Benjamin Fulford Report: Russia Will Not Negotiate Peace With Current US Regime

The US and Western authorities are trying to start peace negotiations with Russia over Ukraine and elsewhere. The Russians -for good reason- do not trust the current Western leadership. “The problem, however, is that the United States has no intention of ending the conflict,” Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov explains, noting that “their officially declared objective is to inflict a ‘strategic defeat’ on Russia.”

Russian FSB sources and Asian Secret Society sources say that as much as they would like to reach a peace agreement with the West, centuries of broken promises and ignored treaties mean the current Western leadership is not trusted.

In a recent example, Western leaders like former German Chancellor Angela Merkel say they deliberately deceived Russia over the 2014 Minsk Agreement in order to buy time to build up the Ukrainian military. Their plan was/is to conquer Kazakhstan, re-establish the Khazarian empire and destroy Russia, multiple sources agree.

The Russians know they are dealing with Satan-worshipping religious fanatics who can only be stopped, not reasoned with. In other words, the only solution they see to the ongoing crisis in Ukraine is regime change in the West.

The non-Western BRICS alliance leaders will be meeting this week in person for the first time in three years to discuss exactly such a change. Chinese President Xi Jinping will go to Johannesburg, South Africa to “join other BRICS leaders to discuss…the international community.”

However, the real agenda will be the “liberation” of Africa and France. The BRICS realize ending the theft of African resources by KM-controlled countries, in particular France, will lead to the overall collapse of Khazarian Mafia rule.

This was seen in an African Russia summit held in Moscow before the BRICS meeting where African leaders thanked Russia for liberating them from US, French and UK oppression by singing the Russian anthem and saying farewell to the West, Polish intelligence reports. It also comes as about 50 other countries have applied to join BRICS including Indonesia, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Turkey etc.

Russia has also used their victory in the Ukraine war as a huge weapons marketing tool by staging an arms fair whose central theme was “the process of establishing a multipolar world order.” Last week over 800 representatives from 76 countries and 82 corporations attended this event. In a sign of just how good the Ukrainian war has been for the Russian arms industry, the number of visitors to their arms fair was almost three times higher than the previous such event. Furthermore, no Western countries were invited this time. “Today, all companies, all countries taking part in the exhibition take into account the experience of the latest development, including in the zone of the special military operation,” Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu told the visiting delegates.

As Tass reports: Russia is open to military and technical cooperation on equitable terms with all countries that are seeking to defend their sovereign interests, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Monday in remarks at the opening of the Army-2023 International Military-Technical Forum outside Moscow.

This is not just talk either. A serious military campaign is now unfolding in Africa and Asia that could decisively tip the scales against the current Western leadership.

The crisis now unfolding in Niger is expected to be just the first in a series of planned events. “Niger is the base of many of the military and intelligence operations for the Pentagon” in Africa, says Abayomi Azikiwe. an editor at the Pan-African News Wire.

The overthrow of the pro-Western regime there is a potentially mortal blow to France since Niger is the source of most of the Uranium France needs to keep its nuclear power generators going.

In what is likely a related move, the French army general appointed by Emmanuel Macron to oversee the reconstruction of the fire-ravaged Notre Dame Cathedral has apparently been thrown off a cliff. Mountain gendarmes discovered the body of Jean-Louis Georgelin, 74, the former chief of the defense staff after he failed to return to a mountain refuge on Friday.

French sources say the removal of this general is part of a move to oust the entire regime of KM stooge Emanuelle Macron, certainly, Macron showed his upset with the death of his general by tweeting “With the death of General Jean-Louis Georgelin, the nation has lost one of its great soldiers, France one of its great servants.”

The Macron regime is even more threatened because the new government in Niger is putting a stop to a planned project to send natural gas by pipeline to France and the EU from Nigeria via Niger.

A hike in French energy prices caused by the lack of uranium, gas and other resources from Africa is bad news not only for the KM slave Macron, but for his KM masters elsewhere.

US Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs, war criminal and KM honcho Victoria Nuland rushed to Niger to try to persuade, bribe and threaten the new leadership. The threats included a cut off of “financial assistance,” a blockade and military intervention.

However, seeing what Nuland and her partners in crime have done elsewhere, she was sent packing after only being allowed to talk to junior officials.

