From 3D To 4D And 5D: Our Inner Work Part 4

By Lev

Every day, Co-Creators are increasingly sifting and separating us with new cosmic energies, helping more and more earthlings during their lifetime to move from 3D to 5D in their physical bodies, bypassing death. No matter how detailed DNI narrated it on January 2022 in Parts 1-3, we still do not understand what is needed for transition. Deep down, we all firmly believe that they will tell us where to buy a ticket for this wonderful cruise and, having packed in a hurry, we will go on a magical journey, enjoying every minute of it. Is this really the case?

According to the direct instructions of the Absolutes, Co-Creators actively use the technology of inter-dimensional transition created by them, continuously improving it.

To do this, they recruited a team of specialists from different parts of the Galaxy who have relevant experience. On Earth, they are helped by Lightwarriors who agreed to be guinea pigs, so that after another series of experiments, new waves of transients into the fifth density can take advantage of the results.

The main attention is paid to the preparation of a single multidimensional body, as well as the physical corpus (which is the main problem) to overcome the 5D vibration threshold. That is, the ability to withstand and conduct vibrations of the 5.0D level, at least. Why can’t we safely go on the coveted cruise? Very simple: our corpus won’t hold up. If we enter the vibrations of the fifth dimension now, our body will immediately disintegrate, blood vessels will burst, and heart will not stand. But we can prepare self for everything, and millions of people successfully do it.

The inner work helps us take and withstand 5D vibrations. But this is not the only prerequisite. We also need the absence of karma, to have Monadic single multidimensional manifestation body, to assemble of all chakras from 1 to 12 into one whole, unlock of more than 70% of our brain capacity, activate latent genes and DNA transformation (not only 12-strands, but entire its NON-helical higher crystalline frame), etc. That is, it involves our full change, especially of physical body.

Experiments on Lightwarriors are conducted almost daily, sometimes around the clock. The main training is focused on overcoming the 5D threshold. First, Co-Creators begin to gradually raise the vibrations and at the same time pull up the assemblage point of a single multidimensional body of the subjects. Right now, for all direct transients, it is higher than 4.0D. During training, they are put into 5D several times. How exactly?

First, the vibrations of their Subtle Bodies are accelerated to the level of 4.8D, then, a sharp raise of the assembly point and vibes to 5.0D. The subjects do not stay in this state for long, at the beginning – seconds, now – a few minutes. If the stay is longer, it causes threat of life, death or, with a little luck, loss of consciousness. What Lightwarriors feel during this time? Blurred vision, or “darkening” in the eyes, strongest dizziness and heart vibrations go off scale so that it’s impossible to breathe, walk, stand, or sit, only lie down, focusing on calming the body, which is in absolute stress.

If the subjects are at home, it is easier to cope with the load. But this happens in the city, on the street or, even worse, when driving. In such cases, they have to stop immediately, sit, lie where Lightwarriors are, for an hour, two, three… At such moments, they feel complete disorientation in time and space, deep prostration, turning off consciousness…

In a state of high vibrations and raised assemblage point of a single multidimensional body, an acute shortage of air is felt. One reasons is the unsuitability of oxygen mixture, a cocktail that we breathe in 3D. More ozone is needed to enter 4D/5D. It’s difficult in mega-megalopolis and much easier in nature or in the mountains … Co-Creators are dealing with this problem too, since the current, outdated formula of Earth’s air no longer corresponds to the changed planetary reality (see Operation Air Matrix, DNI, 27 January 2023).

The above described are experiments and tests in extreme mode in order to find a formula for reducing the time of transformation, preparation and entry into 5D of the maximum number of people in their lifetime. Those who prep for the transition on their own, calmly continue to do it, adapting to the new, 5D frequencies of the planet (see Black Swan, Part 2, DNI, 26 July 2023) and the energy weather, which is formed by stelliums’ vibes. What will they be like in August?

Its wide palette will be formed by the following aspects: Full Moon; Mars trine Jupiter; Mercury opposite Saturn; Sun square Jupiter; Lionsgate; Venus square Uranus; Mercury trine Jupiter; Sun conjunct Venus and square Uranus; Juno Enters Leo; New Moon; Mars trine Uranus; Sun quincunx Neptune and Pluto; Sun and Regulus align; Venus square Jupiter; Mars opposite Neptune; Sun in Virgo; Retrograde Mercury; Mars trine Pluto; Sun opposite Saturn; Mars in Libra; Retrograde Uranus; and Blue Moon.

