NEW – Energy Tool Kit Series – Part 1 – Releasing Trauma Energetics/Emotions and Reunifying Fragmented Aspects of Yourself


We are really excited to introduce a new part of the EQC

live-streams, a series based on offering a ‘Tool Kit’ of methods,

techniques and ways of solving and moving beyond energy stumbling blocks and patterns that are preventing you from moving forward.

One of the deep issues with spiritual and energetic progression is often the lack of tools and awareness on how to really deal with things that ‘come up’. We get many question from people on this very theme. And we feel that that the Elohim and Galactic Teams are really excited to help people develop their personal tool kit of understanding, and ways to solve hold ups and blocks in energetic expansion and release.

The first part in this series is going to be about re-unifying and healing fragmented aspects of yourself and releasing the repressed emotional build up inside them. This is a powerful and profound way of reunifying parts of you that have seemingly broken off from the whole and can often act in very destructive, self-sabotaging and harmful ways in your consciousness. In this session, you will learn how to connect with them, understand what they are, why they are doing what they are doing, and how to heal and repair them.

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