The Divine Love Wave

By Ramona Lappin

Amazing Divine Union energies and activations are unfolding, as the Love-Bliss Wave, and Supernova of the ONE Heart-Mind Event, is HERE NOW & about to sweep us all up, up and away, back to Heaven on Earth!

The New Cosmic Monad of the 144 (2×72) around the 12/(13) Original Twinflames, Graillines, and Tribes, are being fully activated to their 72 strands, plus three as ONE, Triple helix DNA and Triple Diamond Sun Body, and New Divine Blueprint of the Cosmic Kryst, the Krystar SAphiRA/ Christos-Sophia, and the Androgenous Albion Lightbody in the planet.

Our Hearts and Minds are now fully aligned and have merged as ONE in TRUE DIVINE LOVE & UNION, and with it our Hearts and Minds fully heal and unify the above and below! Heaven and Earth, all polarising principles and energies within the Zero Point Field of their unconditional True Divine Love, Neutrality and ONEness. As they embody the Frequency of the Godhead together, they are each other’s Home and safe Haven.

The Divine Masculine and Feminine energies and principles are fully aligning, merging, and unifying their Heart, Mind, Bodies, and Souls, and complete our transformation, alchemisation, and Ascension process, as part of the Cosmic Divine Hierogamic Re-Union Event.

Now our higher multi-dimensional soul identities and physical bodies, as well as that of the planet, and Cosmic bodies, merge as ONE also, completing our Ascension as we merge Heaven on Earth, literally, through our own Embodiment and the Collective Divine Re-Union process, completing our hero’s journey, back to our True Eternal Authentic Self and our One True Beloved!

That’s OUR FULL & FINAL VICTORY OVER THE FALSE FEAR MATRIX & RE-CLAIMING our realities FULLY FROM THE INVADERS, as we fulfill our destiny, we are overcome with a deep sense of accomplishment and celebration!

QUANTUM MERGE WITH YOUR TRUE ETERNAL, ALREADY ASCENDED DIAMOND AVATAR SELF, and align with this knowing of it ALL already being HERE NOW, because it already is! As we complete our Divine Hierogamic Love Re-Union, we return Eternal Peace, Harmony, Balance, Freedom, Abundance, Joy, and Divine Order back to ALL New Free Worlds!

The Cosmic Love-Bliss Tsunami is fully online and enveloping us, clearing and sweeping away all remaining blocks, miasma, interference patterns, black magic residues, false memories, and false light Matrix overlays, along with all illusions of separation and false projections from within the One Consciousness!

Freeing the way for all of our long-awaited Blessings, Abundance, biggest dreams, wildest visions, and prayers to become full-filled now, as we JUMP ALL IN/to what our heart’s desires lead us to, transcending, overwriting, and DISSOLVING ALL FEARS of living and dying as we become fully





& FREE!!

THE DIAMOND AVATAR FULLY RISES & IGNITES OUR NEW EDEN AS OUR TRUE COSMIC HISTORY RECORDS & HIGHER IDENTITIES UNLOCK from within the spark within our sacred Crystal Hearts, being fully ignited through the Flame of Amorarea and Aurora Plasma infusions!

As all of our doubts, all worries, insecurities anxieties, shame, guilt, discord, judgments, blame, and false projections, clear between the Twinflames, and they surrender to the Divine Love between them in full faith and trust, protected by God’s Armour and Golden Fleece, they are being led to One another and will reunite in the physical, as they merge their Souls and Bodies as ONE!

We have claimed the highest peaks of the highest spiritual mountains and have finally arrived back home.

Back to True Divine Love, and The One True Beloved.

Our One True Eternal Authentic Self!

The Cosmic Kryst fully re-membered, re-awakened, activated, online & UNIFIED AS ONE!



TUNE withIN!