The Telosians: We Want to Comfort You

Channel: Marie Josée Andichou

We are happy to have you back, dear brothers and sisters of planet Earth. We always have words of love, support and comfort to send you regularly. On this day, we are going to talk to you about what disturbs you more or less depending on your lifestyle. By this, we mean fatigue, memory loss, feeling out of place, etc.

What is going on ?

Quite simply, all these feelings are the result of the transformation of the physical body of the human being. Indeed, for a few years already and we would say that it has been accentuated since 2012, the DNA of the human being is transformed so that you can become incarnated divine beings on Earth. Yes, the way you lived and the way you still live for a large part of you, is not adapted to the important evolution that is happening on the Earth, in its body as a star and in humanity.

As you know, humanity needs to be cleansed, purified of all the indications that were given to you in your life so that you are in the pay of certain humans of non-love. Know that what is currently happening is a purification of your cells, of your whole body, whether it is the brain or your skeleton.

Why are we talking about your skeleton which is the framework of your body? Because, quite simply, following the evolution that is taking place in humanity, your bodies will gradually transform. In more distant times, the size of humans will grow, the brains of humans will open up to other understandings, and your way of relating to different peoples will improve.

So, if you currently feel a periodic fatigue or an often present fatigue, if you have small memory loss, it means that you are in the energies of purification, energies which bring a little tumult in you by suppressing what does not no longer needed and restore the true divine human being.

In a short time, you will be able to see that the humans who want to have control over your lives and whom we call the world government, these humans will experience moments of great difficulty either in their personal lives or in their work. That is completely normal because your beings being in evolution towards the Light, you are going to occult the shade which appears through these humans who see in their life only the small earthly power.

We always tell you to look within yourself for the Great Divine Power that makes you live. This is very important for your transformation, for your ever stronger evolution towards Light and Pure Love.

By this increase in your Light, you may find that by obscuring the shadow of world government you are discovering your own Divine Power. The more there will be humans who will be aware of their Divine Power, the more the Light will spread on the Earth and the more Peace, Respect will settle in your humanity.

But, will you say: “what will become of humans who do not want to follow the path of Light? »

We will tell you this: every human has a divine path of life to follow. Each life path is different from the other life paths of other humans. Humans who delight in the lower energies of the third dimension will either leave Earth through what you call earth death, or they will go to other planets of consciousness dimension identical to the third dimension where they will continue their evolution from more or less difficult way. At a certain moment, only humans who will be in adequacy with the energies of the Earth will have to remain on the Earth, which will have grown in its consciousness as a star. There will begin the new life of the Earth and its humanity. Of course, you are not there yet because you all still have a lot of “work” to do in order to purify your being,

But we want to comfort you by telling you that in a very short time, we would say in the span of ten years and, above all, since the pandemic that hit the Earth not long ago, your consciences have evolved a lot. It is sometimes necessary for a difficulty to arise, such as this pandemic, for humans to see their understanding of Life become clearer.

Those who were at the origin of this pandemic did not expect humans to transform their consciousness so quickly. This pandemic which had been created from scratch by this world government had the opposite effect to what it expected. Indeed, the human understood how much he was manipulated and he lost confidence in everything that seems to be done to bring him well-being and is not at all.

Dear brothers and sisters of the Earth, we are here to help you understand your life path. We are here to guide you with our messages and we are happy to see that there are more and more humans who are receptive to it and who wish to live in Joy, Peace and Respect.

We support you with great love.


3 Replies to “The Telosians: We Want to Comfort You”

  1. Seer

    I’m wondering where I read that people of Earth wanted your help, oh thats right I didn’t. More interference from those that claim they are not allowed to interfer.

    I can’t read these posts anymore, I feel the same way about these messges as watching MSM.

    Also, they’ve brought a disrupter into the mix because the peasants were starting to think for themselves and they couldn’t have that. Someone to stir the pot and cause friction. I couldnt be bothered with childish games. Yawn, bored, it’s sooooo predictable and no longer entertaining.


  2. Tommy Salami

    Will it get better soon, i need hope. these past months have been filled with incredible darkness, i need to know there is light around the corner