Jesus vs Godzilla vs Superman; Who Would Win?

By Don Spectacularis

Some things don’t last long. Like the very absurdity of the above fight, for instance. Like obviously, Jesus would win this one pretty fucking easy. After all, Superman is fictional. And Godzilla is probably his cousin or something. You know, ‘God-zilla’, ‘Son of God’, and all of that stuff.

But if the above scenario sounds absurd to you, let me just tell you what’s the very peak of all of absurdity.

It’s called “Jesus will save me.”

Well NO he FUCKING would NOT.

And neither would Archangel Michael. Or Buddha. Or Vin Diesel, for that matter.

And here’s why…

One, you are a child (and an aspect) of the One Infinite CREATOR.

Children of kings are kings themselves. Cubs are lions. A portion of a diamond is still a diamond.

In other words, you are GOD.

And just as a wave is also the entirety of the ocean, an ASPECT of the creator is also the ENTIRETY of the CREATOR by itself.

A God does NOT need saving.

A God does NOT need rescuing.

You, yes you reading this, are here on Earth to become a MASTER.

Or to RECLAIM your mastery over all of REALITY no less.

Can Jesus or Buddha or Archangel Michael HELP, GUIDE and ASSIST YOU in this process?

FUCK YEAH they can. And they most gladly WILL, too!

But will they do YOUR WORK of creating YOUR REALITY and raising YOUR VIBRATION and performing YOUR SPIRITUAL GROWTH and fixing YOUR SHIT for you?

They fucking would NOT.

Because that’s YOUR JOB.

And this right here is YOUR LIFE.

Which means, that they COULDN’T DO IT even if they WANTED TO.

And even if they COULD (somehow do so); they would be violating YOUR FREE WILL by doing so.

Why do you think that they even BOTHERED to teach disciples and leave all of these teachings behind if they could just “beam you up” back to enlightenment?

But they couldn’t. Yep.

Turns out, Jesus and Buddha and Krishna do indeed have a very Real LIMITATION after all.

Which means that even though faith CAN well move mountains, it can’t necessarily force a horse to drink from a pond.

And yes, while Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, ETs or even God does indeed work a ‘divine intervention’ type “rescue” in certain extreme cases, such things are only and ONLY done when someone’s very chosen LIFE PATH is at the risk of being fucked with. In other words, rescues are the EXCEPTION, and NOT the NORM. And are only and ONLY done under very, VERY specific circumstances, AND as per divine discretion ONLY.

Rest, you’re gonna have to figure out how to fix your life YOURSELF.

YES, there IS INDEED help and assistance available to you at ALL TIMES.

There are Higher Beings, Spirit Guides, Earth Therapists, Healers, School Teachers, Friends, Relatives, Family Members, Priests, Prostitutes, Hypnotists, Public Speakers, Mentors, Neighbours, Colleagues, Cabbies, and maybe even your Local Weed Dealer who can assist you (or bring you the unexpected guidance that you seek) when you need it the MOST. And of course, there’s always the local Library and the Internet.

PLUS there’s the inner guidance that we ALL have 24 x 7 x 366 access to; but well, actually ACCESSING IT may take a bit of work.

But regardless of that, you all have SO. MANY. AVENUES. of assistance available to you at ALL TIMES, even if your ‘inner guidance’ won’t perk up.


Donald Trump won’t save you (or this world).

Barack Obama won’t save you.

Don Spectacularis won’t save you.

KejRaj won’t save you.

Hakann and Tunia won’t save you.

And the Intergalactic Confederation of Light most DEFINITELY isn’t going to save you.

Assist you here and there, sure.

SAVE or RESCUE you? FUCK no.

This entire “I need a saviour so I’m just going to sit on my ass and do absolutely NOTHING (and cry and bitch like a baby about shit)” attitude that has crept into multiple spiritual circles is a fucking PLAGUE that needs to be COMPLETELY fucking WIPED OFF OF this very PLANET.

PLEASE STOP acting like a VICTIM.

DISCOVER your negative beliefs and DISSOLVE them.

FIND a healer or TRY A FEW HEALING TECHNIQUES off of the internet.

READ the spiritual books / blogs / videos that CALL OUT to you (or RESONATE with you) and put the SUGGESTIONS on it into ACTION.

