A Message from God: The Expectation

**Channel: Jahn J Kassl

If you live in the “reality” of strong expectations, you cut yourself off from being. Expectation is always egoic and an expression of your limited self-awareness.

If you expect something, be it from yourself or from other people, a kind of “solidification” occurs in your energy bodies. Your energies no longer flow freely as you focus all of your attention on the future in which your expectation is to be fulfilled.

You are in the past if an expectation has not been fulfilled – and mentally in the future while you wait for the expectation to occur. Far from now you reduce your personal perception.

Expectations bind your energies and keep you from being in the now – paying attention to each moment and the beauty of life.

How hypnotized you wait for the moment that should bring you fulfillment. But meanwhile you miss all the moments that give you actual joy and abundance.

It doesn’t matter whether you expect something from yourself or someone else: your energy is always dammed up and your ego is in control.

Expectation always leads to disappointment and frustration. Even if fulfillment comes from time to time, this is only a brief high, since peace never comes. As soon as an expectation pattern has been fulfilled, the next goal appears, and again you wait – you are in expectation. When you are in being, there is no expectation, everything is there, immediate and NOW. So what are you waiting for, there is nothing to expect as everything is there: unlimited abundance in the Now.

As soon as you realize who you are and as soon as you have uncovered your inner essence, expectation patterns dissolve. This letting go brings you back an incredible amount of energy, the rigidity turns into mobility. You become supple – and it shows in your body language.

the now

You were born to work out of your true being – out of your being – and not to fulfill expectations that are stored in the collective consciousness of people and constantly cause unrest, dissatisfaction and a completely wrong self-perception. They keep you from your joy as anticipation overlooks the moment, the now!

Always be ready, but expect nothing! Be awake and fresh, open and flexible! Be amazed and experience the world with all your senses, both your inner and your outer senses! Be cheerful and stay calm when events are worrying you!

Always stay in the now! There you live, there you are, there is your being. Everything is taken care of when you understand this truth. It is a divine law that every human being is cared for.

Just because most people cannot accept this, they create their reality and live in constant lack, in constant expectation, in constant worry.

Everyone is taken care of, dear human child. This is not an unworldly, aloof and unrealistic illusion, but the only true and eternal law.

Every defect is man-made, you create your reality through your thinking, your words condense it and your actions ultimately create your world of experience, your so-called reality.

Ask the infallible divine light for enlightenment! Let it into your being so that you can recognize who you are.

It is the lack of self-awareness that creates all of your “feeling of lack”, for expectation always reflects a distinct “feeling of lack”.

Know that no man is born to fulfill your expectations! No child will meet your expectations and no partner is there, absolutely no being and no expression of this reality of life is there to meet your expectations. You are not there to meet the expectations you have set yourself – or to meet the expectations of others.

It’s so important to realize what you were born to do. The light shows you and shines so that you can see yourself – and you will be amazed, because a deep inner touch happens to you. This tenderness is the love of your being. If you touch this energy source, you experience abundance – immediately and completely. There is no more lack, no expectation, no past or future: YOUR BEING IN THE NOW – you are who you are.

Letting go of this subtly debilitating feeling is a true release, like putting down a heavy burden. You also feel physically lighter and more elastic, more flexible and more harmonious. This usually relieves you of tension! You have given up your rigidity and your waiting and you are getting your energies back.

You stand there strengthened and can enjoy every moment: joy, peace, freedom and love – in the now. You don’t look for happiness in the past, nor do you wait for the future. You are now fully yourself and present.

Every expectation limits you in your work, makes you passive, lethargic and dissatisfied. An infinite number of expectation patterns are stored in the collective consciousness of mankind and this illusion is further maintained by the media. Get out of this spiral, become aware of your issues, let in the light and free yourself from it!

Your social life, your communication, your systems, both economic and political, are permeated by patterns of expectations. The man expects this and that from the woman – the woman from the man – you expect this and that from work, the state should fulfill this or that expectation for you, etc.

You move and are caught in the spiral of self-expectation, the expectation of others and the fulfillment of foreign expectations. Rise and begin to claim your actual power!

You are co-creator and absolute co-designer of your reality.

Everything starts with your thoughts. What you think, you become – inevitably. Look at what you do, what you speak and what you think. Where do you meet your lack?

By transforming these energies you get into your power and into your being. The divine light helps you, it shines where your feeling of lack originates, it finds the right assignment and dissolves this pattern.

This is very important, because the right assignment brings you to understanding – and only this healing is complete. Your encompassing being has been touched and is being rebalanced. Energies that are preventing you from your self-awareness must be put back where they came from. It is therefore necessary to make the right assignments.