Full Moon

On 1 August, Full Moon occurs in Aquarius. It coincides with closest approach to Earth in its elliptical orbit, making it appear about 7% larger and brighter than an average one. This August, it’ll be the Super or Sturgeon Moon in association with the time when Native Americans caught sturgeons, particularly in the Great Lakes.

It’s time to disclosure our greater calling, life’s work, or mission. Everything could stand a materializing this Harvest Moon. It depicts the climax, the final fructification of the previously sown seeds. It can cause conflicts, fuelled by the Sun in Leo, a fire sign that backs individualism, while Aquarius is an air sign supporting collectivism. If we cultivate ourselves further, these conflicts could crush our Ego and reveal our true compassionate self, for which energies of Full Moon in Aquarius is the best tool.

We may devote more of our time to others, but the opposing Sun freqs could make our personal interests heavier. We’ll need to make choices, and that’s why it’s ‘Soul-testing time’. On the one hand, we’ll try to be useful for society, but on the other, we may feel very cold and reserved, blocking our creativity. Also, an impatience to do something remarkable could leap that the Sun, in opposition, can certainly aggravate. Instead of rushing, during this Super Moon, we have to gauge all our efforts according the situation.

In Harvest Moon, we’ll become incredibly good at thinking critically, but may find it hard to communicate our thoughts and feelings in relationships with loved ones, closest friends and partners, and with people in general. To fall silent or clamming up is not going to help. So, retreat into our shell only when it needs to do deeper thinking. After that we can offer our ideas for the others and make them open to work on. Aquarius is both an electric and eccentric sign. So, it’s not the right time to set the rules, as the Sun in Leo could force us.

This stellium is good to learn and grow. We can see the dissolution some of our goals, but it may wake of greater consciousness, focusing on the needs of people, thinking deeply about the larger role we can play in others’ lives. It requires a different mentality. Sun runs motivation, while Saturn, the ruler of Aquarius, is adept at throwing obstacles our way. Nonetheless, the Sturgeon Moon can help unlock our full potential despite challenges. All we have to do is stop being over-critical of self and others, and focus on our growth.

Mars Trine Jupiter

On 1 August, Mars in Virgo trine Jupiter in Taurus will give us stamina and drive. Any action we take this day can lead to great success later. Harmonious transit increases the desire to express self. However, the day is not ideal due to the very tense position of the Moon. Mars and Jupiter will smooth out the tension a little, creating an optimistic mood. The power of our intention can overcome emotional swings of the Full Moon. On this day, the Mercury-Saturn tensity is approaching, which will make it difficult to negotiate and make decisions. It’s better to postpone important things, as they will not bring the desired result.

Mercury Opposite Saturn

On 2 August, Mercury in Virgo opposes Saturn in Pisces can bring intelligence, wisdom, and at the same time, incredible frustration and sadness. The frustration comes from an inability to connect to others personally due to a lack of communication skills. Problems with a poor attention span will lead to being misinterpreted. So we’ll often think the worst or that others are nagging us. The rough goings can also be caused by an inability to share our knowledge understandably. We may seem dull or negative, or too technical.

But there is hope because Saturn is a late bloomer. Our struggle to be heard and taken seriously can result in mastery with the spoken and written word. The Internet offers an excellent chance to communicate more effectively, where extra time can be taken to fully understand and reply to messages. We can also disclose in self a talent for understanding symbols and the deeper meaning of images. A conscious effort is required to rewire our brain with positive affirmations. This does need continual inner work, as does practicing to communicate clearly. Otherwise, depression and improper handling of matters will continue to ignite negative feelings and lack of opportunity.

Sun Square Jupiter

On 7 August, Sun in Leo square Jupiter in Taurus gives excellent opportunities for success but also some tests of our character along the way. Lucky breaks and popularity can inflate Ego and other excesses. For example, to overestimate our abilities or resources that can cause scattering of energy or wasting money on unnecessary things.

Excessive behaviors are most problematic because they affect our close relationships. Overconfidence can get in the way of making lasting friendships. Moderation is the key to dealing with the nature of Sun square Jupiter, which tests our morals. Any arrogance or boastfulness may cover a wounded Ego or lack of self-confidence. We may want to be influential, famous, or wealthy and to receive the praise and ovation supposedly deserved. Apart from moderation, the key to dealing with this stellium’s aspects is not to get ahead of self. Focus our energy on doing the groundwork, the daily grind needed to perfect our gifts.

