Dr. Peebles: Visualize Having it All, And It Is So

Channel: Natalie Gianelli

This is a gentle reminder and it’s super simple. Visualization just gets to be a habit; and as my grandmother liked to say, “Every little bit, helps a little bit.” Even two minutes is enough to create the habit and once you do this, you will be stoked!

So instead of scrolling through Instagram, or watching a TV show, take two minutes and create the habit of visualization. This is my whole mission—to help people create the simple habits that transform their lives.

Dr. Peebles said this about the habit of visualization:

When you create the habit of visualization, a few things begin to happen.

1. When you visualize once a day, every day, you begin to build momentum, you get excited about that which you are visualizing. The more you visualize it, the more interesting, colorful, detailed it becomes. The more colorful and detailed it becomes, the more you are showing up for the fun of the visualization.

2. When you make visualization a habit you begin to let go of your attachments, agendas and expectations about it. It becomes natural and you find you are encountering more and more and more of that which you visualize.

You start to visualize your new hair style, then two weeks later, you have it. Then you visualize taking a trip to an island you love, and a month later you find a great deal on airfare to that island and book that trip! You begin to stack up evidence that your visualization creates encounters with that which you want. As you practice every day and stack up evidence through your commitment to visualization, you’ll begin to release attachment to needing it, or worry that it won’t work.

Because time after time, you’ve seen the evidence that it does work!

3. When you do this every day, you begin to have fun with it. Eventually you’ll cease to visualize because you want to create or encounter or manifest. You’ll begin to visual because it’s fun. You begin to visualize because you like to do it, not because you are trying to get something.

Then you understand the visualization process is not a tool to get things, it is an extraordinary blessing about being a human being. It’s one of the ways you can encounter God through the process of bringing something closer and closer to you—just for the fun of it. Remember, it is all play to the soul.

At first you will visualize things you might need. We encourage you to visualize things you desire, but don’t need. As you open yourself to this opportunity to continually speak with, listen to and visualize the encounters you are wanting—with people, experiences, things—you will see it as part of the wonderful dance of being a human being.


2 Replies to “Dr. Peebles: Visualize Having it All, And It Is So”

  1. John R

    Thank You. Building sand castles on the eternal Beach of Life. The tides of change wash them away, and we get to create anew!