“Niger is not attracted by the fate of Ukraine, formerly the most successful Soviet republic, and now a beggar with a destroyed economy and an eternal outstretched hand,” according to an FSB source.,-US-meddling-

The fall of Niger means that France is losing control over a $500 billion per year “colonial tax” it gets from 14 African “former French colonies.” This process allows France to appropriate around 85 percent of the former colonies’ annual income.

When counties like Guinea tried to become truly independent of France, the departing French took all their property with them. They also destroyed anything which could not be moved: schools, nurseries, public administration buildings, cars, books, medicine, research institute instruments and tractors. In addition horses, cows and other farm animals were killed and food in warehouses was burned or poisoned. That is why other French colonies caved into continued French rule.

This time though, Russians and Chinese as well as the rest of the BRICS are all working together to liberate Africa.

In other words, if the French or even the Pentagon try to move against the new government in Niger, they will be facing Russian and possibly Chinese troops.

The Chinese, by the way, appear to have all sorts of new secret weapons they will be able to deploy in any possible war. For example, this video shows Chinese workers using laser guns to trim trees. This is technology that not long ago was considered science fiction. If gardeners are now openly using this technology, imagine what’s hidden from us?

Not only that, new military/economic campaigns against the KM are about to begin or have already begun in Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Syria, the former Yugoslavia, Argentina and elsewhere.

The situation in Korea is the one most likely to cause serious trouble for the current KM-controlled Western power structure.

At the aforementioned Russian Arms Festival, North Korean Defense Minister Kang Sun Nam said, “The question is not whether or not nuclear war will break out on the Korean Peninsula, the question is how, when and who will unleash it.”

North Korean officials say that now that North Korea possesses “over 100” nuclear weapons of various kinds, it will give the US an ultimatum to liberate South Korea or accept the destruction of New York, Washington DC and Silicon Valley. The Koreans are ready to leave major population centers and head to nuclear shelters in preparation for a nuclear showdown with the US, the sources said.

That ultimatum is the real reason why false White House national security spokesman John Kirby says, “We are ready to sit down and negotiate [with North Korea] with no preconditions.”

The North Koreans are calling for the reunification of the Korean peninsula, with supreme leader Kim Jong Un becoming a symbolic emperor-style ruler.

North Korea’s push to “liberate the South” is being coordinated with planned actions in Japan and Taiwan, Asian intelligence sources said. A Japanese underworld source says a military coup in Japan and an election coup in Taiwan are more likely than an actual war with China. Other sources predict a “Night of the Long Knives” to eliminate KM lackeys in these countries.

The actions in East Asia, Africa and elsewhere will take place around the same time as a Russian offensive aimed at retaking the entire Black Sea coast and pushing as far as Serbia, Russian FSB sources said.

The military push is being coordinated with a more systematic exposure of Western crimes in Ukraine. For example, Western propaganda media have hid the fact that Russian soldiers last week discovered a mass grave containing the remains of raped and tortured women in a forest near the former positions of the Ukrainian armed forces, according to the Polish secret service.

The Polish sources also say that the Polish gangster Piotr Kapuściński, who is wanted in Poland for fraud, is a senior commander of the international legion in Ukraine.

“He is responsible for numerous abuses, and his orders are described by the soldiers as suicide squads. Soldiers from the International Territorial Defense Legion of Ukraine say they have long reported abuses by their commanders to Ukrainian law enforcement agencies. Their written testimonies even reached parliament and the desk of President Volodymyr Zelensky However, the text indicates that the soldiers saw no reaction from the authorities, so they turned to journalists as a last resort.

The Russians have already submitted over 2,000 pages of evidence of bioterror and other war crimes to the UN. As Indian news sources report: Russia has made public claims suggesting that Big Pharma and certain individuals within the US Deep State orchestrated the Covid-19 pandemic with intent for global dominance. They have named people like Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Joe Biden and George Soros as co-conspirators.

By providing the BRICS with evidence of KM war crimes, Russia will gain international support for a new military campaign in Syria and the Middle East against Pentagon troops stationed in the region, according to CIA sources.

In other words, the KM-controlled West will face simultaneous military advances in Africa, East Asia, Europe, the Middle East and possibly Latin America.

These military advances are being coordinated with economic warfare aimed at bankrupting the KM.

A major step on this front is the creation of the Moscow World Standard (MWS) as an alternative to the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA), which Russia says is manipulating precious metals markets to depress prices.