Sun square Jupiter transit is like a double-edged sword that can make us feel highly confident, proud, lucky and optimistic. Expressing our exuberance is critical in determining the result, ranging from good fortune and success to loss and embarrassment. The best way to handle this transit is to show respect, moderation, and discipline. Not to take on too many projects, as it wastes our energy and gets us nowhere in a hurry. Focus on one or a couple of projects, not overdo things, otherwise we could wear ourselves out.


On 8 August, Lionsgate Portal opens in Sirius, our Spiritual Sun. As Sirius rises, it is reborn, and we too, can feel revival of our Spirit power. It’ll be enhanced by the 8/8 vibes. This high-frequency energy can be used to open our chakras, inspire new ideas, raise our consciousness, and enforce our ability to receive psychic downloads. The digit 8 represents infinite potential, and meditating and working with it helps activate our DNA. We can take the incredible, uplifting freqs of Sirius and merge them to fully harness the potential of this Portal. We can also unlock and upgrade the memory of our cells allowing us to bring more healing, peace, and love into our being.

Venus Square Uranus

On 9 August, Venus retrograde in Leo square Uranus in Taurus, i.e. both planets will be in a volatile angle with each other. There could be some surprising news on this day that can shake and rattle things. The general energy will be strongest for at least a week around this date. If unordinary info comes during this stellium, it’s aimed to guide or awake us in a new way. That’s the peculiarity of Uranus, the planet of awakening. It helps see the world from a new vantage point, and even though change can be difficult at first, there is the potential to find ourselves in a better place than where we started.

This stellium gives an exciting personal life. Issues involving commitment in close relationships can stem from a strong need for our independence, to be not bound by traditional societal or moral standards. It is not only the need for freedom but also an increasing demand for stimulation and excitement that can cause instability in our life. Inspiration and excitement go hand in hand with change, the prime rule of Uranus.

The need for freedom mainly affects relationships but also applies to our values and beliefs. Venus rules how we rate self and Uranus – how our spontaneous nature maintain a healthy self-image. Initially, we may try to fit in or live up to the expectations of family and friends. However, dull or a boring entourage would cramp us.

Enduring such a relationship would result from, or cause, a poor self-esteem. We would react by lashing out or doing something unexpected, like packing our gear and walking out the door. There is, however, a compromise available between living alone and being in an unhappy relationship. Although we don’t want to attract disloyal or overly eccentric partners, we can find someone who is open-minded and unorthodox like us.

Mercury Trine Jupiter

On 10 August, Mercury in Virgo trine Jupiter in Taurus gives us a broad outlook with vast and comprehensive knowledge. Our positive attitude, great sense of humor and generosity makes great to be around. We could enjoy mixing with people and have no trouble with friends, be eloquent with refined social skills and form mutually beneficial partnerships.

This stellium helps our life run smoothly because of our spacious mind, good insight and ability to plan for the future. Jupiter amplifies our Mercury senses, thought processes, and communication skills. Our logical viewpoint, mental agility, and wide-ranging views are ideal for studying and teaching languages, philosophy, religion, esotericism, and law. Given our future-oriented thinking, we may also have a talent for writing, and our business understanding will help us in any career we choose.

Mercury trine Jupiter gives a progressive and generous nature that favors charitable works, but we can also expect to benefit from other people’s generosity. We value freedom of speech and other human rights and would undoubtedly condemn censorship. We can be striking, forceful, and even intense in communicating our ideas. Politics or social activism would suit our style. Long-distance travel would be excellent for broadening our outlook and increasing general knowledge. The one possible drawback with these positive aspects is a tendency to overthink, leading to mental exhaustion.

In general, that stellium brings optimism and good news. Research, study, and socializing are favored, and this is one of the best transits for making plans because of our good instincts, and positive attitude. It’s also an ideal time to clean up and organize anything from our office to our life. On this day, the Moon will be in a tense aspect to Mercury and can increase distraction and nervousness. It will be harder to concentrate; something will constantly distract and interfere.

Therefore, if important things are planned, requiring deep immersion in the process, better to turn off all sources of interference and focus on the most important thing in peace and quiet.

Sun Conjunct Venus

On 13 August, Sun in Leo conjunct retrograde Venus in the same sign. Such stellium is always a very difficult time, in which we feel a loss of energy. Since the Morning Star will also be retrograde, this day can be extremely dangerous and unpredictable, with sharp mood swings, malaise, craving for bad habits. On the other hand, when Venus, the planet of love, relationships, and things we value, aligns with the Sun, it can bring awakening and new clarity, help reach a new level, or disclose our deeper self.

