Lord Melchizedek: Awaken, Awaken, Awaken

Channel: Natalie Glasson

Greetings beloved ones, I am Lord Melchizedek. It is an honor to be in your presence today to bring forth my light, my wisdom and my love to serve you in this moment.

I wish to offer an insight that will serve your awakening, that will offer a tool for you to awaken any part of your being – spiritual growth, reality and even energies and beings outside of yourself.

You have the ability to awaken any part of your spiritual growth and any part of your physical being.

With this in mind, what would you like to activate?

Do you wish to activate a greater ability to meditate, or maybe to connect with your guides?

You might wish to activate a greater ability to love and be loved, or maybe to access spiritual skills that you have not yet recognized.

There are so many areas within your being that you can activate, and also outside of yourself. It is a wonderful process to contemplate.

If you had the ability to activate and awaken any part of your being, what parts would you choose?

What would you choose to create, to embody, to access, a skill or ability?

You might wish to activate your healing ability or your natural ability to heal and transform. There are so many opportunities. It is a very powerful process to discover what would serve you – what would develop and accelerate your spiritual growth – make your physical reality easier and more fulfilling, and allow you to be of service to yourself and to others.

When you have come up with some ideas – understandings of your desires and your needs – you are then able to begin to awaken these areas within your being.

There is a very simple process that you can achieve, and it is simply to think of that area that you wish to activate and awaken – to think what it would be like to activate and awaken that area or that skill. Imagine what it would feel like, what you would see, what you would sense, how you would acknowledge yourself and others around you.

Then there is a simple tool. Call forth your guides, call forth myself, Lord Melchizedek, call forth the awakening energies of the Universe of the Creator. Let these energies and let their support flow over and through your being. Receive them completely and absolutely into every aspect of your being.

Then begin a chant either outside, out loud or within your being, ‘Awaken, awaken, awaken’ – ‘Awaken, awaken, awaken’ – ‘Awaken, awaken, awaken’. As you repeat those words, ‘Awaken, awaken, awaken’, allow yourself to hold focus on that which you wish to activate and awaken, and how it will appear and how it will manifest for you, in your reality – how you will be – its influence – its presence within your being.

Continue that process. You might find yourself chanting for a minute or maybe a couple of minutes or maybe 30 minutes.

You will experience a shift. You will feel/sense/acknowledge something awakening within your being – like an insight, an understanding, a new breath, a relaxation, a light.

It may manifest in numerous ways. Just know, you will know when it is complete. This is a simple practice and you can achieve it whenever you wish – activating any energy within your being that you wish.

You can even activate energies of nature, of trees or flowers.

You can choose an energy to activate within a situation – like love, or peace, or strength – to support yourself or to support another. It is all about your intention of awakening – visualizing how it will manifest, so…not the ways that it will manifest but what you will feel like and what you will experience when it is manifested.

Then begin the chant. Call forth your guides first and the awakening energies from the Universe of the Creator and then begin the chant for as long as it feels appropriate.

Once that is complete, you can breathe into the energies that have been activated and awakened.

This is a very simple tool but imagine if every being across the world began to awaken the divine aspects of their being allowing these energies of a higher vibration to synthesize into the world.

I am present to be of service. I am Lord Melchizedek. Thank you.


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  1. tigersnack1114

    Thank you Natalie and LM =)

    This was a very powerful yet simple message that really hits home