According to the Russian Ministry of Finance, this new independent international structure is necessary to “normalize the functioning of the precious metals sector” and its creation is “crucial”. “The basis of the new structure will be a new international broker specializing in precious metals, based in Moscow.

Russia proposes creating a market for gold, platinum, etc., regulated by the countries that control the resources of these metals. In short, that would be a revolution. On the basis of this new market, the system of bilateral trade in national currencies is to be continued, with the dollar, euro and sterling expressly excluded.

This could be enough to topple the already teetering Western-dominated financial system. Last week, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres warned that 52 countries have no way of reducing their debt burden and are on the verge of default. “This is more than a systemic risk – it’s a systemic failure,” Guterres said last Wednesday.

In another related and revolutionary move, leading Argentine presidential candidate Javier Milei – a self-proclaimed anarcho-capitalist – promised to shut down the country’s central bank. He calls it “one of the greatest thefts in human history”.

If Milei comes to power in October, as opinion polls suggest, he is likely to derail KM’s attempts to create — and seek refuge in — an independent state in southern Argentina.

They need protection, as the deluge of news of KM’s crimes means it’s only a matter of time before the lynch mob comes down on them.

The most recent example: The CIA ran an organization called “The Finders” that kidnapped children from day care centers, locked them in cages on a farm in Virginia, subjected them to satanic rituals, made them participate in orgies, blood rituals, and the sacrifice of other children and them then sold overseas as sex slaves.

The FBI found this out during an investigation. And what did they do? They covered it up.

Another example: Oprah Winfrey allegedly transported children from her school in Arica to Epstein’s Island on her private jet 11 times.

One sign that KM leadership is panicking and being attacked is what appears to be an MSNBC interview with Rachel Maddow, “Killary Clinton Rockefeller.” Note that this is a masked Killary. You can see the stitching at the back of her neck. She’s also much younger,” commented a Mossad source.

This is happening while a hurricane called “Hilary” is hitting Southern California. You don’t have to be a weather expert to know that hurricanes never hit California.

A CIA weather expert says “Hilary” was initially Category 4 coming north, but weakened due to the cooler currents.

Now it’s a tropical storm. Don’t worry about a hurricane.”

Still, he anticipates major flooding in Southern California, the Sierras and Nevada. “There hasn’t been a summer flood like this in almost 100 years. Now many urban areas that weren’t in this area 100 years ago will be seriously affected,” he says. He believes the severe flooding will lead to a major disaster.

Speaking of weather wars, there is mounting evidence that northern and western Canada, the Canary Islands and other locations are being attacked with space-based weapons, just like Maui. For example, evacuees from northern Canada report that their cars melted when they tried to flee. Any normal fire hot enough to melt metal would have killed nearby people long before the cars started melting, but it all makes sense if we think of it as a directed energy weapon (DEW) attack. Speaking of DEW, do you think those stickers on Mountain Dew are just a coincidence?

In the case of Maui, it looks like the KM there don’t even try to cover up their crimes.

For example, a book was published about the fires while Lahaina was set on fire with a DEW laser. MSM propaganda tries to claim the book was written by an AI, but even then, experienced publishers say it would be impossible to write, print, publish and distribute a book in such a short amount of time.

Fire and Fury on Maui Hawaii

In other words, the attack on Hawaii was clearly planned in advance.

Many people have also noted that none of the billionaires’ properties near the fire were damaged.

Brazilian KM slave President Lula seems to have laid bare the KM’s true motivations when he said we need a “new world governance” to impose “measures on climate change” and ensure that “everyone” complies.

Richard Coudenhove Kalergi, the “founding father” of the Khazarian mafia in the EU, revealed many years ago what people should “follow” when he said: “We intend to convert Europe and North America into a mixed race of Asians and Negroes transform, which is ruled by Jews.



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  1. Concerned

    Europe is really running out of dollars because when I was there last month exchanging euros for dollars I got even less back. For example: I had 130 euros and got 100 dollars with change. The change was partially in euros coins. The french man just smiled. As far as Europe is concerned its only run on the credit card. Since the Kingdom of Hawaii is really owned by the natives, then they can confiscate all those expensive homes from all the elites. Crimea did it with help from Russia. I suppose Russia could help the Kingdom of Hawaii out.
    Peace out.

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    I wish i lived in a brics country but unfortunatly my country (uk) may be amongst the last to switch over, i dont agree with uk goverment policies whatsoever and i want to live in russia. love to all especially presidents putin and trump.