Expectations that those around you have of you must roll off you like rain does on a raincoat. By recognizing and dissolving, you become immune to it. The collective expectation pattern no longer has power: you are free and in your power, anchored in your being, connected to your essence. Light and love radiate from your being. This is the protection, the cloak that keeps destructive energies away from you.

release energy

Letting go of expectations has an immediate effect and you immediately feel better, lighter and more comfortable. Each new letting go brings you closer to your true lineage, until you enter your inner sanctum, your inner space – your divinity.

Dissolving expectations releases an “unexpected” amount of energy. You celebrate every day from your heart, you know your tasks and the connections, you are centered – in your midst – in harmony with yourself.

Your ego has withdrawn and you are in your being, living each moment according to your omnipotence, unfolding your glory. Each dissolution is a step to your actual essence.

Transforming your expectation is essential to being self-determined and free. Ask the infallible divine light to shine on you – and you will experience true miracles.

Free yourself from all constraints and the tightness that this pattern of feelings brings with it. The infinite expanse and unrestricted freedom will be returned to you.

Your heart knows all the answers!

Start asking to get back into your heart and into your being. From this original beauty you create your life to create a new reality.

Your heart knows all the answers! Start asking!


9 Replies to “A Message from God: The Expectation”

  1. the_complaint_department

    You took my example out of context, again stemming from the perspective of being a slave to your own soul (something you seem very adamant about), a perspective I can’t abide for it would distort most key concepts I rely on for reasoning.

    The rest isn’t much self-consistent either: disappointment is a part of life and has to be welcome BUT you’re not settling for coconut water because you’re not a puppet?

    As for the apparent contradiction between Kryon’s take on expectations and the current article, I believe he is talking about the expectations of souls, not egos. Which was my point to begin with.

  2. Emma

    Snippets from Kryon on expectation.

    Quoting: Kryon: Are You a Victim of Chance?
    Posted on 10/11/2022 by EraOfLight
    We have spoken many times about the energy of expectations…
    We have told you about what some call “The Law of Attraction.” It’s where you put energy in front of you somehow, so that when you arrive at that place where you put that energy of expectation or intent, you get synchronicity. Synchronicity is having something occur that changes your path. Some call it luck…
    For those who expect good things to happen and put the energy of expectation and intent into The Field, synchronicity begins to happen far too often to be called luck, and those Humans have a lot more control over their own paths.

  3. Lilas

    Question for God :
    What do you mean with:
    Expaction is always egoic and an expression
    Of your limited self-awarness.
    My awarness is also interrested in your name.

  4. Emma

    I dont believe all came for the same experience. And not all are to use the same tools to have a joyful life.

    The planet is so diverse, so why should we all be expected to go the same route?

    I know some would love to write the ultimate book, that tells the 7 billion people how to do life, but I dont believe in that concept, not when it comes to a diet, to fulfillment, or to love etc.

  5. Raksha

    While true on some level, this message seems a bit ungrounded to me. How do you improve your life if you don’t have any expectations?
    Desires, reveries and expectations can feel good. And even if one is disappointed later on, one can learn from the experience.

    Sure, it’s great to be fully in the present moment, in intimate connection with all that is, in an endless flow of abundance. But that is not the actual experience of many.

    1. Emma

      Wise words Raksha.

      Also, I feel I was to be so pure, clean, no expactations, etc etc. then why go to this place/planet. Why not stay in the not-physical world.

      I came here to have physical and material experiences, otherwise I would not have come here.

    2. the_complaint_department

      If you had no expectations from this message, you wouldn’t be disappointed at all. But that doesn’t help does it?

      I’d say soul-level desires must always be sought and satisfied, but they are abstract and have no specific form of manifestation. They only become ‘expectations’ by the message definition once you inadvertently limit them to a specific (‘grounded’) format in your mind: you focus on diet soda instead of your thirst and, because of that, fail to perceive the coconut water all around you.

      1. Emma

        My mother spend her life teaching me to lower my hope, to have no expectations, but it has given me a worse life, than hope can give.
        Hope /expactations, i know now, is the key to open doors.

        She loved me very much, and it propable cut her heart when I was disappointed, so she tried to change the soul God gave me.

        Disappointment is a part of life, and has to be welcome. People now a days are afraid of all sort of feelings, instead of just feeling them, and letting go of them. To try and avoid them is a form of attachement to the feeling.

        I only came to this planet for the free will.
        To settle for coconut water instead of the cola I wanted, is a puppet life.
        Look slave, you drink what we give you, and not what you have created in your mind.
        I am not here for a puppet life, or a slave life. But the serpent would surely be happy if I settled.