Will You Give Me 2 MINUTES of Your Time?

By Don Spectacularis

A very popular brand of (instant) noodles in my country calls its product the “2 minute noodles.” But then again, would you rather make noodles or would you rather CHANGE THE ENTIRE WORLD?

Wait, what? Change the entire planetary situation? By giving just 2 tiny minutes of my time? How?

I’ll tell you how.

So basically, when intention (thought) and emotion come together, manifestation happens. In other words:

Intention + Emotion = Literal Reality Creation

Now, when MORE THAN ONE PERSON is trying to create the same reality (i.e. achieve roughly the same end result) using the above technique — the manifestation (i.e. the creation of said reality) happens that much faster and powerfully.

How much more powerfully, you wonder?

Let’s take 10…no, wait, let’s take JUST 9 PEOPLE. Which is not even a two digit number (of people) to start things off with. Then, imagine each of them putting in 10 units of manifestation energy (i.e. intention + emotion) towards any given manifestation/creation of their choice.

So together, they would be putting 10 x 9 = 90 units of manifestation energy, right?

Nope. Not even close.

Because, as per spiritual law, the power of any manifestation is multiplied exponentially with each addition of “intention + emotion.”

Which means that, when just TWO people come together with the intention of creating the same shared reality, they put out 10 x 10 = 100 UNITS of (manifestation) energy towards creating their desired reality.

Which means that when 9 people come together to achieve a single given cause, they together put out 10 x 10 x 10 x 10 x 10 x 10 x 10 x 10 x 10 = a WHOPPING 1 BILLION units of manifestation energy! Now imagine how very POWERFULLY and QUICKLY that particular manifestation will come about!

Now, many THOUSAND people visit this website each day. Not a single digit number, but a WILD number in FIVE FULL DIGITS. So imagine how very QUICKLY we can change the world with JUST 2 MINUTES of our (collective) focused intentions!

So, here’s how this whole thing is going to work:

Each week, starting TODAY onwards, we will ALL get together to manifest INCREDIBLE THINGS for our planet. But first, some nitty-gritties…

STEP ONE: We (the readers of this blog) will be getting together TWICE every 24 hours to meditate/focus upon/MANIFEST a given (collective) intention of ours. So that people from BOTH THE (Northern AND the Southern) hemispheres of our world get at least 1 CHANCE to participate.

STEP TWO: Time Zone Selection: I’ve noticed that a lot of this blog’s readers are from Central Europe. And given that roughly about 10 PM is the time when everyone’s done with their meals and getting all ready to waste time, THIS is the time when pretty much anyone and everyone can spare like, 2 tiny little minutes to fix our planet’s very destiny (once and for good).

So, our FIRST time slot (for this collective meditation/manifestation thingy) would be 10 PM Central European Time (CET). And the SECOND time slot for the same would be 10 PM New Zealand Standard Time (NZST) since New Zealand is almost exactly on the other side of the globe (with respect to Central Europe).

Now, all you need to do is to convert 10 PM CET & 10 PM NZST to your own respective time zones and simply pick the time slot/s that suit YOUR CONVENIENCE the best!

A PROTIP: If you’re at work/office during EITHER of the above two given time slots (in your own respective countries); all you need here is a mere 2 MINUTES OF YOUR TIME and THAT’S IT. Which means that you can easily do this even during a quick bathroom break or something!

STEP THREE: Now that we have the time — and the (numbers of) people needed — to change our planet, the one last question that remains is, “So…what do we all even focus upon, here?”

Excellent question. For now, we will focus on just 2 simple things.

MEDITATION FOR MINUTE ONE: Send PURE LOVE to ALL of the elements of darkness upon our world. Yes, you read that correctly. I want you to start sending REAL (not fake or pretend) UNCONDITIONAL LOVE to absolutely EVERY SINGLE BEING out there who has been committing dark or negative acts and atrocities.

Send it to the politicians. To the militaries. To the CIAs and the NASAs and the Scotland Yards of this world. To the Reptilians and the Greys. To the media and the banks and the educational systems and the pharma folks. To the little minions of the dark who “know not what they do.”

If you want to hit them the HARDEST, hit them with LOVE or LIGHT. For PURE. UNCONDITIONAL. LOVE. is the energy of the ONE INFINITE CREATOR itself. The GREATEST power in all of existence, if you will. Which means that you DIRECTLY hit these ones with two VERY CLEAR CHOICES: One, that they change their ways for GOOD with IMMEDIATE EFFECT. Or two, that they experience the INTENSE SUFFERING (brought forth by their OWN CONSCIENCE — as it begins to remind them of all the PAIN that they’ve caused others through their incredibly DARK acts and choices).