DO some guided meditations, take a walk in nature, or do absolutely WHATEVER (hobby, activity, imagination etc.)  that brings you JOY. As long as it’s positive and respectful of other people’s Free Will of course.

And I’m so NOT going to sugarcoat this for ya’ll. But ya’ll need to STOP reading those posts related to politics, fear porn (Project BlueBalls is coming, a new lockdown is almost here, demons, alien invasions, world war, pandemic and whatnot) if you TRULY wish to evolve SPIRITUALLY.

The biggest culprit of those is those child abuse related posts. Don’t get me wrong, what has been happening (and being done) to children (and even adults and animals upon this planet for millennia) is fucking HORRENDOUS. And yet, beyond knowing what has been going on (in a most general sense), HOW EXACTLY is constantly and repeatedly reading about those disgustingly gory details of matters ever going to ASSIST you?

They’ll only BRING DOWN YOUR VIBRATION / FREQUENCY with each and every new word that goes inside your head, and inside all of your imagination no less.

But wait, won’t it assist like, the CHILDREN?

FUCK NO it won’t.

In fact, it’s the exact OPPOSITE. The more that you keep YOUR vibration high (by not involving yourself psychologically and emotionally with these matters) the higher goes the ENTIRE PLANET’S vibration. The higher your planetary vibration, the more LOVE and LIGHT that it holds. The more LOVE and LIGHT that your planet HOLDS, the HARDER it becomes for the dark perpetrators of these acts to even as much as EXIST. Because they either become VISIBLE in the light (and hence CAPTURED and EXECUTED); or they simply cannot WITHSTAND the light and either die or run the fuck away (and Karma will eventually catch up with them in any case).

When YOU keep YOUR vibration HIGH, you create entire new TIMELINES where these things can NEVER EVER HAPPEN AGAIN. And keeping your vibration high – make no mistake – VERY MUCH involves and includes FORGIVENESS.

When you keep YOUR vibration HIGH, you also make it easier for your GALACTIC HELPERS to offer greater assistance in RESCUING and HEALING these children; and also in ELIMINATING any remaining dark and lost ones (who have been PERPETRATING these acts). Just see this article of mine to know more about how all of this shit TRULY even works.

I know my language sounds very provocative here, but then again, this post is NOT directed at the spiritually evolved ones. This post is for those ones who have STILL YET TO to grasp this one basic little thing: Your very VIBRATION creates your reality. NOT your concern. NOT your worrying. NOT your stress. NOT your horror at how things are or have been.

For what you FOCUS ON, you only get (and create) MORE OF. For YOUR SELF, for the COLLECTIVE, and, sadly, even for the very CHILDREN that you so badly wish to SAVE.

And it is AS SIMPLE as THAT.

So, instead of WAITING FOR RESCUERS, I’d suggest you start BEING THE RESCUER.

BECOME THE RESCUER of this collective by RAISING your own vibration.

BECOME THE RESCUER of this collective by HEALING your traumas and wounds.

BECOME THE RESCUER of this collective by CREATING a truly beautiful FUTURE for ALL OF HUMANITY.

BECOME THE RESCUER of the abused and the neglected and the poor and the diseased and the broken and the ostracized ones by ENVISIONING and MANIFESTING a HIGHER and BETTER REALITY.


GIVE THEM ALL a timeline of love, light, prosperity and endless play, fun, and flourishing.

But only a MASTER can ever hope to bring them that.

Let that MASTER be YOU, the one reading this very text.

And they will THANK YOU for all of ETERNITY.

In INFINITE Love and Light,

Don Spectacularis

P.S. If this article resonates with you at all, PLEASE DO SHARE IT everywhere that you so can! Translate it; blog it; tweet it; make videos or TikToks or Shorts or Reels out of it; speak about it with all of your (receptive) friends, relatives, neighbours, colleagues and spiritual circles; make it accessible to the blind and the illiterate; and do ALL THAT YOU POSSIBLY CAN to deliver this message far and beyond! Your assistance will change the VERY WORLD, literally! And I can pretty much GUARANTEE YOU that.

