British Scientists are Primed to Create the Next Pandemic Caccine in 100 Days

By Kate Pickles

British scientists are leading the charge to create a vaccine to halt the next deadly pandemic within 100 days of it breaking out.

Experts are working on a high-security project at Porton Down, the top-secret government laboratory, to develop prototype vaccines to tackle ‘Disease X’ when it hits.

The ambitious target would smash the 362 days it took to develop a Covid jab, potentially stopping crippling lockdowns in future.

Scientists agree it is only a matter of time until the next pandemic, with a recent government report putting it among the biggest threats to life this year.

The new super-lab, to which the Mail was invited last week, is geared to work with the world’s deadliest live viruses, with more specialist ‘high-containment’ labs than anywhere in Europe.

Working alongside academics and industry, it is the only site in the UK equipped to create a vaccine from start to finish.

Dr Jenny Harries, head of the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA), said Britain is already primed to launch a ‘very slick and rapid response’ to the next global threat.

Speaking at the launch of the Vaccine Development and Evaluation Centre, she said it signalled a ‘step change in terms of pandemic response’, adding: ‘The risk [of another pandemic] is growing.

‘The 100-day mission is to identify a pathogen of pandemic potential and within 100 days, you have vaccines to try and manage that.

‘This is shifting from being super ready to respond to actually trying to stop [pandemics] happening.

‘For previous vaccines it would have been five to ten years. For Covid it was 362 days, so to get to 100 days is really stretching the ambition. But if we’re going to prevent pandemics then that’s exactly what we need to do.’


6 Replies to “British Scientists are Primed to Create the Next Pandemic Caccine in 100 Days”

    1. EraOfLight Post author

      It is not being promoted. It being shared to make people aware of the darks plans.

      1. Gavin Swinden

        Well this is not revealing the dark plans .. it is a pro vaccine and pro scientific article…

  1. Sandra Hill

    “… and within a 100 days you have vaccines to *try* and manage that”

    So…another “experimental” vaccine. Again. Human lab rats… all over again. Not only have people worldwide had to live through a deliberately inflicted man-made virus, then suffered prolonged house arrest, and then the trauma of being separated from loved ones forced to die alone in hospital, but they’ve been left with a multitude of life-altering health conditions as a direct result of the “Russian Roulette” toxic vaccine. Previously healthy people of all ages, even kids, are now reduced to walking time bombs…just waiting to see what manifests inside them.

    Future lockdowns and especially new “100 day” vaccines will be greeted with the hostility they deserve. People have already learned the hard way that if the virus doesn’t get them, there’s a good chance the vaccine will.

  2. Paladin

    Yes, another death jab for viruses that do not exist and never have existed. Not one, not one vaccine has ever done anything beneficial, nor were they intended to. They only have ever done harm, especially to children.

    The average Normie will never catch on to the vaccine lie. They are simply too insouciant and thick.

  3. Arnaud

    Alors c’est bon on est sauvés, le virus Marburg ne nous transformera en zombie que pendant 100 jours !