My friends, SUCH is the power of LOVE, that NO DARK BEING has absolutely ANY ANSWER to it. NO retaliation. NO escape. Which means that either all of these beings will IMMEDIATELY start working for the LIGHT; OR that all of these beings will VERY QUICKLY take their leave (from our world) in one way or another.

There is no third option.

Since the Politicians and the Media People and the Banks and the Billionaires and the Intelligence Agencies etc. control our very WORLD right now (not to mention matters such as ET Disclosure and such), this, my dearest friends, is THE fastest and MOST effective way to change our planet.

You’ve got to try it to believe it, is all I’ll even say here.

MEDITATION FOR MINUTE TWO: In the second minute of our meditations, we’ll send light into the Collective Unconscious Mind of our ENTIRE PLANET. Why? Because THIS is where all of the darkness even EXISTS.

Not just darkness within all of the darker elements, but also those within Us. For love/light is what really HEALS shit. It is via THIS place that creates all of the energetic imbalances, diseases, discord, wars, crimes, corruption, pollution, disasters, hatred, anger, fear and pollution and all other fucked up shit on Earth. So let’s fix this goddamn problem at its very ROOTS, say what??????

MEDITATION FOR MINUTE THREE (AND BEYOND): Now, this is an OPTIONAL STEP for anyone and everyone with a little more time (and interest) on their hands. Beyond the two minute mark, we can all collectively focus upon (i.e. intend, visualize or imagine) manifesting a happier, nicer, and a fulfillingly abundant Earth (for ALL beings). Think clean and pristine air, water, soil, and even the collective consciousness. Think all of these filled with the very highest of love and light. Think rich, nutritious, delicious, clean and healthy FOOD for ALL. Think crystal clear fresh WATER for ALL, and all lakes and seas and rivers filled with it. Think pure, oxygenated, light-filled and fresh and crisp AIR for ALL.

Think financial prosperity for all, and an ability to do WHATEVER one wishes to (as long as others’ Free Will is respected and is done in a kind, loving way). Think technologies (or consciousness techniques) that make life a complete and total paradise. Think personal spacecrafts and devices (that run on free energy) for one and all. Think open contact and connection with all of our Space Families, Heaven Families, Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Inner Earthers, Elohim, the Galactics, AND above all, the Creator of this universe as well as Divine Source. Think a planet filled with trees and flowers and fruits and all the cute animals and fairies and elementals and whatnot. Think of an entire UNIVERSE (and even the entire CREATION) coming together in INFINITE LOVE, PEACE, ABUNDANCE, HARMONY and JOY!

And then simply IMAGINE / INTEND and FEEL as if you were experiencing it all, RIGHT. FUCKING. NOW. And then, once you’ve done “feeling it”, just let go of this whole process and move on with your life!

The power of your collective intentions will manifest SOONER THAN YOU THINK.

PROTIP: Be sure to INVITE (of your own Free Will) all of the Ascended Masters, Inner Earthers, Angels, Archangels, Galactics and God to ASSIST YOU and AMPLIFY your energies INFINITELY (in whatever ways possible) prior to doing each and EVERY meditation! One, because they do indeed require YOUR FREE WILL PERMISSION to participate; and two, their sheer ENERGIES can do WONDERS for our world (and BEYOND!)

Because you see, it helps NOBODY to be a victim and talk like a victim and remind others to be a victim (at the hands of either a terrible fate, or a terrible creator) when we are all OMNIPOTENT GODS. You want change, BE the change. You want to see shit go down, BE the flush. You want to see shit hit the fan, BE the fart. Being a victim on here and cribbing, bitching, whining and crying about how the “government and big pharma is trying to kill us” – while likely true – helps NOBODY. EXACTLY NOBODY.

Also, participating in one Cobra meditation every 6 months – while admirable indeed – doesn’t (and won’t) necessarily speed up things as fast as you’d intended.

So, like they say, if you want to get something done, you’ve got to do it yourself.

And the power of mass meditations is SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN — just read THIS ARTICLE to see how.

Most of us reading this probably spend (i.e. waste) 2 hours each day driving or waiting in traffic alone; 2 minutes per day is like, NOTHING to us. But it IS indeed EVERYTHING to this planet, its people, and – believe it or not – the entirety of our UNIVERSE and all of CREATION no less!