Juno Enters Leo

On 15 August, asteroid Juno enters Leo. This aspect impacts on fidelity, especially in the face of challenges. Juno tied to Jupiter no matter how many obstacles arise, but Leo, despite its fixed nature, by its qualities and craving for constant attention and risk, may cause challenges to fidelity in partnerships. It’s more likely to happen if partners are bored, immature or unappreciated. In general, this transit encourages the exploration of playfulness and pride in relationships. New agreements may be about who gets the focus of everyone’s attention. If we wish to avoid messy breakups and relationship drama, swallow our pride and let the spotlight shine on others as well.

Sun Square Uranus

On 16 August, Sun in Leo square Uranus in Taurus complicates our relationship with society, strengthens the desire to transform existing orders and replace them with new, more progressive and humane ones. The energies of the Sun and Uranus are antagonists. The Sun is responsible for the central position of a person in society, and Uranus is a planet of bright individuals who see an alternative in everything and are used to going their own, unusual way. The tense aspect of the quadrature further aggravates the contradictions, fostering revolutionary mood and radical solutions.

In harmonious aspects, the interaction of the energies of Uranus and the Sun increases our curiosity, originality, intelligence, insight and good intuition. On such days, we can look into the future, anticipate many events and cheerfully welcome any changes. We begin to value our personal freedom and independence, not impose our will on others, and be loyal to people’s views and friendly to everyone.

The energy of stellium encourages us not to look for like-minded people and friends only with a similar social status, level of education and wealth, but to communicate with people of various professions and occupations, and unite them around ourselves. However, building good relationships with others can interfere with our irritability, sharpness, impatience and impulsiveness. Life is moving at a faster pace as we can easily lose control when chasing after independence. Seek freedom, but avoid burning bridges or hurting people in the process.

New Moon

On 16 August, New Moon occurs in Leo. Emotions rule. Relationships run harmoniously, as male and female energy combine, making us assertive, yet gentle with all dealings with other people. Our true inner self comes out during this enlightening that hints to focus on what parts of our lives could bring more creativity, more results, and more usefulness to others. The Leo New Moon will continue to back Venus’ retrograde energies, which can reveal where we lack in self-worth, and where we are not living up to our values. This stellium gives opportunity to start making changes, to do things over, wipe the slate clean, and kick off again. Fresh energy under that New Moon will help us to break free from any sluggish energy of the past.

Mars Trine Uranus

On 16 August, Mars in Virgo trine Uranus in Taurus will help us make the right non-standard decisions, even in situations that seem hopeless to many. This harmonious stellium is good for active movement and creative realizations, gives motivation towards getting in shape, and working on personal development. We may get a leadership role, meet new friends and partners, and have a lot of opportunities. Our charm and cool logic will attract anyone on our side that day. The attitudes can be changed easily, and our new ideas will be embraced by even the most stubborn of minds.

We’ll want to fight for what we are passionate about and have the ability to promote new or current projects. We’ll also be ready to take risks and immerse self in original, unique, controversial, or experimental things. Of course, creative brilliance goes hand in hand with our empirical approach. However, we may sometimes need to slow down and withdraw because we burn up so much energy quickly. At some stage, the excitement and rush we get from creating something unique will wear off. After recharging our batteries, we can set off on a new adventure.

It’ll be easy for us to enlist the help of others, for although what we do is different from the norm, but it not hinders us to bring others on board. Our approach may cause risk or danger which others find attractive. Maintaining stability in relationships could prove challenging as we may get an Ego boost from success. The best dampers would be partners as open-minded and experimental as we are.

Sun Quincunx Neptune

On 20 August, Sun in Leo quincunx Neptune in Pisces, a stellium where two signs pretty much have nothing in common, and wonder what to do about each other. It’s like they are saying, “What now?” This is how we feel this day completely unease in our own family, or with people we should feel comfortable with, but yet different as chalk from chees, and sometimes have nothing to even fight over. It’s weird energy to say the least. We just cannot seem to land in the same space and it’s like we are coming from different worlds that are not even opposite ones. So we might just make something up in order to tangle.

The quincunx aspect is associated with a rebalancing of karma from previous lives or our youth. It’s often rooted in health imbalances, because Neptune impacts on well-being and spirituality. Belief in reincarnation comes with this aspect. A healthy Ego requires a healthy body, so clean living, a good diet and exercise are most important. We also need to prevent infection, contagious diseases and epidemics. High sensitivity also applies to our Ego and self-esteem. Essential to surround self with positive energy, and we’ll quickly morph into one, especially, if a lot of losers and junkies hang around.

