August 2023 Ascension Energies

By Samantha

Hello Beautiful Soul!

August’s energies are calling us to complete the end of the DNA upgrade, and be aligned with the New Earth’s 5D energies. This is catapulting us into a new version of ourselves, and the upcoming 8:8 Gateway will be the peak of this process.

There are 3 Moon portals (2 being “Super”) this month, as well as two powerful gateways (877 and 88) and the start of Mercury Retrograde on August 23rd.

These strong cosmic energies are steering us toward the “destined life”, and therefore ending or completing certain patterns/circumstances/stories, and/or moving us away from old relationships to form new ones that help us engage our next level of spiritual growth and co-creative service. Whatever may have seemed to be blocking us will now “give” so that we can move on.

It is imperative that we slow down and pace ourselves again this month, as Ascension symptoms will still be intense. We continue to expand our consciousness and explore the depths /breath of our hearts, while needing to stay grounded, emotionally stable and healthy. The Enchantress/Enchanter Archetype assists in this process.

The Enchantress/Enchanter is associated with the 8th or Rainbow Chakra and supports full and complete alignment with one’s Highest Truth by accessing the higher realms and streams of cosmic consciousness available to us. It is the gateway chakra just above our head in our vibrational field that connects to universal consciousness, and allows the integration with the lower realms and bodily chakras (1-7), to support fifth dimensional (5D) living and beyond.

This archetype and chakra encourage us to live in one’s Higher Heart, be unconditionally loving and non judgmental towards others. It supports 5th (multi) dimensional living by assisting one to be “fully feeling”, interpret divine guidance, and thereby integrate multi-dimensional consciousness with grace and surrender. As well as allow one to also be deeply connected/attuned to nature, animals, the universe and intrinsically connect with Oneness.

Overall, by activating the Rainbow Chakra and embracing the Enchanter/Enchantress we can hear the divinely guided and intuitive messages about the changes we need to make in our lives, and therefore reclaim our power, courage and responsibility in service to the higher good.

For more on the Enchanter/Enchantress Archetype, and how to align with August’s energies please see my video below!

In service and divine liberation,



One Reply to “August 2023 Ascension Energies”

  1. David Keith Gates

    July energies were TOUGH on me.
    Some days I felt like I am in a barrel, going over Niagra Falls