Archangel Raphael: Death Turns Into Life

Channel: Jahn J Kassl

Loved people,

I come from the kingdom of those who have passed away with this message: Do not be afraid of dying or death. It is the final step from this world into the other, and it is an exceedingly familiar step once you are about to take it again. There is no reason for worry or fear.

There is no reason to repress death and only accept it when it gently spreads its wings to carry you across the threshold into the realm of light.

It is time for you to awaken to the fact that you are eternal beings. It is time you understood death as a transition to a new being, not as the ultimate end of your existence. What is happening is that you slide from your physical body into your subtle body. What is happening is that you are becoming aware of the spiritual power and quality of yourselves.

The great mystery of death is still charged with many fears. So I invite you to deal with the subject of your death and your dying throughout your life. Meditate on this topic, bring this topic into your consciousness again and again until death no longer creates fears in you and dying creates no more fears in you.

Your entry into life and your exit from this life contain one essence: the transformation of your being from one life form into another. You existed before you were born and you continue to exist after you die.


This is the only mystery to be discovered and demystified. Then death has no more power over you. Everything calms down when you know, everything becomes easy when you understand, everything becomes easy when you surrender to the natural process of transition.

When your time has come, don’t hesitate. If you’re expected, cross the bridge. When you have accomplished, then ascend.

You have every reason to live in joy on earth, and you have every reason to live in joy in heaven. You have no reason to feed the fears surrounding dying and death in order to empower them.

Let yourself be guided through the valley of tears, climb up to bright heights, there a life awaits you that you have never seen on earth.

Worry no more, man, for you are always cared for: before a human life, during a human life, and after a human life.

Your universal mind knows and your universal soul remembers.

Immerse yourself in this reality that your life is immortal and eternal.

With infinite love