The Council of Light: The Opportunity to Let Go

Channel: Nadina Boun

Every moment gives you the opportunity to let go, let go what was the moment before, so you can step anew into the new moment. The more you let go, the lighter you step into the next moment.

Every moment is saying let it go. To become lighter and lighter is to let go every moment, it is to take these opportunities to let go the moment before, with everything that happened, and step into a new moment. Which means, you let go the thinking, you let go the guilt, the burden, the regret, the pressure, and simply step into another moment as another being, a new being, free from the baggage of the moment before.

Everything in nature speaks of this process. The trees shed. Snakes shed. Even peacocks shed. They are showing you what it is about, shedding the old, so you can come back with the new. Shedding what was, so you can renew from the ashes of the old. Shedding as in letting go what was, so it can rebuild itself anew. New leaves, new skin. New feathers, new thoughts. New body, new you. Shedding, so you are renewed with a new spirit, new understanding, new perspective in every new moment.

The more you shed, the more you renew, and allow yourself to be renewed into lighter and lighter, better and better, more and more.


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