on earth, will feel that pressure valves are being released which were there from even lifetimes before. These pressure valves are indeed all the negative cords, attachments, all which is within you that is still holding onto the old forms, the old ways of life, and unforgiveness, shame, blame and guilt, self and others, or in whatever form these old negative patterns were created with other souls and even a collective of souls.

This not only a clearing of the conscious but subconscious and superconscious programming, and behavior systems, that we may not even be aware of having repeated in this lifetime, or even have inherited in some form of way via ancestral lines and lineages. Indeed a lot of these ancient lineages were programmed for generations to behave in certain ways and to attach themselves to certain lands, or properties or whatever form this may be.

I have in the last few months, truly known this to be true as a past life in Egypt kept coming up for me, which I had to truly delve deeply into, just I had to before, as recorded in my “France” book. This time though it had many levels that I had never had to delve in before, and it included energy lines, and triads as well as deep soul memory banks being activated, of the remembrance of the collective, and how history and even religions were then rewritten by some souls to create their own reality which became the reality of many millions afterwards. As the truth was being revealed layer by layer, I finally started to get insight in just how deep the woundedness of humanity lies. With it though the revelation of so many aspects of Cosmic Knowledge, and the fact the truth can never be stamped out, for one can never rewrite the inherent knowledge and wisdom of a soul nor that of the soul group.

There are deep truths which are being revealed and will be revealed in the coming months as we finally release these memory banks and finally are freed from these, on many levels which we as humans so often cannot understand with our mind, yet our heart and soul know. There is a deep purification going on, now, in the deepest levels, for as we move further into the 5th dimensional state and higher, and can tune into the higher vibrational cosmic truths, it is like a spotlight shines on all which is not authentic and true, within ourselves, and others and indeed all structures and forms, and anything which ever has been created before on earth.

As we our DNA encodement’s are now being fully activated in the highest degrees and we merge with our Light bodies more and more, all which is not of that frequency and vibration will surface to be released. All attachments. All negative patterns. All that is there which still needs to be dealt with and brought in healing and balance, in wholeness again.

When the New Earth was born on the 5 July 2020, by Divine Dispensation all Karma was lifted off all souls on earth. Yet here the free will of a soul comes into play. Even when the Divine has offered such loving Grace, if the soul itself clings onto the old behavior patterns, and refuses to let go of all attachments, all unforgiveness, all shame, blame and guilt, self and others, all victimhood, then it is still held within the prisons of what it clings to.

It is like a canary in a golden cage, with the golden door wide open. Yet, the canary still believes itself to be caged. Until the canary finally spreads its wings and flies through the Golden Door, it is not truly free. The Cage indeed is the Old 3D matrix and all it stood for.

The more we rise into the higher dimensional state and the Universal Christ Consciousness the freer and lighter we become. Love, Light, Joy, Peace, Balance, Harmony, the Lightness of Being, rises from deep within us, as we live our lives differently. The Old has no power over us any longer. For we now have risen and been resurrected into a totally new life and new way of life and living, which is AS ONE within ourselves, and AS ONE with ALL THAT IS.

We embrace our true Divinity and this radiates out through our open heart centers and indeed the depths of our soul!

Let our daily prayers be to truly live our highest soul potential, live our soul truth with integrity, and more than this, to fully step into our soul mastery, with great love, lovingly serving from our heart and soul and all that we are in truth!

What a calling and purpose!

We are indeed here now to fulfill our soul purpose and mission with love, with joy and with wisdom. Indeed filled with loving Grace and compassion, so that our whole life IS AN ACT OF LOVE as we fully embrace the sacredness, the holiness of all life and the sacredness and holiness within.