Sun Quincunx Pluto

On 21 August, Sun in Leo quincunx Pluto in Capricorn forms a most complex and complicated stellium. Every our choice and personal encounter has a deeper meaning and more profound ramifications than other people experience. Conscious awareness of this psychological cause and effect makes us earnest, mature and deeper understand of spiritual and karmic laws than most. Knowing how vital each turning point in life is, we can try to affect outcomes using our considerable power and influence.

Others may consider it threatening. But we are, in fact, only seeking to make our life and lives of our loved ones better. What others see as interfering or obsessive behavior is our way of ensuring the best or safest outcome. Too much negative feedback or curtailment of our powers easily results in low self-esteem. We are susceptible to self-hate and self-abuse as if surrendering our power to a darker force. It can lead to drug abuse, crime, or violence. Yet no matter how dark we get, we can also tip the karmic scales to the light. As the intensity of neurotic energy increases exponentially to a crisis point, an event or person will intervene. An evolutionary break through occurs at this point as the threat to life nears. We will learn our limits and assay compromise. Our life is a series of psychological transformations with the karmic aim of self-improvement and making the world a better place.

Sun And Regulus Align

Every year between August 21-23, as the Sun moves across the cusp of the tropical zodiac of Leo and Virgo, it meets with Regulus, or Alpha Leo, and with Aldebaran, Antares, and Fomalhaut, all four form Royal Stars that run cosmic gates, located in the north, south, east, and west corners of the sky, to higher realms of consciousness. They form an almost perfect square and mapping out a powerful energetic Portal.

Regulus, by its vibrations, activates our upper chakras. During these few days, connecting to our Higher Self, intuition, and Spirit Guides may feel easier and more fluid. We may recognize with greater ease our connection to the Greater Cosmos and everything within it, filling our being with a sense of belonging, intuitive wisdom, and serenity. Regulus, also known as the Heart of the Lion, supports our passions, dreams, and ambitions.

We can use the days when the Sun aligns with Regulus to launch projects, publish work, sign contracts, or take action towards our goals. If we move from the heart, Regulus will work doubly hard to bring our manifestations to light. Its radiations have strong impact on our endeavors and achievements, help turn plans into action, materializing them, and strengthen our proficiency and confidence about the future.

Venus Square Jupiter

On 22 August, Venus in Leo square Jupiter in Taurus forms the best of all the challenging quadrature aspects. Several difficulties are possible, but they are relatively easy to overcome. Our optimistic outlook, generosity, and good nature make us pleasant and popular, and have little or no problem making friends. The tension that exists inside us is a good motivator for creativity. This stellium favors any arts, including drama, comedy, music, writing, painting, and sculpture. Our sense of humor would verge on the cheeky side.

Venus square Jupiter can cause issues with motivation regarding daily chores and monotonous hard work to earn an income. A lack of self-discipline may cause difficulties at work and in fulfilling other serious duties and responsibilities. This would be especially so if we have a family. Our charisma will only get us so far in avoiding the heavy duties of raising children. However, addressing any weaknesses that add friction to our relationships would not require much effort.

Mars Opposite Neptune

On 22 August, Mars in Virgo opposition Neptune in Pisces creates an internal struggle against insecurities and other worries. We may initially make up for low self-confidence by showing a brave and assertive exterior, but this bravado doesn’t sit well with others. We may have to deal with more negative influences of deceptive people. Psychic vampires will see through to our insecure inner self and attempt to drain our energy by taking advantage of us. Such interactions will weaken our spiritually and physically.

We can find the appropriate inner strength and courage through more subtle or creative ways. It is also in our best interests to be comfortable with and know our limits, which applies to competitiveness and passionate desires. It’s essential not to feel we must live up to the stereotypical image of a strong person. This discouraging aspect takes a cheap shot at our self-esteem, as we find ourselves losing something we desperately wanted to win.

Sun Enters Virgo

On 23 August, the Sun moves out of its home zodiac Leo and enters Virgo. It’s a time to organize, consolidate, and get back on schedule. We may feel inspired to cleanse our life from everything negative, obsolete and blocking, and to create viable attitudes to life and our surroundings. It is also a great time of the year to bring attention to our health and how we can add more well-being in all areas of our lives. But due to Mercury going retrograde in next four weeks, we’ll be forced to take things slow and focus on boosting our physical, mental, and emotional health.

