Wisdom of the Council: Ultimate Freedom

Channel: Sara Landon

Freedom, you all want freedom. And yet, as much as you all want freedom, oftentimes it is the very thing you deny yourself because you give your power away to circumstances outside of you, to the illusion of the reality that you are perceiving through your limited senses. You are powerful, and only you can set yourself free from all limitation, from all challenges and struggles, from any degree of suffering that you may be experiencing.

How do you set yourself free? Quite simply, stop giving your power away to things outside of you, to things in your news, to stories that you hold in your mind from people that you believe are powerful over you, to conditions that you think you cannot change or transform because you are here as a creator, a powerful creator of your reality, and you couldn’t be more free to create anything you wish to experience or desire to experience. 

You are powerful. Some of you may be hearing this for the first time and some of you may have heard us say this hundreds of times. If you’re hearing it, it’s because there is an opportunity for you, dear master, to set yourself free.

Where do you hold yourself in bondage most of the time? In your mind, with the thoughts you think or the stories you tell yourself and what you believe about yourself.

You can set yourself free in any moment — stop telling the story, stop holding onto the belief, stop repeating the limitation in your mind. If you think of a story of something that’s happened that makes you feel powerless, stop telling the story. Simply stop. Catch yourself. Be conscious of when you’re unconsciously holding yourself in a story that denies yourself freedom, that denies your power, that denies love.

It will not take many attempts for you to practice this simple technique and you will quickly realize that the stories you’re telling are not real, are not true, were created by you in your mind to reaffirm to you your powerlessness, to reaffirm to you your belief that you are not free to create your reality exactly as you wish it to be.

Can you create your reality exactly as you wish it to be? Absolutely. Do you do so by forcing and efforting and demanding it your way, on your timeframe? No. Do you do so by co-creating with the consciousness and the energy that has created all of the universe? Ooh, indeed.

We can tell you a few things about your soul. It’s always free. It’s expansive, more expansive than you even have a word for. Your soul is more free than any sort of freedom that you even have a word for. Your soul is light beyond what you can even perceive light to be. Your soul is God beyond anything you can perceive God to be. That is who you really are. That is what you really are. That is what you can realize if it is your choosing.

Is it your choosing? Is it your choosing to be free, to be free, to be enlightened, to be free, to be realized, to be free, to be sovereign, to be free, to be ascended, to be free, to be powerful, to be free, to expand, and yet know that everything you wish to be you already are?

You are more than you can even possibly perceive. So can you realize into physical form even more than you can possibly perceive? Indeed, by allowing yourself into the energy of your expansion, your power, your freedom, your love, your light.

We understand that from time to time being specific about something seems to have worked out for you. It wasn’t because you were specific. It’s because you were aware. You were aware of your soul’s desire placed in your heart. That doesn’t need to be so specific, and yet when it is, it’s simply your awareness of your soul’s desires or desire. So then why would you need to continually try to force and effort and control and manipulate the elements of the universe and others when your soul already—for lack of better words—has it all figured out and all that is asked of you is to elevate yourself to a place where you can realize it?

How do you do that? Freedom, innocence, love, presence, not denying your power, not denying the love that you are, not denying your worthiness, not denying your value.


10 Replies to “Wisdom of the Council: Ultimate Freedom”

  1. Pwuter

    Please someone tell me if they have been successful in cteating utopia on the Prison Planet? Yes, there are many stories being told and this one is a best seller.

    The Earth experiment was not designed as a utopia experience. To have that we would have stayed where we were or gone elsewhere.

    It is impossible to create a utopia in a prison where every system has been put in place to restrain you and stop you achieving happiness.

    If you believe in this type of story you will end up very disgruntled and down trodden when you try over and never achieve it.

    Yes, we are powerful but not on Earth, that power was taken from us for this experience.

    1. the_complaint_department

      It actually happened tomorrow, but we’re stuck in Groundhog day. It’s a good thing they left so many clues.

  2. E.S.T

    I’m sorry to disagree and this isn’t a struggle for power only to correct something I know to be incorrect. It is extremely important people learn/remember how energy works so we can start correcting our behaviors and interract in harmony again.

    You lose power when it is “taken” from you, power is of course energy.

    Love is the biggest source of energy. When in love you feel powerful, energized, on top of the world. When two souls act in loving caring ways for each other the energy flows freely back and forth and is maintained. If someone starts taking the other for granted, disrespecting, taking more than giving, overpowering etc. the energy becomes out of balance, and the reason why many relationships end as one has become the vampire sucking the lifeforce from the other. Or, one starts taking too much so the other starts trying to gain it back and results in the constant push pull power struggle of toxic relationships.

    Those who lack love, lack energy and the only way they can get it is to drain it from others to energise themselves. This is parasitic behavior.

    Since many have lost the ability to love and care for others there is always a struggle for power/energy. A push pull push pull continual battle. Unless one is drained too much and lacks energy to continue, and that is what we are seeing a lot of now. Not people giving it away freely but many people stealing it without giving any in return so those drained lack energy and, therefore, feel powerless.

    Whenever you feel drained look at who you have been interracting with and how they treated you. You will find it is not the labor/tasks/work but the individual/s. If you throw yourself down in the chair at the end of the day and say I feel stuffed (but really you did not exert yourself physically or mentally) again look at your interractions. You will start to see who is causing it and who to avoid.

    If you lack energy you should not tax it from others. You should learn to manage and maintain your own energy levels through loving, caring actions and interactions.

    1. human

      We are being drained by more than psychic or interdimensional vampires.Toxic skies with bioagents of disease and frequency lowering things as well as particulate matter femtotech nanites,courtesy of Hitachi among other co.s-exhaustion.Toxic metals and regular pollution along with intentionally broadcast disease-causing frequencies via videogames-see kim goguen July25th report detailing Klink computer in Myanmar which did just this,—degraded health and energy.Adulterated supplements and food along with toxic fungus masquerading as Citric Acid–degraded health.Sugar content out of control and in Everything–inflammation,bad bacteria,parasite food,impaired immunity,less Vita C absorption as it competes with sugar-health degraded.If you were dumb enough to submit to deathjab—degraded health and exhaustion.All of this and more means actual degraded health and exhaustion.Lisa Renee”s,ascensionglossary.com details a way to protect sovereignty and energyfield as does Cosmicawareness.org.Both sites are valuable tools to evolving and awareness as is Blessedforservice.org with gene decode.dolores cannon asheanna deane bibliocapades.net and elena danaan are also Important.Magentapixie.com is valuable in many ways and she does discuss energy use as a key lesson for all on this planet.We are to learn how to manipulate energy for good uses and learn Cosmic Laws.Love IS the Highest Frequency.Grow Your Love!!!Meditate,watch cute animal or kid vids”or cartoons if they lift your mood.Play more.How does love look,feel,smell,sound to you?Namaste survivors,be proud of your faith and stamina and help each other!!!!!

  3. Aidan

    Tell that to the starving, homeless & impoverished.

    Let’s just get to financial freedom first…before talking about ultimate freedom.

    Mans hierarchy of needs etc…or is that ‘giving our power away’? lol

    1. burton

      Good point. It is a lot easier to concentrate on spirituality when you are not just trying to survive the day. NESARA\GESARA would sure help. If you really have it all figured out do you need NESARA? Probably not, but not many are going to jump from survival mode to figured it all out without some help.

    2. Joe

      They’re never gonna do what they say. The Galactic Alliance doesn’t WANT us to be in the 5th dimension. The Black Hats aren’t holding back the Transition at all. Now, according to Michael Love, the Event won’t happen until late Winter/Early Spring of 2025!!!!