How to Remove Bad Energy

By Alue Loskotova

We can all appreciate the healing effect of being in nature, far from civilization. But eventually we have to go homeWhen we compare the sense of peace and connection we feel in nature with the stress, noise and bustle of the city, we clearly feel that there is a big difference. Part of the difference is the energy programmed into the physical objects in those places. There is incomparably more good energy in nature than in our house or city.

Why we feel so good in nature

There are fewer people in nature, so it is more isolated from disturbing human thoughts. Thoughts are also energy. Thought energy attaches to physical objects near the source of those thoughts. Destructive thought energy creates stronger energy patterns and stays longer than constructive thought energy because it is heavy. Fear and stress will last longer than love, peace and happiness.

Sunlight is a stream of energy that washes away any bad energy, so outdoor spaces are regularly cleansed by the sun That’s why it’s very hard to stay depressed when you’re on the beach in the sun or sitting outside under a tree.

Nature is also full of plants. Plants emit constructive energy. They emit high vibrations, but they do not think, so they do not burden their surroundings with any disturbing frequencies. Plants don’t care about work, bills, or relationships.

Before we start filling our homes with constructive energy, we need to remove any accumulated dark energies. Here are simple methods to remove destructive energy from your home:

Salt carpet

This is by far the easiest method. You simply sprinkle dry table salt on the carpet, wait an hour and then vacuum up the salt. For a medium-sized room, use about 3 to 6 tablespoons of salt. Salt crystals have a natural ability to clear programmed energy from space. Then take the bag out of the vacuum cleaner.

Clean Up 

Things like old magazines and dirty clothes can trap a lot of destructive energy in your home. Delete the old stuff you no longer need. Keep coffee tables tidy and clean. The laundry belongs in the laundry basket. Wash dirty dishes. Bad energy needs objects to cling to in order to stay in the house. By keeping your living space organized and clean, you won’t give her a chance.

Play some spiritual music 

Choose some soothing meditation music to fill the space for a few hours. You will see that after a while there you will start to feel completely different.

Meditate there 

Proper meditation once or twice a day in your living space will send a strong constructive vibration into the space. The transmission from a meditative state of mind is much stronger than under normal circumstances, so the good energy is stronger than the bad. The right meditation will saturate the space with uplifting energy even for several hours, and it doesn’t even have to be complicated.

Add live plants 

Plants add color, life, oxygen and good energy to your home. Just avoid the cacti.

Fumigate the space

This is a great way to remove even very strong dark energies.  Even in the happiest of homes, bad energy can appear. For example, by bringing scanned food that 20 people in front of you had in their hands. The shopping cart you put this food in has the energy of people who used that cart before you. If you’ve ever bought something from a flea market, bazaar, etc., then those items can carry the energy of the previous owner, as well as whoever handled them before you.

What to smoke?

Basically, anything goes, but for cleaning spaces or cleaning objects, some herbs are more proven and popular than others.

Sage is typically used to cleanse, bless, and heal an object or person. Sage is used to clean the energies in a space, or to clear energetic imprints from the past, for example when we buy a used item or bring home groceries from the supermarket.
Frankincense is good for protection and is often used to purify spaces before moving in. It will protect your residence from unwanted spirits, but it can also be used to protect yourself, a sacred place or an object from unwanted influences.


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