The New Collective

Greetings to You! From heart to heart in this moment we speak, I am Kejraj.

You are already forming a New Collective. One which desires true freedom, true evolution, which is the evolution of consciousness. One that realizes its deep connection with the planetary body they exist upon. One which chooses love over fear.

A New Collective which is open minded and embraces change and new ideas, instead of finding comfort in the same old ways, which never really served humanity to begin with.

The current system the world operates on is nearing its expiration date. While a new world is emerging, one of light, where peace and unity are the norm. Where true freedom reigns, and citizens contribute to society with their unique gifts and talents, as more of your DNA continues to be activated.

Humans have unlimited potential. You are awakening to a new dawn in humanity’s spiritual evolution.

3 Replies to “The New Collective”

  1. Aline Buetti

    To all who have been helping us thank you for this beautiful new world to come. Sending you Love and Light! Namasté!

  2. Benjamin Franklin

    I think that Lightworkers have known this for awhile, that the really, important things, which we need must be attended, by those, of us, who see this clearly. It is much appreciated, the wonderful help, in this regard. We must come together.