The Pleiadian Collective: Sacred Geometry

Received by Judith

Beloved Friends Of Light!

In These Moments We Will Communicate About Sacred Geometry!

You Live In A World Of Designs And Patterns That Reflect The Beauty Of Being! All Life In All Forms Is Created In Such Intricacy That You Might Never Know The Hidden Purpose.

In The Higher Realms Where Pleiadians, Arcturians And Other Souls With Sacred Origins Live In Peace And Light, Sacred Designs Of Triangular, Octagon, Oval And Hexagon Shapes Are Used Frequently. Crafts Are Designed With These Magnificent Shapes And Homes Are Created In Many Levels With Sacred Geometry As The Chosen Method Of Expression.

In Your World There Are Plants, Vegetables, Trees, Minerals And Many Creative Designs In Living That Reflect Sacred Geometry With Great Beauty. Symbols Can Overlap And Speak To All Life Of The Unity And Force Of Dynamic Spirit And Light!

Metatron’s Cube Was Created And Used In Designs To Honor Beloved Archangel Metatron. His Presence And Soul In Form Walked Among The Beings Of Earth In Many Waking Dreams. In One Such Dream His Presence Chose To Be Alexander The Great! In The Higher Realms Of Traveling Through Densities And Dimensions, Archangel Metatron Wears An Armband With A Design That Is Symbolic Of Power. The Name ‘Chenak’ Was Given By The Galactic Federation To Reflect The Power Of Archangel Metatron. Sacred Geometry Creates The Flow Of Beauty In The Sacred Design.

The Symbol Of All Creation Is Seen In The Flower Of Life. With Intersecting And Overlapping Circles, A Pattern Of Sacred Geometry Is Formed. Geometric Patterns Are Seen In Sub-Atomic Levels As Well As Throughout The Vast Cosmos With All Life Forms. Indeed, Everything Is Connected With The Frequency Of One Spirit Expressing In Many Ways Of Being!

In The Domain Of Astral 4-D, There Is Endless Activity With Structures Of Sacred Geometry. Patterns Of Geometric Designs With An Infinite Message That These Patterns Express Are Brought Forth By Thought And Intention Of The Observer. Cosmic Races, Angels And Fairies Are Just Part Of The Life That Is Discovered By All Beings Exploring Astral. Thought Forms And Thought Form Entities Are Ever Changing Amidst The Patterns Of Sacred Geometry.

As You Grow And Expand In Light, Understand That Each Moment Of Being Is Allowing The Beauty Of Creation In A Masterful Architecture Of Spirit That Is Called Sacred Geometry!

We Love You So!


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