And before I forget, one final (fun!) thing: I recently happened to watch a movie which was clearly “inspired” by (higher) sources beyond our realm. Yes, it’s a Hollywood movie, so expect violence and all of that useless shit; but nevertheless, the MESSAGING of the movie is Pretty. Fucking. CLEAR.

That when humans FINALLY unlock their full DNA and FULL BRAIN POWER (like Jesus and Buddha etc. did), they become LIVING GODS.

GODS, who can do practically ANYTHING they so wish to.

EXACTLY like the character shown in the movie.

The movie is called ‘Lucy’. Starring Scarlett Johansson in the lead role, it was released about a decade back in the year 2014. And, much like the movie known as the Matrix (starring Keanu Reeves) – TRUST ME – this one’s a MUST WATCH for ALL who TRULY wish to know as to WHO they even really ARE; and WHAT they’re truly even CAPABLE OF doing (and achieving) and pulling off!

And as always, feel free to SHARE THIS MESSAGE wherever you so can (just in case it RESONATES!) Drop a COMMENT too just in case you found this message useful! Or simply RE-POST IT, TRANSLATE it or make it into a VIDEO for more people like yourself to discover it and benefit from it! Which in turn will benefit ALL of PLANET EARTH, Humanity, and this entire UNIVERSE (and BEYOND!) in return no less! Thank you! And have a fabulous day!

In INFINITE Love and Light,

Don Spectacularis

24 Replies to “Will You Give Me 2 MINUTES of Your Time?”

  1. Leander

    In my meditations, I focus on a person (or maybe several at a time) and speak to them about ‘doing the right thing by God’, and to protect our precious children, while at the same time planting love hearts (red, purple, gold etc) into their being. ❤️💜💛. Love is the way.

  2. Dorothy

    Saint Germain, about a year ago, channelled a message on a very similar vein. Participants were asked to light a candle every day at 6:00 p.m. whatever time zone we’re in, saying “I am the Light, I am the Love, I am the Life. I ignite this light for peace, freedom and forgiveness. God is my shield, the truth is my sword.” We can elaborate on it and make our own personalized ritual. Thank you for this amazing clarion call. Your enthusiasm is contagious. I’m definitely setting aside another few minutes a day for this one.

    1. MiMa

      Bravo, proud of you Dorothy💙 Proud of every wise, hearth-centered, powerful human Being💗 Let US get ALL TOGETHER manifesting divine Christ Love, Holy Spirit Mightiness and Universal Divine Knowledge🙏🏻

    2. Don Spectacularis

      Your enthusiasm for my enthusiasm is contagious!!!❤️❤️ ❤️❤️❤️!!!!!!

  3. Carlos

    Nothing is lost by trying.

    Maybe it’s more effective to send unconditional love to the “bad guys” than mental shock to the sleeping ones.


    I’m in.

    1. Don Spectacularis

      Actually, your words are truer than you know. Thank you for choosing to be a part of this 🙂

      1. MiMa

        Lets share it and all TOGETHER DO IT! Lets do it in a noble, kind, humane way with dignity, knowing that divine power is within us! We are the one we were waiting for! UBUNTU – KUNJITA PADAM SARANAM🙏🏻 BLESSED BE Don💙

        1. Don Spectacularis

          Thank you. And those were some potent words indeed, although I have no translation for them myself 🙂 🙂

    1. Don Spectacularis

      Thank you Dani 💕 Let’s follow up the collective consciousness with light (and de-light!)

  4. marybogdan

    Fabulous, always a pleasure to hear from you, Don! I always look forward to it! Your words ring so true and are so deeply vibrant! I participate with you and together with others (thousands if not millions) we will achieve our greatest dreams! I can touch it now, I can feel it already! It is done! Since we are beyond time and space, we can do this anytime, all the time, it will reverberate throughout the universe! Thank you, Don for your big dreams, they inspire and they move the world! Blessings, always! We are one! 🦋

    1. Don Spectacularis

      Thank you SO MUCH dearest Mary (Autocorrect tried to correct this to ‘Army’ lol, how perceptive).

      But indeed, each of us Divine Creators is a One Man / Woman Army indeed! So let’s load our guns with loveeeeee and put Cupid to shame!

      I don’t know what that meant but it sounded fucking epic. And true as well.

      You are loved.

      1. marybogdan

        Spectacularis, love the name! Yes, you have found a warrior in me! I battle myself daily, but always seem to come out on top! You are infinitely loved! Love that!!! 🦋😇