I thank you all for being the lights within our world! <3

19 Replies to “Jesus vs Godzilla vs Superman; Who Would Win?”

  1. marybogdan

    Whew! Once again, very highly Spectacularis! Totally agree with you, Don! Keeping up the high vibrations is natural for us, we couldn’t even lower it if we tried! We’re all spectacularis! Blessings and lots of love! Keep up this amazing work! It’s working already! 💜

  2. John

    “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for justice, for that is all we have left in the menu…”
    Best meal in town and it gets served right up your face. Forget Jesus, Superman or Godzilla – Don could clearly yell them all down into submission.

    1. The Spectacularis Supercollective

      Buddha for sure. Guy was a literal king trained in warrior arts and shit.

      1. John

        …Well if it ever came down to that, the right thing to do would be to put your money on the Buddha and then root for Jesus, even as he gets his a$$ kicked one cheek at a time.

  3. David K Gates

    many have taken turns dropping F-bombs here while purging out yucky stuff. Folks are purging

    1. The Spectacularis Supercollective

      Thank you my sweet twin. ❤️❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ Let’s fuck up this planet’s systems together. I’ll bring the F-bombs, you bring the finger guns.

      1. Kl.

        Wow Don, “YOU” just rescued me, lol (but true)… or call it “THE YOU WITHIN ME”… all the same isn’t it.

        AGAIN “WOW”… bc AS I am WRITING THIS I realize “connecting to the you within me IS more FOR REAL” than what I’m in THIS moment aware of… hoooly cow… I better go slowly on this and recollect “what was I thinking (about what you said in your article) THAT made this connection happen”… aaand it pops up right away just like “👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍”… so I better share this with you:

        Your article is FULL of “triggers” worth going into deeper, so it took me a while before “THIS POINT” caused the connection:

        There are so many ways to look at everything bc they’re all valid. “There’s no wrong or right” only comes AS A TRUTH from “having looked FROM ALL POV”s, and THIS “POV” popped up “first of all for myself”:

        (“Jeeesuschrist”… writing this/”getting this straight” is taking fooorever, it’s “as if” what I’m supposed to say here “IS ALREADY WRITTEN”, which is why I have to try out various wordings until I find/”get to” “THE ONE THAT FITS”.)

        Ok, with that said it might be easier to understand WHY “THIS” was “the point of connection”:

        There is NO NEED to focus on “WATCH YOUR VIBRATION!” other than if you want to find out “WHO” YOU ARE. Our vibrational frequency is our IDENTITY and no bad mood or depression can do anything about that. There’ve been MANY articles here telling that we all have an “ENERGY SIGNATURE” that we are known by.

        It breaks my heart each time I read a comment from somebody here WHO IS TRULY WORRIED about not being able to raise “their vibration” BECAUSE OF so far UNCHANGABLE CIRCUMSTANCES…

        It’s not your fault and I certainly don’t mean to criticize you but unless you’re aware you are scaring the shit out of some of those people… ??

        Long story short, all I wanted to say was “THANK YOU&I LOVE YOU!”


  4. Paladin

    I agree with potty mouth Don, our EOL shock jock, that no one is coming to save us, especially Trump. The Gnostics warned of this savior routine in the Nag Hamadi scrolls.

    Just raising your vibrational frequency is not enough. There are too many NPC’s out there. I’m not sure if they are soulless humans or not, but they certainly appear to be beings that have their operating systems downloaded and just move on to “the next thing”.

    So manifest an iron will determination to not comply, because they are currently setting the stage to roll out a new Covid scam.

    And do as Jesus said: sell your cloak and buy a sword.

    1. The Spectacularis Supercollective

      Well, it’s vibrational frequency raising that got us THIS FAR; and it’s vibrational frequency raising that will take us into the leagues of the ACTUAL JESUS, and it’s vibrational frequency raising that THE ACTUAL JESUS did to fix the damn world in the first place.

      But I do indeed agree, compliance and slave-mentality are a direct pathway to darkness. Or two another virus or lockdown or whatever. NEITHER OF WHICH shall be permitted to happen, courtesy of, well, our rising VIBRATIONAL FREQUENCIES.

  5. Andrea

    💯 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

    1. The Spectacularis Supercollective

      Thank you, dearest Andrea ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

      1. Ken

        You are right. We spend our lives in 3D accumulating baggage. This person said this about us and that person did that. Years of disappointment, frustration, physical and emotional pain. But we have the power to choose to forswear it all in an instant.

        Wipe the slate clean and instantly raise your frequency!!