Navigating the Split in Reality

By Kenneth Schmitt

Through the international monetary system, we have had our life force drained from us and then used to control, poison, incarcerate, enslave and subject us to every kind of negative energy, and ultimately to stare into the face of pure evil. This is the spectrum of energy that we have engaged with in the dimension of human life. Resisting it is futile, if we want to remain embodied. It is the nature of this aspect of reality. It becomes real for us through our creation of fear, and it allows us to master it through realization of unconditional love.

Fear allows us to engage with negative energy, which would be impossible for us, if we followed the guidance of our heart-consciousness. We can transform a negative perspective and vibratory frequency into a realm beyond polarity in alignment with the creative expressions of life-enhancement. By opening our awareness to gratitude and joy, we can create resonance with our heart-consciousness.

When we can hold this awareness while going about our lives, we become transformative energy centers for ourselves and everyone around us. We align ourselves with the consciousness that creates everything, and that offers us inner guidance continuously. We are aware of this guidance when we pay attention to it with gratitude and joy in a perspective of life-enhancement.

We do not experience negativity unless we intentionally choose to. It is a matter of vibratory resonance. We adjust our energetic signature moment-to-moment with our attention, intention and emotions. Between the vibratory spectrum of fear and the life-enhancing energy of love, we experience a change in consciousness. When we choose love, we no longer need to resist negativity. Having a perspective that is only positive transforms our energetic presence into a higher octave of experience.

As we choose to align with the life-enhancing energy of our heart, we change the energy of humanity. We cannot participate fully in the human experience without knowing fear, but we no longer have to subject ourselves to it. We are playing a game of consciousness, in which we direct the qualities of our experiences by our own vibrations. We can learn to be intentional in every moment, creating everything we need, while also creating the energy of transformation for the Earth and all of humanity.  By the vibratory qualities of our thoughts and emotions, we express our state of being, forming our energetic signature, which determines our presence in the energetic spectrum of love or fear. Everything in our experience changes according to the one we choose.


3 Replies to “Navigating the Split in Reality”

  1. Kenneth Schmitt

    We are on the path of mastery. How many of the masters live with fear? Fear is possible only when we do not know our eternal essence, which we can realize in every moment. This transforms our experience, moving us into a dimension of reality beyond the reach of negativity.

    There is nothing wrong with being in fear. It is part of our 3D experience, but at this time in our history it is a choice. We no longer need to believe in mortality, because we can know our true being. We can choose to live in love and joy in a dimension without negative experiences and intimidation. We can do this while being thoroughly human and transcending our limiting beliefs about ourselves.

  2. Lavender

    I read this opinion and assumption all the time and it is not to my knowledge and recognition. The way I know it:

    Because someone acknowledges something negative it does not mean they fear it, it means they see it and realse it exists.

    Fear is not a bad thing, though many are trying to convince us of that now.

    Fear serves to protect us and should NOT be ignored/suppressed. We are given emotions for a good reason, they are not given to be switched off or ignored.

    Fear is our alarm system waning us to take heed. It is needed very much in this time when there is need to be cautious.

    The only emotion that does not serve us well is hate. But, it also has its purpose.

    Hate shows us someone or something has hurt us and we should go within to remember those that hurt us are disconnected from love. To heal we should forgive and refect love. This will stop the vicious cycle we currently have and adjust the energy to the correct frequency, instead of th harmful incorrect energy pattern we have through hate .

    Fear is fine if we always assess it for usefulness, not let it control us and warp our views and decisions.

    We must stop trying to change that we are human!!!! If we are born with it, it is for a good reason. Why modify it???!! That is unless you don’t want to be human … Then go ahead and delete your human tendencies and edit your human DNA.

    1. Emma

      Yes fear is a tricky one. Just like hate, it can be there to be dealt with.
      Many I know have fear of dying. If such fear is too often, then go within and find the reason.
      But fear is as said here, also a warning mechanism.