Retrograde Mercury

23 August, Mercury enters retrograde in its ruling sign of Virgo. Due to the planet’s retro movement in this zodiac, our collective decision-making skills will be a little faulty. Long-term planning is impossible. Moving backwards, Mercury reveals where we haven’t been truly listening. During that phase, we may get clues to what we have been ignoring, putting off, or refusing to pay attention to.

The day of transition will be especially dangerous, because can cause great difficulties in communication, work and business. It’ll easy to become anxious and overthink about everything. Working on staying grounded will help us manage. Mercury stimulates us to think clearly and communicate concisely. When it retrograde, its energy helps focus on inner state rather than on external one, and to get clear about how we think and feel before we express it to others. Retro Mercury can also unlock info or insights that were hiding or that were not in our conscious awareness. For this reason, it’s better to wait for Mercury resuming its direct journey to take important decisions. If it’s not possible to wait, trust in the timing of the Universe.

Mars Trine Pluto

On 25 August, Mars in Virgo trine Pluto in Capricorn makes us courageous and confident, and be a very intense person who is ready to fight for social causes and can have prophetic or esoteric talents. We’ll have a seemingly endless supply of energy and apply it constructively, leaving a mark on the world, and quickly gain the cooperation and help of others because of our leadership qualities. We’ll do better mixing with people who are also strong, confident and selfless.

Our desires can take a lot to fulfill; assertiveness and directness are powerful yet non-threatening. However, if provoked, we can sustain a prolonged attack until the enemy is defeated. We can also use our energy to make significant and positive transformations in our life and the world around us. Mars trine Pluto transit gives a tremendous surge of goal-directed energy, making us very ambitious, assertive and direct in achieving our desires while maintaining harmony. This non-threatening approach will encourage cooperation and highlight leadership potential we have.

Sun Opposite Saturn

On 27 August, the Sun opposite Saturn forms the last, fourth day of strength in the month, ideal for gaining knowledge, new life experience, and upgrading. That stellium has also an inhibiting effect. It presents hardship and restriction in life, forcing us to be too critical of self and others and be subject to criticism. Poor self-esteem will hold us back. But we’ll become an expert at learning for self, using critical thinking, to be highly studious, leading to remarkable achievements and the highest recognition.

For us, this stellium can be a real struggle to overcome the limiting conditions, because putting up barriers to progress, Saturn makes us harder to express self. We may have to deal with melancholy, worry, loss, grief, disgrace, or low self-esteem. Our need for companionship may contradict other people’s need for distance. They could suspect that we want a break from our burdens and responsibilities. Distance or separation between us and others can lead to rejection or isolation.

Mars Enters Libra

On 27 August, fiery Mars moves into Libra. In it, the Red Planet encourages us to get balanced, especially when it comes to where we are putting our time and attention. With Mars in Libra, we may also feel more passionate about issues related to justice, equality, and fairness. This day is ideal for peace instead of war as the warrior planet enters the sign of relationships and equipoise. Over the next several weeks, we can either collaborate with others or make them our competition.

Retrograde Uranus

On 28 August, Uranus in Taurus joins Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto in retrograde, which in weeks to follow may make us feel more sluggish. Time will move slowly or fast, and even both. Uranus is the planet of change and awakening, and when it’s in retro loop, we can better understand the changes recently experienced and adjustments that need to make. Over the next five months, we’ll be pushed against the 3D System and ditch its toxic cycles that kill us as the planet of rebellion instigates to fight for freedom.

Uranus retrograde is a time of inner work and transforming in response to external development in our life, giving more detail about the type of change and the areas affected. We may anticipate a significant shift in our life or try to initiate the new stuff and turn of the tide, but it will be difficult while Uranus moves backwards.

Blue Moon

On 30 August, super rare Blue Full Moon occurs in Pisces, bringing soft and sensitive vibrations. It will be close to Earth, and allow feeling its freqs more strongly.

After a month of worrying and over-analyzing, we’ll be more than ready to let our emotional baggage go during the Harvest Moon and move on to a bright, optimistic future. The Pisces Full Moon has a powerful ethereal quality that makes hard to think with our logical minds and much easier to get swept up in our emotions. The Blue Moon also has strong cleansing energy, which helps us to get rid of toxic situations. Saturn, the Master Teacher planet, as well active under that Full Moon, so we can get some hard but beneficial lessons in our general inner work as a prep for transitional 4D and 5D arrival point.